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Warning! Don't join It's Just Lunch!
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Rating: 1/51

Warning! Don't join It's Just Lunch!
They are the biggest fraud on this planet.

Here is my story.
i joined their service in Nov 2019 and sales girl really talked me into this. She convinced to join It's Just Lunch! for a 12 months 24 dates package. They will talk to you very nicely before you join them. Sweet talkers. I am a victim of that. So what they do is they will give you a match maker after you join. I was given a match maker very first day of joining. When I talked to the match maker I came to know Sales girl and match maker don't even match on their thinking, I was like damn I got screwed I paid already and now I am stuck. it is a lot of money. I paid 4000$. then I called this sales lady and I said this is what your matchmaker is saying and you told me something else about your process of picking matches. One more thing they have no online systems, so there is your RED flag. Anyways I said I wanna cancel my services and refund me my money. Sales lady said give me one more chance and I will fix it, I will give another match maker, she again convinced me. this all was communicated through emails, I have all email conversations. then I was given famous match maker Vanessa. Now this match maker will appear only once a month or only when I call her or do a follow up. Anyways I got first match after almost 2 months, Guess what that match person was no where close to what I was told about her, I felt like they planted that person, Fraud, another RED flag. then I called Vanessa and said please don't repeat the same thing, I am looking for someone serious. She said just go out and have fun on dates, I was like what the hell, I can have fun without even joining It's Just Lunch! I wanna meet someone like minded. I am highly educated and I want someone similar. I paid lot of money for this and I want quality dates.
one more thing 12 months, 24 dates package, that means at least 2 dates per month or more, this was the promise done by sales lady.
Vanessa said no it is only 1 date per month, I said I don't see that anywhere in the contract. She said it is there in the contract, I said show me where it is, call me, lets do a facetime. guess what she was wrong and she never wanted to do facetime. Another Red Flag.
i asked Vanessa to give me a call for 5 minutes every Friday just to discuss what is going on with my profile and what she did for my potential matches. guess what one month passed She disappeared. Sales lady also disappeared, no longer with It's Just Lunch! RED FLAG!

I said this is not what I expected and I want my money back.

GUYS PLEASE DON'T JOIN It's Just Lunch! DON'T SPEND 4000$ . they are not worth it. Once you join they will treat you like trash.

i sent an email to It's Just Lunch! CEO, Her name is Melissa Brown, I sent all these details to her, She had her VP's call me and discuss my case, I explained my case and I clearly said I want my money back. As per their contract I am not eligible for refund, well I was also not eligible to get horrible services, who will pay for that?

These people don't care about their customers.
RED FLAGS all around, please don't join It's Just Lunch!
i have all the email communications with me.


Horrible Experience!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I signed up for IJL about 5 months ago because the individual I talked with made the whole process seem much better than online dating. I 100% trusted what was being told to me and really had high expectations for the entire process and was looking forward to dating through them.

My first match that was sent to me never responded back. I didn't think anything of it and agreed to go with the next person they had matched me with. The date was almost one of the worst dates I had ever been on. He was an absolute jerk, didn't stand to greet me, didn't know how to hold a conversation, ate like a pig, just horrible. I was so disappointed with the first date. However, I put it behind me and was excited for the next match to come along.

The second match ended leaving the country before we could go on our date. The third match was a gentleman who didn't meet any of my interests and had a child. Even though it wasn't what I was wanting I went on the date as I am suppose to be working with real matchmakers here they probably know better. During this date the guy was very friendly; however, he discussed his past relationships, his suicide attempt, weapons he has at his house, etc. and completely freaked me out.

My fourth match ended up being rescheduled multiple times and then he became unavailable to date. My fifth match stood me up at the restaurant. I waited for 30 minutes and then finally left without him showing up or providing any notice of being late or unable to arrive.

My entire experience so far has been an absolute nightmare and has been as bad if not worse than online dating. I had a very lengthy discussion with the dating expert about my interests, who I am, what I am looking for, etc. before going on any date. I would think with this information that I would be set up with individuals that actually matched my interests. From the dates that I have went on I don't feel like IJL has actually listened to what I am interested in, my hobbies, etc.

For example: I mentioned I would like to go horseback riding sometime even though my first encounter with horses terrified me. I also mentioned I only wanted to date someone with a child if we had a lot in common. The date which had a child our only common interest was horseback riding. I don't even know if I like it or could even do it. I was terrified just being around horses the one time!

Lastly, every time I talk with the matchmaker I am asked to change my main preferences such as race, education, etc. I don't feel like I should be asked to change my major preferences just because they can't do their job. If my preferences were an issue then that should have been made clear at the beginning before I signed up!

Every single person that signs up is suppose to go through a face-to-face interview. This interview goes over what should be discussed on a date, how to act, etc. They attempt to make sure everyone is prepared and ready to act appropriate on a date. Therefore, I was 100% shocked by the experiences I have had on the dates. Discussing prior relationships, guns, being arrested, etc. is a complete no on first dates. Again, I feel like IJL doesn't really know the people they have taken money from. They are clearly just interested in collecting income and not looking out for the best interests of the members who have signed up to find someone.

The cost of the 6 month program I signed up for was a big investment and it has been no better than online dating. With online dating I could have at least spared myself from meeting with these gentlemen as I would have spotted the issues prior to meeting up. I 100% regret signing up and will never recommend this to anyone!!! I have one more date left and honestly at this time am not looking forward to it at all. Just want everyone to get a real picture prior to spending a ton of money for IJL!

Ripped off by liars
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Stay away from IJL at all costs. They will scam you out of your money and then completely ignore you. Once you have signed up your money is lost forever as their entire business is based around predatory contracts and will eventually just wear you down to a point where you give up trying

It's NOT Just Lunch
By -

They scammed me from the very beginning. She never told me I was going to have to pay the $1800.00 on the spot. So she made me sign a couple papers and now she said since I agreed to do it I would have to pay or it would be sent to collections. So I told her I had a Discover card-- they don't take that so I found some money and gave her $300. Since the at LEAST ONCE A WEEK she charges a check card. I don't even know how she got the info to. I wish this company would send me to collections because unless you want to cough up 2 grand. Good luck...

IJL- It's Just Laughable
By -

I almost fell for the scam. I didn't realize I was being given the hard sell when I called to find out more about their services. I was very clear that I did not wish to date men who were still raising their minor children. The first date they called to set me up on was with a man with two kids under 12. When I said that wasn't acceptable, her response was "You need to be flexible." What am I paying $1700 for, if not for personalized attention?

When I said the most important criteria in a man is his sense of character and values, she responded by telling me about potential dates' music preferences and hobbies. Sheesh, I can slog through all this on a free online dating site. I am paying to be matched with men meeting my criteria.

The best part is when I called to complain and potentially work out these difficulties- she started telling me how I was wrong. She never took the time to even listen to my complaint to see if she could resolve it. Then she pressured me to either commit to their service (again without even listening to my problems) or they would place in the "Undesirable" category and never allow me to use their service. Who treats clients this way? For over $200 per introduction (not date, intro only) I expected much better service. It's like they couldn't be bothered. I cancelled my contract within the three day time frame so I should be refunded my fees. We'll see.

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