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I See Them Going Out of Business next...
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LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where to start... Ok, I ordered a jacket back on August 3rd and it's still saying depending on who I speak to it's either still in it's way to the store, cancelled and they issued a check through the mail to the wrong address or it's lost somewhere in their back room. This is one of several other issues I've had since I've ordered off of their website sadly.

Let me start off by saying that I suffer from severe social anxiety. I really don't enjoy being in crowded places aka JCPenney's at the mall. The first order I placed was for this jacket I saw it was on sale and fall was coming up and snatched it up. Right after that I was with my mom looking at their site and we saw several other things we liked and bought those. When those came in first I didn't think anything of it. When I got the order home and started hanging things up I noticed one of the shirts I ordered was missing. I called the store and the woman insisted that I bring the whole order back in insinuating that I was lying. So I did. I told her that the order was a gift from my mom and that I wanted the shirt (NOT A REFUND). She said no problem.

Instead of reordering the the shirt for me like I wanted her to do, she refunded my mom's credit card. Then asks for me to pay for the shirt myself. Asking me for a credit card then when I re explained to her that it was A GIFT FROM MY MOM I don't have a credit card. She said "Oh, okay. We can put it on a gift card." Okay. At this point I'm thinking okay she's going to refund the amount of the shirt I was supposed to get onto a gift card so we can reorder it. No, "Ma'am, I need $10.78.", she wanted me to pay cash for a gift card to pay for the shirt because she already refunded the money to the credit card. That whole escapade was in front of a huge line of customers. And was extremely embarrassing to me.

On to the second occasion. I go to try on a pair of pants that I got with that same order and surprisingly they were extremely too big. So I look online and they still have them in stock and in the size and color I want. Reluctantly, I went in to the store to EXCHANGE THEM. I get there and this time the guy says "Oh you're going to return the whole order." As he holds up my plus sized pair of pants for the line of customers behind me to see. Then when I tried to let him know that I didn't want to return them, I just wanted to exchange them, he told me that they didn't have any more in stock. At all. Not in that color. Or any other color I wanted, the size I wanted.

I went downstairs and found SEVERAL PAIRS of the same pants just for a higher price. I so went online and found that the pants were still on the website as well just not for the same price that I had bought them for. Rather than reorder the pants for me they'd rather just return the money. I'm not sure why, but I placed another order. Two shirts, one of the shirts was cancelled without my consent. I thought maybe the shirt accidentally had gotten oversold. However, when I went to check, it was still being sold in the same size and color.

Meanwhile, since all this has happened. I'm STILL waiting for my jacket that I ordered and paid for on August 3rd. Everyone I talk to asks me to ask someone else. If I contact someone online, they ask me to contact the store because sometimes packages come in and get misplaced. I contact the store and they tell me that it's being manufactured and that I should wait. I waited. I look online and now I see almost the exact same jacket being sold for $150. Same brand a.n.a midweight motorcycle jacket-plus. I ordered a.n.a lightweight motorcycle jacket-plus back in August. Is this what they were waiting for to be manufactured? This is really my last resort. I can't seem to get any answers from anyone else in the store or from customer service on the phone or on their website. Anyone have any ideas?

Terrible Customer Service by Lillian
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BOYNTON BEACH,FL, FLORIDA -- I went to pick up my mom's engagement ring today that a stone fell out of and was being repaired. We saw it and immediately realized how sloppily they sautered it. The sautering was covering the diamond. My husband told the saleslady Lillian and she argued with him about how there were no prongs and how she couldn't even see the sautering, what was wrong with it or how he even knew which diamond was the one that fell out.

She then looked at him and asked rudely "Do you work in the jewelry business?" The way she said it sounded more like "Do you even know what you're talking about?" My husband got so pissed he had to walk away. I then had to point out a few more times which diamond was messed up because apparently she couldn't tell by looking. We left and I felt uncomfortable about having her be the one that handles my ring because we had to explain to her multiple times what was wrong and she wasn't getting it.

So we went back and I asked to speak to the manager. She got on the phone to call the manager and in front of us proceeded to say "Yea it's the same customers. They left and then came back." This doesn't read bad but it was the rudest tone, like we were bothering them and she was so annoyed with us. I looked at my husband because I was trying not to lose my cool.

She came over and was like take a breath and relax. I looked at her and in the calmest voice I could told her that she was being rude. She said, "How so?" I told her that her rudely asking if my husband was in the jewelry business was mean and how she talked to her manager about us in front of was rude. All she said was that she was just calling her manager. She did not apologize or seem like she cared.

So the manager of jewelry came over and she was very nice. She looked at the ring and immediately saw the problem and told us she would send it back and have it fixed. She told us that Lillian would take care of it which made me nervous. So we left and I was steaming because of the way that this associate had treated us. I called once we left and spoke to the assistant manager Loraine who was so so nice.

I explained the situation and she apologized and told me that she would have the manager send in my ring personally which made me feel better because I honestly don't want my ring in the hands of Lillian. Lillian does not belong in the customer service industry. She should not be able to deal with customers and I do not want to deal with her again. The kicker to all of this, she was training a new associate!!!

I am very upset by this service. I will never shop at JCPenney again for jewelry. There was a bracelet I wanted but I don't want to deal with the customer service at the jewelry counter again. I am very nervous about having my mom's ring in the hands of Lillian. I do not trust her with it and I hope that when I get it back it is done correctly and not messed with out of spite.

Don't Waste Time Scheduling Drapes Appt.
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- On May 3rd I called 877-5094636 to schedule an in home consultation for June 5th. On June 1st I called the same number to make sure of the time. I was told my appointment had been changed to June 6th. Glad I called. On June 6th, no one showed up. I called again and was told they had no record of my appointments. I wish I would have read this page beforehand. It would have saved me time.

Want Cabin Creek Pull-On Pants Back
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CABIN CREEK PULL ON PANTS are the best pants ever! I buy them for my 100% disabled daughter who cannot zip zippers or button closure snaps. They also fit well over her leg braces and are comfortable to sit in and don't get caught in her wheel chair. I have purchased these pants exclusively for the past 25 years. I have purchased HUNDREDS of pairs! I have tried JCPenneys' Alfred Dunner, which seems to be what Penneys wants to dump on us now, to replace our CABIN CREEK pants with.

However, Alfred Dunner pants are inconsistent both in size and quality of material and workmanship. Alfred Dunner cannot compare to these Cabin Creek twill or denim pants and shorts. I will NEVER purchase a pair of Alfred Dunner pull-up pants for my daughter instead of CABIN CREEK!!! PENNEYS have you lost your minds and your BUSINESS SENSE????? If all your customers are screaming for these pants and the CABIN CREEK brand, then please bring them back. These Cabin Creek pants are the very last and ONLY THING that would drag me into a JCPenneys store where there is no customer service and a high stress purchasing environment.

Furthermore, I also consider the elimination of this CABIN CREEK WOMEN'S/MISSES TWILL AND DENIM PANTS to be an attack on people with disabilities everywhere. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES NEED CLOTHES TOO! Not everyone can do up a zipper or buttons. People who use wheelchairs and have various other disabilities REQUIRE PULL-ON PANTS. And WHY do they even need to have one million different pairs of pants in the same other styles with zippers and buttons? They just end up clearing them out at the end of the season because NOBODY WANTS THEM!!!

PENNEYS if you are reading this column then please bring back our cabin creek pull-up elastic waist pants. We want them and we need them forever and ever for the rest of our lives. Do not discontinue cabin creek pull-on elastic waist pants! These were the only pants on Earth that I could ever find for my daughter. I always know that these CABIN CREEK PULL-ON PANTS WITH ELASTIC WAIST fit PERFECTLY and I could order them online without a worry of size. They can dress up or dress down. They always look great. They wear fantastically.

I throw them in the washer and dryer and they come out perfectly every time. You can wear them to church or wear to the park. they are very versatile and very FABULOUS PANTS. I predict that if JCPenneys cancels these it will be the store's demise. There are a lot of us out here who will ONLY buy the Cabin Creek pull-on pants. After they canceled my drapes I never walked into the store again but only ordered Cabin Creek pants on line.

Now, I won't ever bother even going to their website if they do not bring back these pants. I was hoping that Penneys was simply changing over from fall colors to all those nice CABIN CREEK PANTS colors that they have each springtime. Let us all hope that is the case and that Penneys will listen to us. WE WANT OUR CABIN CREEK PANTS BACK PENNYS!!!

Loopholes, extortion and poor delivery
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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have always enjoyed the services of JC Penny's from getting my hair done monthly (130.00) to the wide variety of excellent merchandise. I cannot begin to tell how disappointed I have just been. I purchased a sofa from JC Penny's after getting my hair done. I got a "specialty" color and was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks before it would be delivered. That was fine with me. I received my receipt and patiently awaited a sofa that was so very badly needed (mine is stuffed with at least 15 old blankets and comforters because the springs are completely busted).

Upon purchasing this sofa, I told the sales representative that I needed my old sofa pushed out to my garage (approximately 15 feet to push it out the door). I was told that would not be a problem. In addition I was interested in a recliner. The sales representative told me to call and order it when I could (provided it was before the delivery of the sofa was scheduled) and they would include it on the order. I took her for her word.

Two weeks later I called and the sales representative in which I initially did business and she was not in. Unfortunately my time is much compromised (80 to 90 hour workweeks) so I asked for someone that could help me with purchasing the recliner so I did not miss the delivery window. The person I spoke to told me that would not be a problem, she took down my credit card information, and I thought the deal was sealed. About two weeks later, I received a call about the delivery of the sofa. I asked about the recliner that was supposed to go with it and guess what? It was not listed; in fact, it was not even ordered.

Needless to say that left me quite worried as to where my credit card information went especially since the order was not placed. That initiated a mad scramble to talk to the sales rep, which I did. They were not able to locate who took down the information and more importantly, what they did with it but they were extremely helpful in placing the order for the recliner and making up the difference. At that point I was extremely pleased, at least until the couch was "delivered".

Saturday 2/5/11 after receiving a call at work that the four-hour time frame for delivery was in effect and asking if I would be at home to receive delivery I hurried as much as I could and made it home. After being at home for 2 hours, I received a call that the delivery persons were finishing a delivery and would be at my house in 30 minutes. Bear in mind I have not had any sleep in 36 hours. An hour and a half later, they come in and I tell them about my old sofa. They told me they would not do that. They will assemble products causing them to be quite late for other appointments but they will not push a couch 15 feet out of a door.

Then they start the issue that the couch would not fit through my living room door and that they would not take the door off the hinges because if something happened they would be liable. Well I was willing to take the door off the hinges, after all, all one needs to do is pound the pin out of the brackets then pound it back. I have done it before -€“ NOT HARD and not a liable issue (no court would award a thing because the value is so low for a hollow core door).

The main issue and the stopping point for receiving the sofa was the removal of the other couch. Both simply would not fit. After they called JC Penny's delivery line, I spoke to the individual that would be cancelling the order. At that point, she told me that it was in the paperwork that the delivery personnel did not move furniture and that I was responsible for a 30% handling fee upon sending the sofa back. I was to pay 30% for being misled and according to that representative (unfortunately I was too upset to get her name) I was to pay because I did not read the fine print.

I do need to say at this point that the delivery persons stated at least four times that Penny's sales reps needed to quit promising things that could not be delivered just so they could make a sale. That statement tells me one of two things; either they were trying to cover their butts because they were exploiting a gray area (this seems quite likely as they kept stressing the couch would not fit through the door trying to leave out the mention that I would take it off the hinges) or that this is a commonplace occurrence with JC Penny's.

After I canceled the order and got off the phone I signed the paper the delivery persons handed to me then I told them to stop right there and give me the paper. I looked over the paperwork from J C Penny's and there was no mention of not moving furniture. There was mention of measuring to make sure the furniture would fit but as I said with the door off the hinges the sofa would fit, hell it would have fit through the sliding glass door for that matter. That tells me that they were trying to deny delivery based on pushing a sofa 15 feet.

What the paper work did say was clear the area. Well how broad of a term is that? I did clear an area for them to walk through to deliver the sofa but apparently J C Penny's is trying to use that catch 22 as the extreme in that the sofa should have been removed as well. Well here it is PUT IN YOUR LITERATURE THAT YOU DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE! Exactly like that, no frills no loopholes and a perfect understanding between the customer and JC Penny's.

Now I did call back and talk to another representative who did broach that exact argument which is frankly the same sort of argument that the stereotypical crooked type of sleazy used car salesman would use. In addition she flat out told me she could not give out the name of any of her supervisors so I could notify them of this issue. That is the action or non-action of a company that makes customer dissatisfaction a commonplace occurrence. It is also the action of a company that has no interest in improvement of any of their services. One must also wonder of the actions of the representative was her statement true or was she covering her actions?

My response is simply this: JC Penny's would rather hold it incumbent upon their customers to bear the brunt of financial burden and personal sacrifice of time and disappointment due to a vague statement that creates a loophole large enough for an elephant to jump through and support the non-compliant nature of a delivery agency rather than to take it upon themselves and fix the issue and make it so that it would not happen again.

When purchasing a car, a home, or an item funded by a loan I expect to read fine print and look for possible loopholes NOT when purchasing a sofa from my own funds. Am I to assume that anything purchased at Penny's requires a litigious approach because that is certainly what has happened in this case, in fact regarding this case one would need an attorney and a judge just to determine what "clear the area" entails.

Here it is concisely. I am having the sofa redelivered because I cannot afford to be extorted for 30%. I am going to bear the disappointment of not receiving a much needed and desired sofa when expected and sacrifice my personal time of which I have so very little to satisfy a company who simply doesn't give a damn about its customers. I honestly thought they did especially after the first issue was handled so eloquently.

Now I know different. Now I know that the only thing I can expect from Pennys is that if they break it I buy it. I also know that the $130 per month I was spending to get my hair done will no longer be spent at JC Penny's. I also know that I have never run into a situation that a company has the mantra the customer is to be extorted and screwed. They may not say it but their actions certainly do.

Mental Harassment By LOSS Prevention
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ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA -- On June 19,2009 me and my sister were shopping at JC Penny, Arcadia CA. We first went to the clothing department and then to the fragrance where I smelled 1 perfume and I grabbed the other 2. The perfumes were right in my hand. Me and my sister then went to the fitting room to try on clothes and left the clothes in the fitting room and brought one pant and the perfumes outside.

The perfumes were right in my hand, clearly visible to everyone. I took the perfumes back to the fragrance department and kept them on top of the gift box sets of perfumes. Me and my sister then left those pants right there as we planned not to buy it as we barely came shopping from Nordstroms and we decided to walk out of the door.

The moment my sister stepped outside the door, I was next but I still had the door opened as there was a lady behind me so that she could walk out as well and when that lady takes out a badge from her pocket and shows it to me and tells me "LOSS PREVENTION", "YOU BOTH NEED TO STEP INSIDE THE STORE". She meant me and my sister. we both stepped inside and she told us to follow her and we did.

On our way, I asked her politely what is this regarding but she said she can not tell me at this time. she then asked me if I have my id on me? My purse was all opened and I just touched my purse because I wanted to see if I have my driver's license here or in the car and the same moment, she tells me "hey don't touch your purse". My sister then said something to me in our own language and she told us "you can not talk". I really felt very embraced as in front of all the other customers and associates, she was telling us all that and people were watching us how we were taken in the store.

It was that lady (** Loss Prevention's Senior Manager) who stopped us, 1 another associate ** and another Loss Prevention ASSOCIATE ** taking both of us in there room. When we entered their room, which was a small room by the dock, the lady ** took our cell phones, my car keys from us and asked us to keep our purses on the table. Both of us did whatever she said and the other lady ** asked both of us to be seated at the desks nearby, on 2 opposite corners in an insulting way like- come on, one needs to be seated here and the other one in that corner.

Trust me I was never treated like that in my life ever. The lady ** then told us that she is going to be searching our purses and she did. She then asked us if we have something on us that belongs to Penny. We both said no. she then left the room and had another associate ** watch me and my sister. It was really boring and my phone at the first was ringing, but I was not allowed to answer that call. Then I got up and there was a dark black coloured glass in front of me and I was looking in there and fixing my hair when that associate ** told me I need to sit down right now.

Oh my god I was like as if I had created a murder plan and they found out and that's why they are treating me like that. On top me and my sister were wearing dresses that had no pockets even so there was no point that we had something on ourselves. Well then I asked **, the other Loss Prevention associate if you could please tell me what is this regarding? She was so rude and tells me " you need to wait and when she ** comes back, she is going to talk to you". I stood quiet because at this point I didn't even know why I was there for. Well then ** the manager came and asked me "WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE OTHER BOX OF PERFUME THAT YOU HAD?".

I told her where I put both the perfumes, on top of the perfume gift set right on the corner table one on top of the other, both of them together and I also offered her that I could even go with her and show it to her. She said she went and looked and it wasn't there but she will go and look exactly where I told her. She left the room and went and looked and then came back after good 10-15 minutes and telling me they found it and we could go. I asked her where did she find it and she told me it was not there where I had told her because the ASSOCIATE working in that department had put it away where it belonged.

I was like oh my god, you guys should have asked me at first that this is the case and I would have told you and you would not have wasted my 45 minutes and I wouldn't have faced that insult. She said that is the policy. I asked her what kind of a policy to stop and bring anyone in there and start harassing and once proved the customer is innocent, just say to leave and that's it. I asked her why did she think I had the perfume on me? She then started telling me she knows when I smelled the first perfume and after that grabbed 2 perfumes.

So this shows there focus was totally on me. I asked her if she saw me grabbing the perfumes then why did she not see me putting the perfumes away and that also in the perfume department and not anywhere else and also right in front of the camera. That means she had seen but she just wanted to harass me and she told me she was not the one watching the cameras, it was someone else. I said I am not concerned with whom it was but you guys were focusing on me so how could you do that.

How could you stop me for no reason? That lady ** did not apologize even once and when I asked her I need to talk to the store manager and she said she is not in yet but when I insisted she asked some another manager ** to come in and I spoke to her and she went and talked to the store manager over there and gave me her number and when I asked I was given the District Loss Prevention manager's number. ** the supervisor or the manager apologized from me but the loss prevention ladies did not even apologize for once.

She was just telling me that is the procedure? She also told me at the end that because I don't have the perfumes, that is why they didn't call the cops and didn't get me arrested and I am not handcuffed. How did her thing make sense at this time of letting me know about all this when know everyone knows I am innocent. I told her that the associates who had seen me walking with them to her office, imagine what are they thinking about me when almost all of them know me. She told me that "this is not what our associates think? Well think why would they even think that?"

I asked her OK then what do you think they were thinking that you are taking me with you because we are going to a party tonight and we are going to talk about it or you are going to offer me a job and that's why you took me in with you with 2 more associates accompanying us. I then told her that I have worked at Macys before and trust me they are not like that.

Never in the history I have ever heard or that I know that ever caught any innocent. ** quick to turn back and say "how do you know, this is the policy and Macys does that as well. I am so in love with Macys that I told her not to say like that about Macys as Macys has a name and fame and they are known for it" at that time she started laughing and proved if I was an idiot telling her all that.

In a way they were not at all courteous, I felt very insulted. but I am taking this matter very seriously. This ordeal could have been handled with more dignity and respect. She could have easily asked me at the first if not outside then may be when we entered her room, that we accuse you of stealing the perfume, where is that?' I have not been able to sleep even after taking sleeping pills. this thing is haunting me, really killing me. How would I get over all this? Such great insult.

Is this really JC Penny's policy of harassing customers? Why was I considered a thief only because I had the perfumes in my hand and I walked in the store with those and kept them back where they belonged? How would I get over that thing? Who would tell all the customers that passed by and the associates who were there that I was innocent because by the time I got out of the store, it was closed. No one was there. LOSS PREVENTION ASSOCIATES not even courteous enough to apologize.

Fake sales at JCPenney
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- In reference to the complaint against JCPenney at Bay Plaza Mall, 100 Baychester Avenue, Bronx NY 10475. My wife and I were buying blinds for our home and noticed a 70% off sale at JCPenney. The measurements were entered in at a computer in the back, and the sale completed at the register up front. We wanted to shop the price around so we priced out one blind. At Home Depot the price of a 30" x 53" Bali Casual classic white satin pinstripe shade was 150.00. At JCPenney the price for the same exact shade is $566.00. Which seemed outrageous.

But an "Event Retail price" was applied at the computer at the back which brought it down to $169.80. Still not competitive enough with Home Depot. That's when the manager, Henry moss stepped in and told me that the 169.80 had not yet received the 70% off. I pointed out the math and said that it looks as if it had. 169.80 happens to be 70% off of $566.00. He re-iterated and told me that the 70% off cannot be applied until the order gets to the register up front and rung up. To which I said let's ring it up and void it so I can see the price (which should come to about $50.00). ** told me that if he voids the order I will be charged 25% of the price.

Also seemingly outrageous. I said "How do I know if I want it if I don't know the price?" And in front of 2 other employees pointed to the 169.80 and said "I swear to you 70% will come off of this price when you ring it up." Just a little background: I have my MBA in finance from NYU. My wife who was also present, is the senior marketing director for credit cards at Citigroup. If there is one thing we know it's numbers. There was no misunderstanding. ** made it clear at least three times. The information given to us by your manager was false.

I took all of the measurements around my house (14 windows) and drove back to JCPenney the following day. My wife and I spent 2 hours logging in the information into a computer in the back. It took this long because the woman who helped me was painfully untrained and had to re-enter the information several times. When the offer did not stand at the front register I demanded to speak to **, but he was not around. I got passed around to a few employees landing at ** who took the information, left for an hour and came back telling us there was nothing she could do. 3 hours and 30 minutes total of my time in the store.

The employees who were present at the time ** told me about the price coming off at the register could not recall any details about the night before. I feel like I was reeled into making this huge investment just so ** or one of the employees could make a commission. It also seems as if the price of the shades was jacked up to $566.00 so that JCPenney could bring the price down to a competitive level and call it a 70% off sale. I will be contacting Bali to investigate the possible price fixing.

Wrongfully Accused Of Shoplifting
By -

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- On March 30, 2009 myself, my 2 children, and my sister n law and her baby were shopping at the JcPenney store. We first went to the men'€™s department were I picked out 2 pair of jeans for my husband and draped them over the top of my double stroller. I then went to the women'€™s department were I picked out 4 pair of Capri pants and draped them over the top of the stroller as well.

I then, along with my children and sister went into the handicap dressing room to try on the Capri pants. 1 pair fit, so I left it on the stroller with the men'€™s jeans and left the other 3 pair hanging in the dressing room. We then went to the cash register were a cashier was checking a woman in front of me. A male with a supervisor badge on approached the cash register and told me he could check me out.

While I was checking out there was a woman standing behind me the entire time. I did not think anything of her because she was not wearing a name badge. I thought it strange however that as the man was checking me out, he loudly stated each item I was purchasing, as well as the cost of the items. He announced 2 pairs of men'€™s jeans $x each, and 1 pair of Capri pants at $x. After paying for the items and sliding the bag under my daughter'€™s feet in the stroller, I was given the receipt and he pointed out the customer satisfaction survey on the bottom and asked if I would give a satisfactory response.

My family and I then left the store out into the mall to do shopping elsewhere. We had got almost to the corner of another store and the 2 people from the cash register (the man who checked me out and the woman from behind me) stopped us, 1 in front of the stroller and 1 behind it and asked us to follow them. As I was following them, I politely asked the woman what this was all about and she said she could not tell me, I just needed to follow her. They escorted us all the way through the store to the back into a small room.

At this time, the woman stated pulling my purse and diaper bag from the back of my stroller and going through them. I removed my children from the stroller at that time. She said "you don't have to remove your children". I told her that I would not leave my children in the stroller while she searched through it. Mind you, my 4 year old son was getting very upset asking what was going on. As she was going through these things, she said "€œyou took 2 pair of men'™s jeans from the men'™s department into the dressing room and you did not come out of the dressing room with them, do you want to explain yourself?"€

She now had the items from my diaper bag out on the table. I then told her I just purchased the 2 pair of men's jeans, they were right there in the bag along with the receipt. She then looked to the man who checked me out and said "did she purchase those items?" He told her yes and she said "œthen why didn't you tell me?" He just stammered saying things like "€œI did; you were right there€."€ She shoved my things back in the bag and just said sorry and started to walk off. I turned to the man and asked for him to give me my money back for the items I had purchased. He did.

During all of this, I was extremely humiliated. They escorted me through the entire store with my children, my sister, and the entire store watching. I was wrongfully accused of shoplifting 2 items that never left the top of my stroller and which I had indeed paid for while they both stood there and watched. I was detained without any explanation as to why at first and then my personal belongings were gone through without my consent. I felt much violated and very emotional about the whole ordeal.

I called the corporate office and explained to a woman in Customer relations about what had happened. She assured me that the complaint would be turned over to the manager of that store and he would handle the problem and call me at a later time. He did indeed call me and I was told "€œI am sorry, there was a miscommunication between 2 employees and I have spoken with them". I don't know exactly what I was expecting him to say, but I did expect it to be more than that.

I still don'™t know what I am expecting by writing this letter and complaining, but I am taking this matter very seriously. This ordeal could have been handled with more dignity and respect. They could have very easily asked to see my receipt and my items instead of escorting me through the store and detaining me like they did. I understand that there are a lot of problems and troublemakers in our world today and repercussions should be made for theft.

Myself and my family, unfortunately did nothing wrong, and not once did I feel like I was given a sincere apology from anyone, even after it was confirmed that there was a miscommunication between employees. My husband and I like to shop at this store very much. We spend several hundred dollars there every year, and have many friends who do the same. At this time, I do not feel like I could be comfortable returning to shop at your store. I know that my sister n law that was with me, as well as the rest of my extended family will not feel comfortable as well.

Misleading Coupons
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GREENSBORO / FOUR SEASONS MALL, NORTH CAROLINA -- On December 23rd I went to JC Penney to use a coupon given to me by an employee at Hanes Mall after I purchased approximately $87.00 the previous week. I decided to go to Four Seasons Mall, as sometimes the merchandise is a bit different, and I needed to use my coupon for $10.00 of $20.00 purchase by 12/24. I first went to the Men's Department, and was going to use the coupon on a $23.00 flannel shirt. However, it was on clearance, so the coupon would not work. It was in fine print that the coupon could not be used on clearance items, and I had seen other shoppers who had a coupon for $10.00 of $25.00 using their coupon on clearance.

So, I decided to go downstairs found some hair products and a shirt, both of which were not on clearance, but was told I could not use my 20 percent off coupon with my $10.00 coupon. The items individually did not add up to $20.00 so I had to look for something else. I went to jewelry and found a ring for $17.99 and a bracelet for $7.99, neither of which were on clearance. I went to the junior register, to check out, and was going to leave out the junior's door, as I was finally finished, only to find for some reason the ring, which was not on clearance, rang up at her register as if it were clearance.

So she sent me to jewelry. I have now been upstairs, and to 3 separate checkouts. I have been at the store for two hours. I go to the jewelry counter and the lady there sends me to another register. Finally I find an employee that is willing to help me. She scans the ring which comes up $17.99, not on clearance, but is willing to help me find something else to go with it. There is a box of candy at the register, so I ask about that. She rings it up, scans my coupon, and then reads in fine print that candy is an exclusion.

Finally, I ask to speak to a manager on duty, and the MOD has her scan the ring at $26.00 with a discount so that I end up paying $10.00. I was a former employee of JC Penney at Hanes Mall, and we were told to always satisfy the customer. "Customer First" was the motto we were always told to go by.

We could not give away the store, but we could make manual changes on the register, to make the customer happy, i.e. price modifications, and manually discounting $10.00 for a coupon, if that was what it took. I think that the coupon was totally misleading and there were a lot of things employees could have done without my having to go through all those registers, and waste my time, which is valuable. I feel that I should in some way be compensated for this horrible experience. Thank you.

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ONLINE/PHONE ORDER -- THIS IS WHAT I SENT THEM MINUS MY PERSONAL INFO: I am a very frequent and loyal shopper of JCP. In fact, I often recommend you to my friends and co-workers. I loved JCP for your deals and service so much that I decided to try you out online. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I placed an order online on 11/28/11 ) it was supposed to ship in 4-7 business days according to your website and my confirmation. After eagerly and patiently waiting 8 days on the items to arrive, I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and called your customer service department on 12/7/11.

The first time I called in, your incompetent phone representative, Nancy I believe, well she placed me on hold for 4-5 minutes only to tell me that she looked at my order and she needed to transferred me to card services stating I needed to pay on my JCP credit card. OK, I am loyal, but I do not have a credit card with your company nor will I EVER get one after this incident! She transferred me so fast that I did not even have a chance to tell her that I don't have an account with you. Then your card services transferred to your catalog department who transferred me who hung up on me before transferring me back to customer service.

I had to call back in on my own and wait on hold for a customer service representative for 4 minutes. I was then advised that my order was being shipped in 4 pieces and due to the “holiday” it was taking a little longer. I was dryly advised that two of my four pieces were already in transit and that the other two pieces would ship the following business day. Two weeks later, on 12/14/12 at 10:47PM I called back. This is my third call to your company and I spoke with a “Jackie **” who advised that my order had been CANCELED!!!

Now I am very perplexed and annoyed with that statement, because how can you cancel something that was “shipped”? This was a gift for my mother's birthday which as previously stated never shipped! Jackie went on to say that she did not know why the order was canceled and she put me on hold for 6 minutes to research the issue, only to come back to the phone and advise me that she still could not figure out who or why the order was canceled.

I have spent too many minutes of my life dealing with your POOR customer service agents. I am utterly disappointed in your company and service. The irony in this all, is that I am a Call Center Manager for a major corporation, I know how important the call center reps are to the corporation's bottom line. The call center is the face of the company and they set the bar. I know what great customer service is…You don't even come close. I am so disappointed and outraged that this is how JC Penney treats their customers.

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