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Do Not Trust They Will Tack on Another $39.00 on Top of Fee
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Rating: 1/51

MOUNTAINVIEW, CALIFORNIA -- Be very careful. Maximum refund guaranteed. It will be added to total even if you don't want it. It is hidden in when you pay you will never get that money back so we as the consumer should not give them any more business. Be careful. You Have Been Warned.

Withholding Funds Over 2 Weeks
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I've been a customer for several years processing small charges using Quickbooks. Then last month a client wanted to pay a large bill via credit card (about $6800), the charge was approved, but Innovative Merchants withheld the funds. I waited for days to find this out, then told me I had to fax an invoice, and I also gave them the clients name, address, phone, etc, to verify he is willing to pay the invoice via the credit card (that WAS APPROVED).

I don't hear from anyone for days, the money never appeared in my account. I called my client and he said the money was taken out of his account. I called the merchant back and for some reason the person handling the issue wasn't in. I sent an email, left voice messages, no one called back. I had to call again and ask for a supervisor. They said it was the Las Vegas branch that was handling it, and gave me their contact info. I sent an email, never got a response. I called the next day, left a voice mail.

Finally someone called me back, but they said they would not transfer the funds to me because some of the work on the invoice was older than 6 months. I argued that they could call the client and verify he is willing to pay the invoice. They told me it's against their policy to process charges for services older than 6 months, and that I had to issue him a credit. All this took over 12 days to find out, and only after a half a dozen or phone calls. I had to issue a credit back to the customer.

I then had to ask my customer to mail me check, that my merchant service wouldn't allow the charge (made me look unprofessional). He paid through his Paypal account, which went through smoothly in a few days. Then, about a week or so late, he called me to complain that the original charge was never credited back to his account.

They took his money right away, held it for over 12 days, then took over a week to credit back his account. I lost the client because of this. On top of all this they charged me almost over $480 is processing fees (they took their fees coming and going). Even though Intuit never actually funded my account for the charge, they made me pay fees for the charge AND the credit.

A week later, another client wanted to pay an invoice. I processed the charge, it was approved. Again, they made me fax an invoice, this time it was for work done within 30 days. The charge was approved on 2/27, I faxed the invoice on 2/28. It is now 3/14 (over 2 weeks later), and I don't have the funds. I made about a dozen calls so far, and no one is giving me a straight answer. Again, they said the Vegas branch is handling it. I call and they're either out to lunch or at a meeting. I leave a voice mail, send email and get no response. I called today (Saturday), they put me through to the Vegas branch and the person answering sounded like he just woke up.

He told me no one was there to give me an answer as to why they are withholding my funds AGAIN. The people I spoke to were unprofessional, unresponsive, and didn't care the least bit how this hurt my business. Worst customer service I've ever encountered from the merchant service. I thought Intuit was a reputable business as the makers of a major widely used accounting program. This experience has changed my view dramatically.

It's absolutely unacceptable in how I am being treated and how they are handling these transaction in a completely unprofessional manner. They 'claim' to fund your account in 48 hours, yet I had to wait 12 days to find out they withheld funds because an item on the invoice was over 6 months old, then had to return the charge, and they took a high percentage both times. Now, I processed another 'APPROVED' charge without any date issues, and it's been over 2 weeks and NO ONE has told me why the funds are being held again. The office handling never responds back with an answer.

Nightmare Service but Ended Up Better
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Rating: 3/51

While on phone with support on Black Friday I was informed that by bundling my Quickbooks pro plus and payroll I could save "70%" however during the course of the support that got lost in conversation. I then tried to call or go online to sign up for this. Finally on Monday I got ahold of ** in sales in Fredricksburg, VA. He knew nothing of this but after some go around he offered me $100 discount. Not as good as 70% but still good.

Well his idea of a discount was dropping my tech support, eliminating my online services and giving me bare bones service. NOT ACCEPTABLE. SO Had to call back on Tuesday, after a few more hours he agreed to just restore my services and give me the $100 discount. Well that discount came in the form of so many charges, credits and changes to my service I could not make heads or tails of what was going on. Called again, and got transferred to June in Reno. June was very polite and tried to figure out what Mr. lynch did but it made no, sense and there were more credits coming that had not been applied to my cc so I had to wait 10 days.

Called back as the credits never showed up and June tried desperately to make head or tails out of it and tried transferring me to billing support by calling them direct herself so I would not be disconnected and she had to argue with them as they wanted to transfer her back to, her own dept.

She protested but got nowhere. She apologized and gave me numbers to, call and said to, ask, for tier 2, a supervisor. I called waited on hold over and hour and got hung up, on. Finally got, through and was promised a call back, never came. More calls 27 hours in total. Then I found the number for the presidents office a few weeks later and called them. I was transferred to, a Bessie and she could not make heads or tails out of it and had no, idea of why they did what they did. She said she would call me back the next day after researching this and she really did what she said. She said that the guy in Fredericksburg was responsible for making the mess.

He did all the charges, credits and account changes but still no, one could make any sense of all the charges and changes so, she promised me a refund of over $570. To correct all the issues. I did not think $570+ was right! I think they cheated themselves and let her know. I do not care if they are a multi million dollar company it's not right for me to cheat them.

However she insisted that I take the money and promised a check in the mail. I expect the check any day but still do not feel right about taking what is not mine. I have been a customer for over 20 years and hopefully will be one for many more if they do not keep raising prices so that it becomes unaffordable for a small business. So, if you have billing issues contact her at **.

Intuit LACKS Intuition: Not so good experience with the company
By -

I'll make this quick... because it's a shame to take time out of a busy day to complain, however I feel this incident is fitting. I signed up for Intuit Merchant Services in Feb. 2010. I tried to use the service for the first time in Mar. 2010.
I couldn't use it. It said, "Try back in April." (WTH?, But OK, I'll use Paypal or Google Checkout.) In May, I see a strange charge on my bank account. I investigated and found it was Intuit. I called Intuit. (Now before I called, I was having a great day.) They refused to refund my money. The guy finally said, I'll refund half the money because we can't refund it all, since you never called in about the problem. Who has time to call in about the problem?

In my face paced world, either the service works or it doesn't. If it doesn't, on to the next service that works. I requested to reconsider refunding "half" since I didn't use "half" the service. I used NONE of the service, so I wanted them to refund ALL my money. They wouldn't do it. Now, after the call, my day changed from good to bad. I almost wished I had never picked up the phone. I'll never ever use Intuit ANYTHING ever again. What happened to plain old fairness? Businesses these days... businesses these days! UGH!

Impressive Return Policy - Not So Impressive Product
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 1 stars

I recently had a computer die on me that had my QuickBooks 2007 software on it. With taxes coming up I needed to get QuickBooks up and running again, so I decided to just buy the latest version. I had lost my old 2007 disc long ago. So first I decide to visit the website and make sure the latest version of QuickBooks supports my backup data from the 2007 version. I chat with a friendly representative on the site and he confirms the product will import my 2007 backup. You probably see where this is going.

I also verify system requirement. My Windows version is XP SP3. The QuickBooks site recommends XP at least SP2. Great. I'm good. Installation was pretty standard. Worked as expected. But new version would not import my backup file. I tried 4 different backups from different months just in case one might be corrupt. No luck. I try their website for help. Very easy to follow instructions on handling this type of problem, only they don't work. OK fine. I accept this. I need to do my taxes. I'll just start a new company project and basically forget restoring my backup. I'll start from scratch and re-add all my data manually. Painful but I can do it.

Well the software would not even let me start from scratch. After going through the wizard to create a new company in QuickBooks, the very last step fails and it just closes QuickBooks down. So I'm running their latest version on their recommended operating system and I cannot do the most fundamental task without it crashing. Time to return the product.

Now here is where my review takes a turn for the better. Since I downloaded it I thought they would give me a hard time about returning it. I went to the website and chatted with a representative again. They directed me to a link where I could essentially click a return button and it was done. No questions asked. It was a pleasant surprise after spending hours trying to get their product to work.

No Luck In Signing Up For Quickbooks Bill Pay/Online Banking
By -

I talked to more than 10 people by phone 9 13 and 14 2010 to determine when our company was eligible to start Quickbooks bill pay. No one was able to answer my questions, I got transferred many times to new agents and the call was dropped 3 times. No one knew about the form qb requires to be filled out and mailed in with a copy of my diver's license and a voided check. QB charges good money to sign up for this service and a monthly fee to use it. so I do not know why no one is interested in answering my questions.

I am trying to determine when our company will be approved to start making online bill payments through QB 2010. None of my many calls to qb have gotten me an answer. I have talked to over 10 people on just as many phone calls to 800-268-9065, 877-238-7277. No one seems to understand bill pay or the fact that I had to fill out a paper application nor can give me any type of an answer. My case number is **. Our company has had qb for many years. I am very disappointed in your service and will be making negative comments on the web.

Madeline island ferry line has set up our 2010 professional for online payment. I went through the banking menu and did the following¦ Enabling QuickBooks Accounts for Online Payment:

  1. From the Banking menu, choose Online Banking, then select Set Up Account for Online Service. You may see a message: "All open QuickBooks windows will be closed temporarily to set up online banking services. Do you want to continue?". Click Yes.
  2. Select your QuickBooks account, then click Next.
  3. Enter or select QuickBooks Bill Pay - New! as the name of your financial institution and click Next.
  4. Enter your QuickBooks Bill Pay customer ID and PIN. Confirm your PIN, then select Sign In.
  5. Select Finish to close the setup wizard and view the Online Banking Center in QuickBooks.
    I downloaded a recent bank statement from bremer into Quickbooks. Qb would not finalize the application till I filled out and sent in a Quickbooks bill pay paper application with a copy of my driver'€™s license and a voided check. I sent the documentation into Intuit Columbus OH (the address on the bottom of the page). Our subscriber id is MIFLONLINE.

I have talked to over 10 people on just as many phone calls. The help desk people were pleasant but not helpful. 3 times I got cut off or the person on the line had a poor phone connection, I would hear them, they could not hear me.

Intuit suggests I buy another PC to fix their software!
By -

I purchased a new version of Quicken's Home Inventory Manager, and after a painless installation, the program has not been working correctly. I contacted Quicken support. They referred me to a different support team for Home Inventory Manager. Fine. I go there and leave an email (the only support choice).

Here is the snippet of my problem description: "there seems to be two different versions of home inventory manager on my machine - the newer one is in the Start menu. The older one is started by the quicken program (if the newer one is not running). The newer one does not appear to update the Quicken Home inventory account. I am running Windows Vista, and Quicken 2009"

I received a response within 24 hours requesting version numbers of the software I was running and my VISTA machine. Provided that info. 24 hours later I am given a procedure to essentially uninstall the new Home Inventory program and reinstall. I follow the procedure - which was accurate, and the same problem exists. Another 24 hours, and I am given another procedure, this time uninstall both programs completely, and reinstall in Windows Safe Mode. OK, I added a day or two of delay, but after doing this, the programs had the same problem.

So far - about 3 hours of my time, installing, uninstalling, rebooting. Nothing. After reporting this, I receive a new ticket as the space on the prior ticket has run out, and I must re-input my problem. This is where it gets good. 24 hours later, I get this response: "Thank you for contacting Quicken Home Inventory Manager.

**, I appreciate your effort. Since we have tried all steps and the issue persists. These steps resolve such issues. It seems that there is a conflict between the program and the computer. In order to check the same, I would request you to try to install the program on a different machine and check if it works. Please let me know, what happens in the new machine. Respectfully, **"

I replied it would probably be a year or two until I bought a new machine! Someone explain the logic behind this.

Updates are not user-friendly
By -

Quicken owned by Intuit (Turbo Tax) company has been populating the market with new update every year. They offer the update for $60 but what you get is CRAP. The updates are not user friendly. I cannot get anyone at Quicken to answer the ongoing problems and it seems from reading the reviews that a huge number of their customers are having the same problem. I cannot configure usage pages to larger type and all "one click" preferences disappeared.

I have $60 worth of software sitting here that I am refusing to load to my laptop. When I loaded it to my desktop it screwed up everything. Intuit will not provide Customer Support to answer ongoing problems. After over 40 years of using this program I can tell you it really STINKS. I am searching for a product that really works. Someone needs to address the problem and stop Intuit from gouging the public.

Update 02/10/2017:

Intuit puts Quicken, QuickBooks and Turbo Tax on the market. There is no support. The programs have multiple problems but there is no customer service to answer very simple questions. They do not even provide a customer service number Fact they do not give a damn on cheating the public with constant updates that add nothing but problems. How can we get some support for what we pay for. Worst company to business. Their Community page tons of questions no answers. Despicable.

Intuit Snubs Consumers
By -

For many years, I used Intuit's Quickbooks and Turbotax to do my tax returns. Never before a problem until 2011. This year's Turbotax will not download my accounts from Quickbooks. I thought I had my specific program had a bug, so I returned it and got another. Still the same problem. I contacted Intuit with the problem. They replied they have received many complaints about this specific problem. They promised weeks ago they would email me a new Turbotax with the problem resolved. I never received the new program. Moreover, I followed up with numerous emails requesting an update. So far, Intuit has ignored my pleas.

By -

Feb. 9, 2010, I placed an order for Quicken 2010. March 10, 2010 it still had not arrived. All I received from Intuit (India) were email responses that showed that no one had read my email. Forward ahead to April 5, 2010 and I still have not received a refund. The email (from India) tells me to "be patient", "wait", and assures me that refunds are issued within two weeks. How can this company stay in business? I would never purchase anything from them again.

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