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Jaguar Lakeside lies and has the worst customer service around!
By -

MACOMB, MICHIGAN -- I was poorly treated by this "dealership". I am a resident of Brooklyn, NY and after finding the perfect car to purchase, a 2003 Jaguar, I contacted the dealership via email. I was pleasantly surprised when I was contact by email at 11 pm that evening by a very enthusiastic salesman by the name of Louis. We corresponded for 1 day and I informed him that my wife would be coming to take delivery in 2 days. Instead, I decided to take a flight to Michigan in 2 days and drive the car home.

I contacted Louis prior to my plane ticket purchase, while I waited for the airplane, when I landed and 5 hours before I was to come to the dealership. As I made my way down the highway to the dealership, I was contacted by Louis and told that he had some "bad" news. He stated that the car was sold an hour prior to his call and that he had no idea of why. My wife and I still went to the dealership where he proceeded to attempt to get me into various other vehicles that were nowhere near the caliber of the vehicle that I had been tricked into traveling for!!!

Louis knew very little about anything and proceeded to direct me to his general manager. The general manager attempted to tell me that Louis had given me a "courtesy" by calling me. Really?! After I traveled across country, you did ME a favor by calling when I was 20 minutes away?!

Louis and this manager then attempted to sell us a vehicle that was $15,000 more than the price of the Jaguar. The Jaguar was $9,997 - the truck that they attempted to sale me was $24,000! I attempted to give them the benefit of the doubt. I wished to work with them on getting a comparable vehicle. They screwed me around the entire following day and to no avail, I had to purchase a second one-way ticket to Brooklyn, NY. This dealership is beautiful in its appearance but it is full of crooks and unscrupulous salesmen! BEWARE OF THEM!

Do not Buy Jaguar due to poor service!
By -

I have owned many cars from around the world Alfa Romeo, mercedes, B.M.W.... One that I have purchased twice was Jaguar. I had the X J S , cute little v12 convertible. I traded it in for the top of the line X J R which is their biggest hand made sedan, with the sport options, wider wheels, detailing that matches the color and yes the almost 400 h.p. engine, very fast great car until...

I purchased the car used and take great care of it, a synthetic oil change will cost you about $120.00 - this is just one thing to be prepared for comes with the territory. When I had the linear switch go it caused lots of problems, it locks the transmission and other things so the car cannot be stolen. When it went bad I could open the car and start it but not shift/ move the car.

I went to Jaguar dealer service (Woburn MA) I was told it was the linear switch and no problem "these things go once about every 10 years". I trusted them and paid the $1,500.00 price tag for the one part! Being a Jag owner you have to be able to pay for this high end car, I just shoveled out $1,800.00 for brakes - it was expected and I do not have a complaint about that.

My problem is the "new" Linear switch started to fail again about the 13 to 15 month mark. The dealership said they would not cover it because it was over a year old. I fought with Jag. corporate for two weeks and they opted not to fix their error/faulty product.

As stated I don't mind paying for the up keep but to pay for the same item twice is unacceptable! They are not looking after their product like a world class car that cost 90K. This item is a computer switch, I can't reach it, tamper with it, break it or know where it is. So for a non- moving part that costs $ 1,500 to fail so soon they should be ashamed and honored to replace it.

Do Not Buy Jaguar! With lagging sales and the high cost/price tag they should be trying to win friends and not make enemies. P.s. had similar problem with my Porsche - they took care of it, no questions asked and threw in extra incentive fro my problem. My Jaguar has been a 6000 pound paper weight for months now.

Dangerous defect
By -

Bought new, 2006 XJ8 Jaguar. AFTER 2,500 miles, gasoline started leaking from bottom of car. Fire Department rolled car into driveway, as gasoline poured onto driveway. Fire Chief said Jag DEALER must remove all gas from tray before towing car. Dealer said fuel seals failed, and replaced with same type seal; I believe fuel pump might have been changed this year. I asked for guarantee that this would not happen again, and it was told they could not assure me. I am petrified to drive this car, and understand that it is a problem for same type model, but has Jag has not admitted it as of yet.

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