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IHC Billing - Ruins Your Credit
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PROVO, UTAH -- About 18 months ago my husband received an eye injury while playing football. He was taken to the ER, and was covered by not only one, but two insurance policies. After his visit he asked if he needed to pay anything, but he was told by the staff at the IHC hospital that his insurance would cover the costs, and that any additional payments would be billed to him. One year later we checked our credit and found that he had a much lower score than we expected. He had a collection account with a local agency, and we had no idea why, since he hadn't even been to the doctor in a year or so.

We called the collection agency and they said the collection was in reference to the ER visit one year ago. We are not sure why the hospital chose to notify the collection agency before telling us we needed to pay $28 dollars, but after some hassle we worked it out. Now, 18 months later we just barely received another call telling us that we have a $77 dollar bill that hasn't been paid from the very same visit. When working out the last collections incident, my husband asked several times if there was anything else that needed to be paid from the visit, and now they slam us with this.

I don't really mind the fees, since an ER visit is expensive, but the delay time in letting us know about our bills is horrific. Not only is it an unexpected payment, but they have reported it on my husband's credit without even giving us a bill! If you are sick, and can make it to a hospital further away, do it in order to avoid HORRIBLE billing service at IHC. It is worth it to have the costs more upfront. I'm afraid they'll call us in five years and ask for $200 for the very same visit. Maybe they just ask for money any time the economy looks low and report it on your credit so you have to pay up.

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