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Tummy Tuck Infection, Worst Infection My Dr. Has Ever Seen
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CANCUN MEXICO -- Hi I don't really know where to start here, so much info... I found out on Thursday I had five bacteria in abdomen, had to have emergency surgery. This infection was the worst infection my doctor here has ever seen. I finally got to go home on Monday. I lost a lot of blood and can't drive or work right now, my incision is wide open, we have a wound vac hooked to me that I have to carry around all day until they feel my blood is built up enough for surgery/closing my incision up - we are trying to avoid a transfusion. I see a nurse three times a week and see my plastic surgeon Monday to see what our next step is..

Aftercare I think is what I think did me in...but I'm not pointing finger's at anyone. I developed a sore on the bottom of my incision that would not heal. I asked Sheri about it, I was worried. She told me to put honey on it and keep it covered. It looked really good...this all started at three weeks post-op, I had my surgery on 3/21/2012. I had asked Sheri many times after sending pics if I should go see my regular doctor. She said "no your body just needs some more time."

I asked her again about it week or so later, sent in my pic. She sent to Doctor ** to get his advice, he said I was having minor complication and my body was reacting to inside sutures and needed antibiotics. I went to see my doctor. She gave me antibiotics and took a culture - this was Friday before my surgery.

On Monday I had another appt...still wasn't getting better. She put me on two antibiotics, the culture came back with five bacteria. She referred me to a surgeon, we thought maybe I needed to be drained again for Dr. ** left our drains in for only 8 days. The surgeon couldn't get me in so she wanted me to be seen sooner, suggested I go to ER.

My husband was out of town til Wed. so I went in on Thursday and had emergency surgery, now I'm left open. Before I went to ER though I had emailed Sheri to get DR. ** advice. She said she was meeting with him in a bit and would get back to me...never heard from her all day. I emailed her Thursday AM, the day that I was going in and asked if she had heard from him for I was going into the ER and wanted his opinion. She didn't get back to me, claiming she was in meetings all day 'til around 5:00 PM - still no answer about talking to the DOCTOR...

While we were there: the condo was OK. I've stayed in better places but it was microwave...we had to climb three flights of stairs right after surgery which was the most painful thing you could do. Erick, her husband was the one who usually took us to the appointments. We didn't really see much of Sheri. Every time we called Sheri to get us something after surgery, she would either forget half of what we asked for or get us something we didn't even ask for. I feel like they should have had a folder that had places you could call to deliver food. Thank goodness for our roommates who went to the store for us.

The hospital: I liked the doctor, he was quiet but nice and spoke English. The hospital was OK, it wasn't clean like we see here...but they were adding on which I thought was a good sign. But the two days we were there, they pounded and pounded above our heads, I was going crazy. I finally called Erik to tell him we needed out of there because I was going crazy.

Most of the nurses spoke Spanish but we had a few cards we could use. One nurse who was pregnant was very rude, slamming doors and such. I think if they were doing construction we should have been told about it. We didn't sign any paperwork. The beds were very uncomfortable. Not that we had appetites anyway but they never offered us any food. And the pain meds are much better in the U.S. I'm not sure what they even used but they would only give them to us every six hours, which we were in excruciating pain. I know the surgery I just had here, I was given morphine every hour and Norco.

Even on last day we didn't see Sheri, she didn't come out to say bye or anything. I had asked Sheri many times about going to my regular doctor and she said I didn't need to... I think Sheri needs to be better educated on the aftercare and none of this would have happened to me. As of now I will never go back to Mexico, not even for vacation...I'm going to end up paying another 10,000 to repair this. That is not the 7900 for the package I paid for in Mexico excluding my airfare and food. End result: E. coli. Hope this helps.

Update: Dr. ** did my surgery, E. coli is prominent in Mexico. My abdomen wall was contaminated with E. coli so much more of my stomach was cut out. E. coli is spread through stool or feces through humans or animals. Someone didn't wash their hands before my surgery, did my surgery (they were the only ones in my abdomen wall). This is why nine weeks post-op I had a spot on my incision from taking tape off that would not heal. The infection had contaminated my abdomen wall...

I was in severe pain in hospital during recovery and while home (and I have a high tolerance for pain). I'm sure others have had good experiences but this does happen. Never in a million years did I think I would go to Cancun and come back with this nasty infection. I had read how others weren't in pain and were back at work. I have a desk job and didn't have the stamina to go back to work. I thought this was all part of recovery, maybe it was just taking me longer than others...this could have killed me if not taken care of.

I think the sore was a blessing in disguise or else I never would have had it checked out. I go in for my third surgery Tuesday to close me up, another 6-8 weeks of recovery and depending if we have enough skin to close me all the way up...I will have another surgery for skin graph. And for the photos on their website, Sheri was asked not to post pics and still did. I'm here to let others know this does happen and it's not worth the money to go to other countries for surgery. After my surgery I will be posting photos of everything so don't go to Mexico for surgery!!!

Thieves - Beware!
By -

5810 SANTA MARIA AVENUE #205 SUITE 8-182, TEXAS -- I traveled to Mexico in June 2011 for a bariatric procedure to be performed by Dr. **. The trip was arranged by Sheri of International Patient Facilitators. After arriving in Mexico I was taken to a surgery center where the surgery was to be performed. I was not given any information or a consent to sign. I was asked to pay in advance, which I did.

I woke up shortly thereafter and was told that the Dr. ** had chosen to do my surgery as I had scar tissue. I was fine with him not doing the surgery if he was not skilled enough to do it, but I was then told that I would receive no refund. I also found the consents which I was supposed to sign in my room. They had my signature forged on them by Sheri the Patient Facilitator.

These people are unethical, dishonest, and just plain thieves. She had the nerve to post a picture of me in a hospital gown on her website. I never gave her permission to do this. In the United States this is a violation of patient privacy and a doctor or hospital can lose their license for this.

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