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Outrageous Harassment
By -

Integrascan is an online background check service that advertises it will refund your money if you know that a criminal record exists and their search doesn't return this record. I ordered a criminal background check from them for the record I know exists and it didn't show in their search. When I e-mailed Integrascan for a refund I got a response that made me understand I was outrageously scammed and unbelievably aggressive and dimwitted harassment that they will start legal action against me if I report them for scam online. They have a coverage policy in which it states that they perform searches statewide for the state I searched.

The customer service representative first asked me to give them the county the record was in so that they still could probably find it. When I gave them the county they said it was not within their coverage and therefore I'm not eligible for a refund. When I told them that their coverage policy doesn't list any counties it doesn't cover and that I'll report their scam if I don't get my refund they answered it will be a violation of Patriot act and an act of terrorism and that their lawyer will pursue an injunction against me. I'm posting the e-mail string I had with them yesterday, it's simply unbelievable.

All the names are deleted from it only because it's a requirement of this site not to post names. It's worth reading it to the end, you'll be quite amazed. Here it is: As I understand your comments, and want to make sure you are a satisfied customer. We make every attempt to notify our customers of the limitations of the searches we provided, as you may recall in the order process you acknowledged reading and understanding both the coverage policy and the terms of use agreement which provided disclosures regarding our jurisdictions and coverage of the product you selected,

We make sure every customer Acknowledges reading and understanding this and dis-allow any purchase if it is not acknowledged with a checked box. Please advise in what county and state the missing records are located so we can match it against our covered jurisdictions and we may be able to help locate the record within our coverage. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this resolve.

Background Checks
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

BROCTON, NEW YORK -- I have been using IntegraScan for a month now and find their customer service to be fantastic. I was shocked to find complaints about them as I have run over 50 background checks on my employees and their product is better than some other companies that I have used in the past. I will keep using them.

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Rating: 1/51

Paid 9.95 for criminal background check and they did not include the county where the person has lived for 20+ years. THEY HAVE NO INTEGRITY.

By -

FLORIDA -- I had the same bad experiences as the other two reviewers. I ordered the IN DEPTH BACKGROUND CHECK for $49,95 and the results for this expensive search were ridiculous. I provided the company with the name of the person, his Social Security Number and his date of birth, and they found NOTHING, even though the person I did the check on had been convicted of several felonies in the states and counties in their coverage area. I read their FAQs carefully, and the states and county courts in which he was convicted are covered by Integrascan. But they found nothing. All I received was an email, saying that there was something wrong with the SSN.

I sent the SSN of him again, they did the search manually, and found nothing (again). Then I requested my money back, I proved that the records exist by sending him the link to his online-mugshots and records - and guess what: I never heard from them again. I have sent four emails within the past 4 weeks, and I haven't received any responses. Stay away from this company and do your background check with ussearch instead!

Background Check Rip-off
By -

I wanted to check to see what a background check would show for myself, so I paid for a statewide check from Integrascan. I know for a fact that I have three speeding tickets on my driving record with the state, yet Integrascan failed to report them. All they showed were two old speeding tickets from eight years ago. I asked for a better report or my money back, and they would not do either. When I said that I was going to make negative comments about them to others, they replied that they were going to file charges against me. Do not do business with Integrascan.

Do Not Purchase
By -

The report you get is nothing like the sample. Their customer services guy is rude and unhelpful. This is another of those scams taking you for $20 - $ 50 hoping that you just go away when you make a purchase and their bluff is called. Kind of business model that makes the internet commerce look bad. Hope they close them down. Pay a bit more and get a professional service.

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