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Don't Buy a Hyundai Vehicle
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Rating: 1/51

I always had a great experience with the Hyundai dealer/service department by my house, but dealing with Hyundai directly is another story. At around 65,000 miles, my engine light went on and my fuel sensors stopped working. I did research and found that MANY other 2007-2009 Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs were having this problem.

The dealer kept telling me that this would most likely never become a recall, even though I felt like it should be since it isn't usually something that fails on a car. I decided that I had no problem using the odometer to track when I needed to fill my gas tank because I didn't have $650 to spend. I did this for just about 2 years and I planned on doing this for the life of my car.

Then, I took my Hyundai Santa Fe in for the most recent recall (rust on the suspension). The dealer told me that I needed to get the fuel sensor fixed because otherwise my car wouldn't' pass emissions. I called Hyundai to see if they would cover the cost since many other cars seem to be having a similar problem and fuel sensors aren't usually something that goes wrong on a car.

The lady I spoke with said that I would need to get the work done, but then I could submit the paperwork for review. I said, “So I could pay and you guys may or may not cover it." She said, “I would suggest getting the work done and submitting the paperwork.” To me, this sounds like I am going to be reimbursed. So, I got the work done and submitted the paperwork on Jan. 25. I received an email saying that I'd hear from a case manager in 2-3 business days.

I waited over a week and a half and heard nothing. So I emailed again and received an email saying I'd hear from a case manager in 2-5 business days. Five days later I was told that they weren't going to pay for anything. Beware of buying a Hyundai vehicle. They don't take ownership for things that should be recalls.

They do not stand by their warranty
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Monday of last week (12/3), my husband was driving our 2007 Hyundai Entourage minivan to pick me up from work, after visiting a friend. I received a telephone call from him that the car had stalled and was overheating. We immediately called AAA to tow the car to Pep Boys to run a diagnostic on the car to see if it was something simple. Pep Boys had indicated that the car had a "blown head gasket".

The mechanic at Pep Boys said that we needed to have the car towed to the Hyundai dealership because it was a warranty issue that would be covered (the cost of this would be in the range of $3,700.00 and we have a 10 year - 100,0000 mile power train warranty to cover things like this).

After having the car towed to Pacifico Hyundai at 6715 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, on Monday, the service department did not take take our vehicle into the shop until Thursday (stating that appointments come first). After waiting another day, we were informed by the service manager - "**" (215) 492-1700, on Friday morning (12/7) that it was definitely a blown head gasket and would be covered under our warranty. ** was ordering the parts needed and indicated that the car would be done by Monday or Tuesday (today) at the latest.

During this time, we had requested that we be provided with a "loaner" car, the courtesy of which was usually extended if it was a warranty issue and the car was required to be in the shop for a long period of time. Time and time again, we were told there was nothing available. On Sunday night (12/9) we had no choice but to rent a car because that we had appointments that we could not get to through public transportation. We rented the car on Sunday (12/9) and will be returning it tonight (12/11) - which we have paid for out of our own pocket.

On Monday night (last night), my husband received a telephone call from the service manager and Hyundai stating that now the "engine block" is bad and they were not going to honor their warranty because that "we kept driving the car when it was overheating"!!!

We have NEVER, EVER had any type of problem with this car, other than on 12/3 when the car stalled and overheated!!! We never had any leaks, nor overheating, or anything at all wrong with this car!!! We never had any problems whatsoever with this car!! As soon as the car stalled that day (12/3) - when we had it towed - was our first and only notice that something was wrong!!!

And now, we're told that it's not going to be covered because of something that went wrong on 12/3 THE VERY DAY WE HAD THE CAR TOWED TO THE DEALERSHIP??? They keep telling us that "because we continued to drive it while it was overheating"... WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!! This is just Hyundai's way of trying to get out of their warranty agreement!!!

We have had this car since 2007. We have been a one-owner family. We have taken care of this car like it was our baby. We brought it in for oil changes, etc. when required, did all the maintenance and upkeep that was required. And now we are told that this is not going to be covered because of something that is absolutely and unequivocally NOT our doing??? NO, this is absolutely unfair.

Hyundai Does Not Exercise Stewardship of Their Dealers
By -

PO BOX 20850, CALIFORNIA -- The following letter which is self explanatory and explicit was sent to Hyundai on June 13th and received by them on June 15th. It was not even acknowledged. Apparently Hyundai is unconcerned about how their dealers treat their customers so long as they get their sales.

"Gentlemen, I recently sold the car I loved, my 2006 Hyundai Sonata Limited so I could buy the new 2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited. I love my new Sonata as well, but my buying experience was a demeaning ordeal. I purchased my new Hyundai from Flemington Hyundai (Hunterdon Auto Group). If this is the competency of the Dealers Hyundai employs, and you condone their interaction with your customers, it is unlikely that I would ever buy another of your products. I would advise anyone I relate my experience to, not to buy your products. Following is the chronological description of my purchase:

After reading reviews, seeing the Sonata at two auto shows, visiting two local dealers and taking two test drives, I made a decision to purchase. At the beginning of the week of May 9th, I initiated a request for quotations via the AAA Auto Buying Program. I received replies via email and telephone calls from 9 Hyundai Dealers, including Mark **, Internet Sales Manager for Flemington Hyundai. He advised me that they had a Sonata Limited en route with the exterior and interior colors I wanted. My cost would be substantially less than any of the other 8 Dealers, ($2703 below invoice) and that was worth a trip 180 miles from my home in Maryland to Flemington New Jersey.

After a number of phone conversations and emails between Mark ** and me, he combined into one email, a modified AAA quotation with the invoice price reflecting the additional factory installed accessories in the specific vehicle that was en route. He ensured me that there will be no additional charges. That my cost will be exactly as shown in his email, with the addition of their documentation fee ($229) also shown in the AAA quotation, and the Maryland State sales tax, title and registration fees.

On Friday May 13th I authorized a $500 deposit on a credit card for the specific vehicle that was identified by VIN # in the email. I stated that I would be in New Jersey on Monday May 16th for a graduation and I could pick up the car then. Mark ** stated the car will arrive between May 23rd and May 31st.

On the evening of Monday May 16th, after returning from New Jersey I received a phone call from Danny **, identifying himself as Salesmen and Closer, and advising me that my car was in and asking me when I was going to pick it up. When I asked why he was suddenly in the picture, I had already had a deal via email with Mark **. He advised me that delivery was turned over to him to expedite and explain the operation of the car to me, etc.

I asked Danny to email or fax a bill to me with the specific VIN. #, equipped as shown in our prior emails, and to include my sales tax, title fees and his documentation fee. I told him I will bring a certified check for the full amount when I pick up the car. Danny said he will call me back the next morning. Danny never called me back. I called the cell phone number he gave me twice, and no one answered. I called the Dealer's number and reached Danny. He said he didn't call back because he did not know what the sales tax was in Maryland. I told him it was 6% and asked for a bill. He again pressed me to come and pickup the car but said he would call back with my specific cost.

Again Danny did not call back so I called Mark ** my original contact. He told me there must be something wrong with my phone. He was next to Danny when he called me twice and left messages for me. Mark ** then pressed me to come and pick up my car. I again asked for a bill with my total cost so I could bring a certified check for the full amount. Mark again pressed me to come and pick up the car. He said I did not need a certified check, that a personal check was acceptable. He said I did not need a bill or invoice as I had his email with my cost. He again assured me my cost is as agreed upon in his email.

That was their preliminary tactics. I should have quit at this point. That evening, after making arrangements for my son to pick me up at the Cape May Ferry and drive me to Flemington NJ, I informed Mark ** that I would pick up the car the morning of Friday, May 20th.

We arrived at Flemington Hyundai shortly before 11 AM. I met Danny ** and he asked if I would like to drive the car. I didn't think that was necessary. I just looked it over to be sure it was not damaged and that it had the accessories we agreed upon. Danny then asked me to sit at his desk and he gave me the window sticker with the MSRP and he gave me an additional sheet with a list of additional options. He told me that they already installed wheel locks with an additional cost to me of $69. I told him I did not want them and to take them off. He excused himself and came back in about 15 minutes and said he would throw in the wheel locks free of charge. Then he left.

He literally ignored us for almost 2 hours. He returned briefly twice. Once to tell us the business office was busy with another customer while it was perfectly clear that no one was in the business office. The second time he told us their computer was down. Obviously they were stalling, trying to get my son to leave for work and not interfere with their con game. They were also pressing me for time, trying to wear me down as it was very stormy outside and they knew I had to drive home to Maryland.

Eventually we were invited into the business office. Danny stated that my son should not be there since he was not the buyer. I of course would not abide by that. I was presented with a bill of sale for my signature. It did not include my $500 deposit or my $500 loyalty incentive. That was corrected after I pointed that out.

The bill of sale also had two additional preprinted, items both marked optional. “Appearance Package” for $200 and “Environmental Protection Package” for $395. I was told they put this on all cars and I would have to pay for it. I argued that it is an option I did not select and it was not on the confirmed agreement I had with Mark **. After arguing for some time my son asked if we could speak to someone of higher authority. The Sales Manager then joined us in the business office.

After a long discussion rehashing everything and getting nowhere, I again stated that I requested a bill of sale, with all charges prior to coming to Flemington. I wanted to bring a certified check. The Sales Manager excused himself for a few minutes and when he returned he said he confirmed what I said was true, that I had requested a bill of sale and was refused. In view of that, I can have the car for the agreed upon price in our emails.

So ultimately I did purchase my car at the agreed upon price. But what should have been a cordial 30 minute business transaction turned out to be more than 3 hours of hell with a group of Professional Con Men. It is a shame that Hyundai has worked so hard to develop a good reputation and a fine product, and that you can readily lose all of that with unprincipled, devious Dealers like this. Do you really want these unscrupulous people representing Hyundai? Upon your receipt, I will wait for 10 business days before I forward my complaint to organizations and associations concerned with consumer protection, especially exploitation of senior citizens like myself."

Not a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Company......
By -

That should say something that they would not even answer BBB mail.... took out a loan with HMFC through my local Hyundai in Anaheim. They wouldn't give the loan without "gap" coverage which I agreed to. Unfortunately, this is something that is having to be useful at this stage as I got into a bad accident which was surprisingly a total loss (cheap little car with the good gas/up to 40 mpg, but it folded like a cheap suit). My insurance has agreed to pay a certain amount and that's where the gap coverage comes into play as their insurance I was paying into would cover the rest.

The calls for continued payments have not ceased, my State Farm Insurance agent even told me to give them his number to talk to, which they were not interested in. They call around 8-10 times per day M-F and they also call weekends. So, I studied up on Fair Debt practices and the next call I got I informed the collector about inconvenient call times to get the calls limited to weekdays only, then I asked for an address I can give written notification in order to cease the calls. The lady started repeating the payment amounts and she finally yelled.

She also knows their rights and she would give me the address, however she needed to get her supervisor. I finally ceased getting nowhere with the lady. I should have taken the Fair Debt practice more seriously when they said to record all calls, now I have recorder ready. I had already had the conversation with a couple other collectors about the insurance payments and all that. One asked for some information, the Insurance Co's payment amount and then the GAP coverage amount, so I had been trying to work on that.

And my feeling is after reading the other reviews here is this is just another 'thug' company with unethical practices. If it were a good company to do business with I wouldn't be looking up Fair Debt Practices online. I could not believe the other stuff that people have gone through here on their reviews. It is so sad there are so many unethical companies like this. Because ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP! It's better to read up on companies first before doing business with them especially when they have your bank info!!! And there are good companies to do business with, Hyundai Motor Finance is just not one of them.

Hyundai Service Is Unreliable
By -

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- 3 weeks ago my 2002 Hyundai Accent started smoking under the hood. So I took it to the dealer. I was told that there was no charge for the Diagnostic fee if the problems that were found are covered under the warranty. So I called later that day for an update.

They didn't get a chance to look at the car yet, but according to their records, I was not covered under the warranty, because I was not the original owner. I purchased the vehicle off the lot with 8 miles on it, and both the title and contract say "new"!! And I had another issue about a year ago and it was covered! The dealer was easily able to wash their hand of the issue and told me I would have to contact Hyundai directly.

So finally when they diagnosed the vehicle they found 3 problems, 2 of which are covered under warranty. (I was charged the diagnostic fee. Not because of the warranty issue but because, one of the problems was not covered under the warranty.) I contacted Hyundai and they needed a copy of the title and contract. I had to fax 3 copies of the requested information before they received it. Each time the fax was submitted, it takes a day to confirm that it was received. (It went through fine on my end.)

So 3 days were lost just submitting the information to them. Not to mention they are closed on the weekends. I was then told that it normally takes 3-4 weeks to process this kind of thing. But they will put a rush on it. So it will be an undetermined amount of time before they can clear my warranty. The paperwork was received on June 1st and it is now the ninth of June and still no answer. Meanwhile the vehicle is inoperable and Hyundai is well aware. Worst of all Hyundai has not even apologized or admitted that it's there mistake. Needless to say this is my last Hyundai.

Hyundai AC Condense:r poor design and routine failure
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Rating: 1/51

BOWIE, MARYLAND -- My 2007 Tiburon is still under warranty. The Air Conditioning stopped working completely. I took it in for warranty repair and the OURISMAN BOWIE MD Hyundai dealer refused to fix the AC, saying instead that I had to pay over $200 just for them to determine what was wrong with it. They also accidentally admitted that many Hyundai ACs malfunction because the condenser is situated in a bad spot. Poor design. The fragile and vulnerable condenser unit is placed too close to the front and too close to the road that the tiniest pebble can make a hole in it. This design flaw is peculiar to Hyundai cars and they know about it but refuse to accept responsibility.

To make matters worse, they still charge you over $200 just to check it out, knowing full well that they intend to tell you that the warranty does not cover it. So you are out the $200 for their so-called inspection, plus your AC still doesn't work, plus it will cost you over $1100 to fix a tiny hole caused by poor design. So, warning: don't buy a Hyundai: they don't honor their warranty plus their cars seem to have peculiar design flaws and their dealerships seem to employ low quality deceitful people.

Not Sure About Hyundai Assurance America's Best Warranty?
By -

I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Genesis and with less than 6,000 miles the a/c condenser failed. I was told by one service manager that my warranty would cover this. The next day another service manager called me up and said that the a/c condenser was damage and Hyundai would not cover it.

I feel that Hyundai should have cover the a/c condenser. I had the car for less than a year and I only had 6,000 miles on the car. Hyundai claims to have America's best warranty back by Hyundai Assurance. The only thing Hyundai assured me was a bill for $579.21.

Rusted Engine Cradle Sub-Frame
By -

My 2001 Sante Fe recently developed an acute pull to the right and misaligned (to the left) steering wheel. I was advised by my local Firestone Service that the engine cradle had rusted through and they actually recommended that I take the vehicle to the dealer, which to me meant that it was going to be expensive. I soon learned that resulting from a NHTSA investigation that Hyundai is about to commence a recall of 2001-2003 Sante Fe and most likely some Sonatas within specified "Salt-belt" states.

The culprit is that a poorly designed drain structure allows for salt and brine to deposit on the sub-frame without a way to drain out. This allows for the salt to continue to work on the metal and thereby weaken it. While officially the recall hasn't been announced as of this writing, Hyundai is addressing vehicles that are a safety concern.

If you own one of these vehicles and live in a salt-belt state, you should schedule an inspection at your local dealer to see what, if any work needs to be performed. In the case of my Sante Fe, the tie-rod had actually pushed itself through the frame and had a high risk potential. Here's the good news: Hyundai provided all the materials and performed all the work at no charge. While it's unfortunate that the problem occurred, I am extremely happy with their resolution.

Service or lack thereof
By -

CHARLESTON AREA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My mom purchased a Hyundai Sonata in May of 2003. She absolutely LOVED that car. The problems began the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2005. She heard a noise, and brought it into the dealership as the car was under warranty. Lo and behold, the technician could not hear the noise, convinced her that she needed a radiator flush to the tone of $100+. Less than 2 weeks later, she is back at the dealership because the noise has not gone away but gotten worse. This time, when she pulls in the driveway everyone can hear it. This time they tell her the idle pulley needs to be replaced but of course, they do not have the part.

They order it. On Dec 7 which is a Wednesday the car is back at the dealership for the part to be put in. On Dec 10, the car is back at the dealership again, because the noise that was there from before Thanksgiving is still there. On December 17th, the car goes back in for yet another new part, this time the water pump, which they noticed needed to be replaced when they did the idle pulley but did nor said anything.

Still had the noise through the rest of December. On December 21 drop car off again, they have it from 8:30 am to 4:30 call to pick up the car because it is all fixed. Yeah RIGHT! Less than an hour later the noise is back and we call the service department who said "We are not going to replace your engine." Never mind the fact that no one asked for the engine to be replaced! Car back at the dealership in January because the check engine light comes on, but still have the original noise. Call dealership to say car is coming in due to the check engine light, and are told, by the service department manager mind you.

I have a life outside of Hyundai and things to do when I leave here, so if you are here before I leave great if not you'll have to come back another day. Once we get there, since we have called Hyundai USA and miracle of miracles, the service dept manager has decided to stay too. They even give her a rental car. SO, after she leaves service she decides she wants to speak to the General Manager. While she is speaking with the General Manager, guess who shows up with tons of attitude, you guessed it, the Service Manager, and interrupts whenever she or I try to speak.

Well they keep the car for a few days, and ta da, the noise is still there when the car is returned. By now several calls have been made to Hyundai USA customer service about the situation, and they decide to bring in a District person, well about time right. Well, the District person sees the car on Jan 27 and is the actual first person with Hyundai to actually hear a noise. They keep the car again for a few days, giving a rental car. When the car is returned, still have the noise! The car goes in a couple more times, and get the "Gee, don't know what to tell you."

ON February 14, the check engine light comes on again, which is the second time in as many weeks, and yet another trip to the dealership. On February 19 the check engine light comes on again!

This time, my mom decides we should not bring the car to Victory Hyundai on Savannah Highway in Charleston, SC since they seem not to know what they are doing. We take the car into Altman Hyundai in North Charleston, which is quite a drive from where we live. Got in at 10 AM out by 1:30 with the check engine has gone away and have scheduled appointment for 2/21 for them to finish up with the mystery noise.

My mom shows up at Altman for the 9:30 appointment, and at 10:15 she is told, "Oops, we forgot to mention we needed to order the part, guess you don't need the appointment after all today." So, she leaves to run a couple of errands, and well gee she is no further down the road than 10 minutes, and well, the check engine light has come on again. For those keep track that is 4 times in less than 1 month.

When she brings the car back, the sales manager is nowhere to be found. Typical right? When he finally does appear 2.5 hours later, he is the one who is pissed because a meeting he was in was interrupted. No one seems to know what the problem is nor can they fix it. I know that we have called Hyundai USA at least a dozen times, with complaints trying to get something jump started, and we are treated like the bad guys with the dealership.

If you want a great car, you will probably love the Sonata; however, the problem that you will find is in the ability of the service department to actually fix the vehicle when the time comes. Their recurring solution is to sell my mom a new car even though she is upside down in her payments. Buyer definitely BEWARE! Customer service all around stinks. No one wants to take responsibility to fix the problem nor do they want to give the information of a supervisory person so you can follow the chain of their command!

Doesn't Cover Warranty
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Rating: 2/51

CANADA, MISSOURI -- My wife has a 2010 Santa Fe Limited & I have a 2010 Mercedes E-Class. Obviously I paid lots more for my car but when I sell it down the road I will also get a lot more. Hyundai gets some good reviews from media when they do their test drives with new vehicles, but what they are not looking at is that same vehicle after 50,000KM. Our Santa Fe seems loose and cheap with things breaking and falling apart. They have been fairly minor, but always something, while my Merc has had zero issues and still looks and drive as good as when I bought it.

I am not sure why people even complain about Hyundai, knowing they are much cheaper than a comparable manufacturer. The best analogy I use when describing our SUV is it a disposable lighter, it works OK at the beginning and after a while you throw it in the garbage and buy a new one because the re-sale value is also useless. I suggest you buy Japanese, or even some very good product coming out of N. America, but the Koreans still have a long way to go, to get their vehicles long term quality to every other manufacturers stands.

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