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VANCOUVER, B.C. -- A 3-piece suit was ordered and paid for from Indochino and in spite of perfect and accurate measurements submitted properly on the Indochino order form, Indochino delivered the suit with most of the measurements completely off (trouser waist was 2" smaller, the armholes and upper body of the suit jacket was too tight and too small, etc.). The suit is completely unusable because there is not enough fabric for a professional tailor to correct the faulty measurements.

Indochino placed the onerous burden upon me to pay for the return shipping costs and would not facilitate picking up the suit at their cost. Indochino did not provide me with a customer service telephone number and the return policy is very inadequate. I have not been refunded the money and as of today's date (11-17-11) Indochino has all of the profit and my complaint order has not been handled properly.

In my opinion the quality of the suit was poor and the price point for purchase was too high for the caliber of suit that was delivered. All buyers need to be aware of my circumstance so that they can protect themselves from the same bad experience my son and I have had.

Complaint on Indochino Refund Policy
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KANSAS -- I have spent many weeks attempting to get Indochino to refund the cost paid to them (Indochino) on a black 3-piece suit, but as of today, 12-26-11, Indochino still HAS NOT refunded the money owed. After being bullied by Angie with Indochino and forced to pay for returning the improperly tailored and unusable suit, and in spite of complying with a number of onerous burdens placed upon me by Indochino, Indochino still HAS NOT refunded the money paid for the unusable suit.

Now Indochino has the suit returned AND the company has not honored their promise to refund the money paid. I offer a stern warning to anyone dealing with Indochino that in my case, I have been completely ripped off and I am completely dissatisfied with everything associated to Indochino. I will probably have to file a lawsuit in small claims court against Indochino in order to get the money refunded, now that Indochino has the suit back, and they also have all of the money paid as well. Very unethical on Indochino's part.

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