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Run for your e-life!
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If you're looking for an e-mail provider, do yourselves a favor and DO NOT use I opened two email accounts with them. One for personal use and one for professional use. I found it odd that they make it mandatory to install their toolbar into your internet browser if you wish to have free accounts. However, you can pay them an annual fee of $29.88 which gives you 25 more gigabytes of storage. A Desktop Notifier utility installing the toolbar is not a requirement along with a few other bells and whistles. I hate toolbars besides those provided by Internet Explorer.

I've found that they make the browser operate slower and are typically loaded with spyware or advertisements. Since I was interested in these aspects of their yearly subscription, I went ahead and paid the $29.88 for both accounts. It wasn't until I was installing the Desktop E-Mail Notifier tool that I realized that this utility will not function without the accompanying toolbar. There is no option during the installation of the Notifier to not have the toolbar installed as well. MAJOR turnoff. But I went ahead and gave it a try anyway.

After a few hours, a few blue screens and a ton of spontaneous trial offers later, I decided to get rid of the service. Thanks to System Restore, I got the computer back to the way it was before I put it through hell. I emailed them yesterday explaining the situation, that the service isn't how I perceived it to be and that their toolbar is more of a hassle than it is convenient. Got the response today. See if you can guess what it said:

A. We'll be happy to issue you the refund since you requested it only hours after you paid.
B. No refunds allowed. Too bad, so sad, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.00. You can still continue to use it though until the end of next year! YAY =D

If you guessed A, try again. I'll be disputing this through PayPal.

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