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Indy Air Care, Do Not Use This Scam
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I am sending this review from my parents experience and my personal experience with Indy Air Care. My parents had these folks come out to clean their air ducts and ended up with a health threatening issue that started out at approx. $6000 and ended up "discounted" to approx. $1400. My mother was not happy, was not satisfied with the answers she was getting from the "salesman". She asked that her check, which they required full payment up front, be returned and cancel the project.

She went through multiple phone calls which ended in arguments, from the "salesman". He finally told her he would be out on Labor Day at 0800 to give her check back and cancel the job. He finally showed up at approx. 0845. He had another company person with him and again another song and dance was given.

I was there to support my mother so she felt a little more comfortable. The "salesman" took this as a threat and referred to me as a "tough guy" and perceived me as a threat. I was asking questions and listening to his smart mouth, while he was addressing my mother. I did respond a few times to his unprofessional manner, I had just had enough of listening to him. I was told a few times that I did not know anything about the issues at hand.

Whether someone knows about the issue or not this was a very unprofessional approach to take to solve this issue. In my opinion this was very simple, he should have shown up on time, returned the check and left. This eventually happened but not before running his mouth and eventually telling me that I had his phone number as he left. I took this as a challenge or threat. Please if you consider having your ductwork cleaned save yourself much grief and call another company.

Indy Air Care, the Old Bait and Switch Scam
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I read the bad reviews on INDY AIR CARE but decided to try them anyway, being forewarned. The scam works like this. Coupon for $49.95 or $59.95 etc for duct cleaning. 14 vents and a few returns and 1 main. The whole purpose of this is to get in your door and within an hour they will be recommending the FULL cleaning for $595. When you refuse they call 'the boss' and say "CANNOT WE HELP THESE PEOPLE OUT". Well of course 'the boss' tells the tech they have a SPECIAL just since they are here anyway and for like $395 they can do it… that sort of thing.

Then they warn you if you DON'T do it they won't guarantee their work and you have to sign papers that your house might still be dusty etc etc. They really do hook up a vacuum to your furnace by cutting a HOLE in your ductwork (which they patch before leaving. That's legit but you still end up with a big patch on your main line). Of course they never hook it up to the return air side. THAT'S EXTRA and they only do 1-2 returns and surprise… they only stir up dust in those with their air hose 'tails' that whip around in the vent. Well without the vacuum pulling on the return line… it just makes things dusty.

So it's a cheap half ass job to get in the door and try and sell you a ripoff cleaning of $595 when in truth, they could quickly do the other main lines and returns with the vacuum on the return side of furnace for just double the time they already spent. So if $50 was good enough for 1 hours work, they should be willing to do the rest of the work for another $50 or do the whole job for say $150 and they'd make plenty of money and be done in 2 hours in your typical 2,000 sq ft home.

I probably should file a complaint with the state attorney general office for essentially false or misleading advertising. But they do what they say in the ad, its just they don't tell you it's pointless because the rest of the dust is call caught in your MAIN ductwork lines which they never clean, unless you fork over the $595.. It's disgusting and unprofessional of course. Some scumbag comes up with this type of scam and just makes what they can off it.

I'd never do it again. Plus, the guys that show up are in their own truck - no company markings. So they probably sub it out and maybe the guys get a cut if they upsell you. If they don't, they get some basic pay rate. But very unprofessional operation. They should just quote the full price up front for a COMPLETE JOB. It'd be like a tire shop advertising just one tire and then telling you that you needed 4 when you thought just replacing 1 was all you needed. That kind of thing.

The Good & the Bad
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I started with this company due to an ad that came in my mail. It was to save so much to get cleaning done on our furnace. I saved that, but then they asked to add more and more to the order at such and such prices. They offered me a discount on top of that near the end IF I agreed to tell others about them. This was good too. I wouldn't let them charge me more than I had to afford to go with though. As items they asked me if I needed done were accumulating, I went with what I needed done most and with what I had to do it with at the time.

Advice: Don't let any company try to charge you more than you can afford at the time of service/s. Don't let them try to add on more than you need. If you don't understand something, ask. I bought the supposed FREE additional cleaning service to be used before the next year was up. That was a good deal, but I had problems with this when it came time to get the free cleaning. What happened was: They sent someone who had a buddy with him to clean and the buddy wasn't as it turns out, supposed to be with him at time of MY cleaning. They had other complaints too not only mine that day.

The guy was rude and looking around to steal stuff and speaking in another language we didn't understand. He made us move furniture so he could start to clean. He asked hubby to move his car before they started any work and it wasn't even in his way. It was in OUR driveway. He was VERY rude to me. We won't go into the rudeness details though, too graphic. Needless to say, he got fired! : )

So, we had to make another arrangement to have someone come out and then that didn't work because we suddenly had to be somewhere when they were expected. So, we made another attempt to schedule an appointment. This time the 2nd owner of the business came and cleaned for us and everything was smooth sailing from then on. Will I ever use this company again, Probably not.

Great Service, Would Recommend!
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We've received several coupons through our local mailer for Indy Air Care's special $39.95 air duct cleaning. We decided to bite the bullet on May 17th, 2011, and call them up. The coupon included one main, one return, and unlimited vents. The coupon also clearly states that additional returns and mains will cost. The dispatcher told me they'd arrive between 2-5pm on the given day. They arrived just before 4pm, and called me to let me know they'd arrive in about 40 minutes before they got here.

The technician was also training someone, and both of them were very good. He showed me several issues with dust in the system, pointed out other issues, etc. I would expect any contractor to point out issues and additionally to offer other services. They wheeled in a HUGE negative air machine. They taped up the vents to create an airtight seal, and sucked the dust out. They also went around, blowing off some of the dust around vents but told me that some soap and water would take care of the built up. They also said it's possible some of the dust/dirt would show on the baseboards, so I'd probably need to clean those off. Again, very informative.

Of course, as with any company, they recommend other services. He wrote up a quote that included servicing my AC and some other things, and a sanitizing of my system. I told him that we only wanted to do the cleaning, but we at least had some pricing for the other services. For the sanitizing, he cut us a deal: basically half off. This is the kind of chemical they use in hospitals, and it coats the system to prevent bacteria from building up for 6-8 months. I appreciated that they gave us a deal, and the service was something beneficial.

Overall, I was very satisfied. I didn't feel at any time they were trying to scare me or pressure me into getting stuff I didn't want. Did they recommend? Absolutely. That's part of business. They did a great job, were friendly and knowledgeable. I asked questions, they had answers. I'm not sure why others have had such poor experiences, but I'd recommend Indy Air Care for vent/duct cleaning! Props to ** for doing a great job.

Great Work
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- This company is great. Very professional, punctual, and helpful. Overall, one of the best contractors I have had to work with. In July, I found this coupon for Air Duct Cleaning and called about it. They came to clean my ducts (I had 2 mains and returns so it cost a little more) as the coupon stated. They then told me that I had mold and I figured this was a scam. He showed me the mold in various locations and told me it would be about $1300 to fully clean and remove the mold. They also said that since I was a first time customer they would lower the price ($700) if I handed out business cards for them.

I read the reviews online and was very hesitant to go through with the full cleaning. I am very glad I did. I followed my tech around to every room and asked him non-stop questions about what he was doing. I am very picky about work done in my house and I inspected every vent and duct after he was done. I was amazed at how clean everything was.

My wife didn't want to do the whole cleaning, but I had the guy come back 2 days later to clean the furnace. Our blower was very noisy and had lots of dust and mold built up on it. He disassembled the blower from the furnace and cleaned it then cleaned every metal air flow fin within the furnace. Between the 2 days at the house, he spent at least 10 hrs there, the tech was working constantly. Since the cleaning, my AC and furnace put out much more air, and the blower can't even be heard anymore.

I know most of the reviews are bad, but take it with a grain of salt. Most people don't write reviews unless they have a complaint. You have to also remember that this company specializes in mold removal, and heating and cooling cleaning. Many people don't EVER get a full cleaning of their system. Most do what I used to do. I have had a regular heating and cooling company come out 2 times a year and clean my furnace. They bring their brushes and shop vac out to clean up the dust that is accessible to them.

Indy Air Care takes apart the system and cleans every individual piece. I have already recommended them to a friend of mine. As I said before, they did a great job, they always showed up on time, and they were great about answering all my questions as I followed them from room to room. Take bad reviews with a grain of salt because every company has a bad review.

Indy Air Care Out to Scam People
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Rating: 1/51

7525 E. 39TH ST., INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46226, INDIANA -- This company is out to cheat people out of their money. As an 87 year old woman, quite possibly they are targeting the elderly. Four years ago they charged me $1100 to clean out mold which I believe was bogus. Since I have no way to prove that, I will let that instance be.

This year they claimed that I had mold, water, broken sump pump, etc. which would cost $6700 to fix, but they would do the work for $3500. When I didn't bite he reduced it to $3000 if the work is done today! I had a second opinion the next day and none of the problems existed. In fact, not only was my sump pump not broken, I had 2 functioning pumps! I want to warn others about Indy Air Care! Do not trust these people! They are out to scam unsuspecting people.

Hesitant at First, Worth It in the End
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I received a coupon in the mail for Indy Air Care. The coupon was for a $59.95 service. I have a young child, so I know that air duct cleaning is VERY important. I did some research online and was very hesitant at first because of all of the negative reviews. Well, I know that most people are only going to write reviews to complain, so I thought I would write my review to compliment the company on my wonderful experience.

While they were cleaning my air ducts, they went into my crawl space where there was mold. They informed me of everything that I needed and gave me the facts. They knew what they were talking about. The technician did not try to push me once. He didn't seem like a salesman, more like an informative technician.

After speaking with the technician about a moisture barrier, he gave me a special and took care of the problem. The technician worked hard non-stop for 4 hours! He told me everything he was doing before he did it & he actually showed me - which I really liked! He was very polite and professional. I know all of the reviews are mostly bad, but I highly recommend Indy Air Care. I have already recommended my family members and they were very pleased with their service as well.

I Don't Think So
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- First of all and foremost I feel like this company is in it for the money and that's it. I spent $1984.00 to get my vents cleaned and rid of mold that was supposedly growing and spreading throughout our home. The only thing I was shown were a couple little spots no bigger than a penny inside my basement. I was worried about my family and I getting sick from it so I had them treat it. What a crock.

I looked at it today and it was treated over a month ago. It still looks the same and I still have a smell coming from this area of my home which the tech told me that it would fall off and the smell would go away. Boy was he wrong. The vents were cleaned I guess but the access points they said they were going to install were not even there. How do you clean something you can't see or even access?

I don't recommend this company to anyone unless you love to waste money. I'm going to have another company come out to assess what really was cleaned and what wasn't so I can have some assurance. I would rather pay a small company to have this done right than pay some money hungry company to blow around dust and leave me with this mess. The dust is still here too, I know it by how many times I dust. I think it made it worse. Stay away from Indy Air Care.

Threatening the Health and Safety of My Children Is No Way to Do Business!
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Let me begin by saying, I feel like a complete and total moron but after investigating this company on the net. I have discovered that a company with such low morals would not continue to be in business without a fresh supply of "Stupid" people like us. Please beware the representatives for this company will come in and show you "Microbial Growth" in your ducts, in your attic, and by using a beaker and litmus paper they will show you "Purple" which means "Toxic" Microbial Growth (They are not allowed to call it Mold, "But that is what it is").

THEY WILL TELL YOU FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN'S HEALTH YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THIS PROBLEM ASAP! They will con you with statements like "Don't worry we caught it in time and we can spray this and that to remove it." and "With this UV Light installed in your furnace, we guarantee that even with 6" of water in your basement for 6 months, mold will never grow in this house." It may, as was the case at my home, turn out that they will never even clean the ductwork anyway. I feel compelled to warn others about this scam and buyer beware the classic too good to be true deal.

Beware of Indy Air Care
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Indy Air Care had a coupon for duct cleaning for $49 up to a certain number of vents and returns. I had been wanting to have this done so I called. The Indy Air guy showed up with a vacuum cleaner and some small tools in the back of a car. I guess I expected a more powerful vacuum system on the back of a truck. I was doubtful that this would do a good job. Next he counted the vents and returns and told me it would be $190 and this did not include all three mains. Each additional would be $89 but he offered to do the two extra for $89.

Next he went downstairs and cut an access hole in the ductwork and came back with a test tube and a protective mask. He dramatically announced that we had stage 3 mold and he made a call to his office. He gave me a speech about how dangerous this was. This guy was very convincing and polished. He said that the mold would be all the way thru the ducts and that the whole house had to be specially cleaned. This would cost $1600 or for $885 we could just have the mold inside the ducts treated and killed.

I was upset and had him show me this mold. I couldn't see what he was pointing out to me. I called my husband and he was distrustful so we decided to speak to other service providers that we know. The result is we did not fall for this. This company is pulling a bait and switch operation. Please be careful they are running a con.

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