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Consumer Ripoff Watch Out About Free Deals
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OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I signed up for a free trial of their teeth whitening product and paid just postage. I just got the whitener and had it for less than 5 days. This morning 12/22/08 I discovered that over the weekend they debited my credit card for 78$ and change. I tried to recover my money through their customer service but only got the old runaround. I never authorized them to take more money from my account. I did notify my credit union. But haven't heard anything, as of yet. I sure would like to meet those people in person. Oh by the way, they are a big company/the Clorox company. I don't know how these people sleep at night.

How Dare They!!!
By -

BOULDER, COLORADO -- This company is not concerned with customer satisfaction. The telephone representative are rude and inconsiderate. Three of them all but came right out and called me a liar. Nobody makes a mistake in their company. Mentioning the Better Business, Attorney General, or any other company doesn't make them flinch. Their product is NOT worth $78.41. It is not better than anything you can buy over at your regular discount store. I got suckered into it because my husband wanted a jersey another scam. I have wisened up.

Everybody needs to work together and put these places out of business and not just having them change their names... All of this because I mailed my product back by regular mail and they are stating that they did not receive it, "the post office messed up" yep their words. I never even noticed that they would be sending me with the free trial a full order of this crap that I would have to put even more expense into send it back... I did it the cheap way... If you get messed with this company and you want any money back put it in a steel container, with the return number on the inside and outside, and send it with a tracking number and return receipt requested...

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