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Never Ever Fly Independence Air
By -

I recently took a round trip flight from EWR to IAD July 12 returning July 15. My flight from IAD back to EWR was supposed to leave at 7:15 pm. I checked in and also checked my baggage in. When I went to the screen where it lists all flights, it stated my flight was delayed to 8:41 pm. I was surprised the check in attendant did not mention this. However, my family's flight on America West was scheduled to leave around 8:30 pm. I figured since the flight was not leaving until 8:41 pm now, I could spend more time with them in the main terminal.

When I got to my gate which was around 7:45 pm, to my dismay, the flight said departed. I asked an Independence Air employee what happened, and all he said was it departed. I tried asking again and still got the same answer. No reason as to why. When I went to an employee that was at the gate entrance, she did put me in on another flight. However, my baggage was already gone on the other flight!

The fact that I missed my flight b/c of faulty advertisement is one thing but the fact that they allowed my luggage to go on a plane without me was incompetent. Not only did they possibly cause me to lose my baggage but they also failed to follow security procedures with the FAA. Nevertheless, I asked someone else at IAD to call the EWR Independence Air employees to let me know what to do about my baggage. They said they could not. How helpful (if you call helpful not assisting passengers out) their people are, amazes me.

When I finally got to EWR, my baggage was not there. All the guys had was a sign saying to go to the ticket counter or call the 800 number. No one was at the ticket counter. I called the 800 number and they were JUST AS helpful as the rest of the people I had to deal with. They tried calling the airport, which was pointless, since no one from Independence Air was there. This was something that I already knew and told them. The next thing just angered me even more!

They told me I had to come back the next day to pick up my luggage! They would not deliver it. They told me they only deliver if baggage arrives after the passenger. When I asked them if they could because I would have to take a day off from work to come get it, they said it doesn't matter.

Not only did I have to take the day off to pick it up, I had to waste a couple hours out of my day to do this, and also spend money on parking in order to pick it up! Even better was the fact that when I picked up my suitcase, the guy did not even ask for my ID to make sure I was in fact who I said I was. That's some security they have.

I think their slogan should be: "The unhelpful and unsecure airline. When you want your bags to be stolen and you want to miss your flight, please take Independence Air. We don't help you out and we won't follow FAA regulations. The unfriendly airline." Yes, they are cheap but this is not worth anything.

Don't fly this so called airline
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I wanted to let air travelers know of the awful experience we had with the Independence Air ground crew at Washington Dulles on 5/21/05. First, we left JFK late on Thursday and the crew there were concerned that we would make our connection in Dulles that was the last of the evening. The crew indicated that there were delays all day between JFK and Dulles. Our JFK flight had at least 7 persons bound for a 9 pm connecting flight to Las Vegas. That flight was the last one for the day.

After more delays due to runway congestion in JFK, we took off and as we got closer, the flight attendant said that they were trying to hold the flight for us. As we approached the gate, the flight attendant told us that the plane had not left and we would have to hurry from concourse B to C to make the flight. She even gave us the courtesy of telling us exactly how to get from B to C in graphic detail. No one in my party or those we spoke to had anything but high regard for the flight attendant.

So as we gathered bags planeside, we all made a mad dash. Upon arriving at the Las Vegas departure gate, the crew informed us that the plane had left. We arrived at the gate at 9:12 and the flight left the gate at 9:10. Someone on the ground knew that there were passengers delayed, landed and en route and let that jet leave without us. No one at the gate would say who held the plane for 10 minutes and then let it go.

They also called for a head supervisor who never arrived and who we later found, had left. There were no flights left to put us on and the airline would not try to find another Las Vegas bound flight out of Dulles to transfer us to. The clincher was that the airline decided to let the flight go out already delayed and keep us in Dulles. And the airline would make us pay for their mistakes. We had to pay for our own rooms. By not getting to Las Vegas Thur night, our rooms were non-refundable and we had to pay again in the Dulles area.

The funny thing was that 3 weeks ago, I flew on a real airline and waited for 20-30 minutes on the tarmac for roughly 3 passengers that were delayed making their connections. The flight crew told us that the captain/ground crew were going to hold as they were en route. I don't recall anyone complaining on board as the flight was the last of the evening, much like the Vegas connection and we all knew we'd leave shortly.

I guess I want some real explanation as to why this all took place the ground crew was helpless at explaining the reasons why we were stuck there and why we had to pay for the rooms. Nothing made any sense and Independence Air has made no effort to rectify this to my satisfaction. In fact, it takes a week to get a response to their complaints email.

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