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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Do not purchase a vehicle from JD Byrider you will regret it. I understand the concept of paying more because of your credit being poor, but they take it too far. Upon purchase of the current vehicle I said I would not buy If I am upside down more than 3,000 on the car, ever!! It was not acceptable and could not happen. I was promised that I would never be and that in a year I would owe less than the car was worth or close to the value, this would make me capable of trading it in for another one. The only reason I went with them is because of this understanding, I had other options.

I trusted them and had more than one person at JD Byrider tell me this was accurate, so it was not just based on the salesman, it was also the finance company and manager. I have had the car a year and a half, it is valued at $1500.00. I tried to trade it in yesterday and they had my balance per my last receipt as 7900.00 and that is ridiculous. It has me upside 6400.00. To make the situation worse, I was approved for the new vehicle and when it came time for the payoff they actually increased the payoff to 8500.00 more than I owe. That caused the new finance company to back out.

They will report to the credit agencies but so do TOTE THE NOTE LOTS, the note holding lots actually sell cars closer to their values and will work with a finance companies for payoff. JD Byrider is a scam, they will overcharge and ruin your chances at getting ahead. It is not worth it. They are liars and thieves. The car I found out later was only worth 5K upon purchase but they charged me 12K.

Do not trust them, go to a tote the note lot, I can't stress that enough. If you wreck one of their cars you will still owe the remaining balance due to the extreme difference in value vs your note. You will still have a car payment and no car, if you try to get out from under the car they will increase the pay off and you will not be able to get another car for less than 5K down. It IS NOT WORTH IT.

The experience has been horrible, please stay far away from JD Byrider.. It will only ruin you, not help. The reality of the situation is I can't get to work without a car, and I can't afford two payments so my credit will be ruined If I wreck the vehicle and have a repossession attached, due to needed another vehicle and affordability. In the end your credit will suffer not improve like they state.

Do Not Buy A Car From Here!!!
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GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!! I bought a car from this location almost 2 years ago and I've had nothing but problems. Ever since I got the car I have had mechanical problems most of all that were not covered in the limited warranty. I had my car in their service area and was told it was several different things when finally I took it to a more reputable shop and there was something completely different that was wrong. I've had problems with the car turning off while driving in the rain which is incredibly dangerous, it took them 3 times seeing the car before they think they know what is wrong. I still have yet been able to fix it.

On top of it all I have been called several times telling me I am breaching my contract because I don't have car insurance and they put a "flag" on my car to be able to be picked up. Not only have I had car insurance the WHOLE time they are incredibly rude when I call and tell them that this is a mistake on their part. All in all I would NEVER buy from them again nor would I suggest anyone to buy from them EVER. I'm stuck with a crappy car, high payment and bad customer service.... not worth it!

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