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Not Only Do They Sell You A Crap Car You Get A Pile Of BS With It!
By -

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- In 2006 I bought car from them. At the signing of contract I was told a few stories on how they will report to the 3 credit places/after I make my payments for up to a year without missing one they can get me into a better loan at better rate. Also no hidden cost! WOW! did I get taken! After paying on my car for almost 2 yrs and wondering why my credit score wasn't getting any better I got one of those companies to watch my credit report to see if positive as well as negative was reported on it... and of course if my score went up or down.

Credit Keeper is what it was called. So again I waited to see if any changes were made after making countless payments with an exploded % rate of 26%. After not seeing anything I called and asked the gentlemen in charge of the Oregon, WI CNAC store to explain to me why this was not being done. He told me that they were reporting to the credit places and I am in good standings. When I asked him to please show me that they did this each month after I had made the bi-monthly payments by sending me a copy of the report that they send to the places, he became very upset with me and stated they do not have time to do this that it is in fact a waist of time.

After going around and around with Mr.** I finally told him that I refuse to make anymore payments to CNAC/JD Byrider for the car but will put them in escrow account to show in good faith that I was making payments. Mr. ** again became very upset and called me and I quote "AN IDIOT!" He then hung up on me. I called back and ask to speak to different manager. I got another one and told him the story he told me he would take care of it and get back to me on the results. 2 wks go by and did not hear one thing! I then wrote email to company president/owner and I finally thought I was getting somewhere.

He told me that he would look into the way Mr.** treated me and the issues involving the reporting to the credit places. 2 more wks go by and I got a computer run off from CNAC showing that they did report to the 3 places but only once that month I complained after that they never reported again and he never got back to me on how Mr. ** had treated me.

So after going through the BS one too many times and getting treated like crap and not seeing my credit score go anywhere and not being able to refinance my loan like they had promised I had no other choice but to get out from under the crap that was dumped upon me! So in June of 08 I filed chapter 7 against CNAC for the car. During the chapter 7 no creditors are to contact you............. well good all CNAC contacted me many times and asked me when I was going to make payments.

A woman named Mrs.** who claimed to me the head of the legal department at CNAC would call me and tell me that I had to re-affirm or turn the car over! I told her to not contact me and if she had anything to say about the matter he could show up in court and speak with me and the trustee who was handling the Cht7 and then we would discuss a re-affirm for the car.

She or nobody from CNAC showed up for this instead the trustee asked me to send him the a copy of the title of the car and he would handle it. Since then I have moved out of stated and changed address and let them know my new address. So 2 months after cpt 7 was discharged I got a call from my mother who stated someone was trying to service me payers for a court date. So I got number from mother and called the guy and he told me that seeing that I live in another stated there was no way he could service me these papers and that he would inform CNAC that I do not live in state and the new address again.

I then called CNAC again and told them that the car was back in WI and was waiting to come and pick it up. Then asked to speak to Mrs.** to asked why I was being sued and for what? She was very nasty to me and told me and I quote "Just because you file cpt 7 doesn't mean you get a free car." Told her "there is no reason to treat me this way." She then told me "she can treat me anyway she wanted to and that I should have gotten a lawyer to do my cpt 7."

To top it all off I was just back in WI for Christmas and the car was still there. I then found out that CNAC and the company that was used to representative the car were calling and treating my family. Told them that if they saw me in the car they would rip me out of it and take it right there. My family told them that "the car was there the whole time come get it." After I heard this I then called CNAC another time and spoke to none other than Mr.**. Asked him why his company did not pick the car up yet. Why his company and the people they hired to representative the car are calling and threatening and harassing my family..........of course he knew nothing about it.

He then told me I was to appear in court on the 15th of Dec and didn't and now a judgment has been placed on me for court cost. How was I to show up for something I knew nothing about. Then told him to "PLEASE come get the car and leave my family out of it!" That night at around 9 to 10 pm truck backed into the drive and took the car. I then left the next day back to where I live now. Much to my surprise I got a letter from the clerk of courts in WI stating a judgment was given to me because I did not show up........ WOW! How can this be?

Never got any papers nor did I know about this. Now after having such a lovely Xmas thanks to JD Byrider/CNAC and 2 days after the car was picked up from my mother's place........... a guy stating he was from CNAC and the representative company called and harassed my mother over the phone and asked where is the car and to return it to CNAC or they would take action in court. What a ** up mess and never have I felt so negative on Christmas till now! So Please do not do biz with these crooks! Thanks for your time!

JD Marvel Name Change
By -

CHAMPLAIN, NEW YORK -- The owners of JD Marvel Products have now set up and are operating under a new name - US Mail Order Exchange Inc. Beware of this company.

Refund Check
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- After many long distance calls to Canada and much cursing and raising Hell, J.D. Marvel FINALLY sent my refund check. And it only took 7 months! My suggestion to anyone wanting their money back is to BADGER THEM constantly with nasty emails and phone calls. It worked for me! I also suggest that someone continue to find the authorities that can shut them down for good and send them to prison. They are obviously not afraid of conviction, so hitting them in the pocket book is the most likely way to shut them down. Good luck! And if JD Marvel sees this, you should be so ashamed to tell people where you work and what you do.

Ordered 10-19-03 - order not filled - check cashed!!!
By -

CHAMPLAIN, NEW YORK -- On 10-19-03 I ordered 2 pr of slippers and as of 1-5-04 I have not received slippers but I have received my cancelled check. I believe J D Marvel is not a legit company and some govt agency should look into their business practices. Also, their phone number is not a free call! It cost me over $10 to call some jerk who told me the call is free and my slippers would be delivered in 10 days - what a joke!! People should beware of J D Marvel Inc. Dept. 721-109, Box3270 Champlain, NY.12919 (Can't find any email address!!)

By -

MICHIGAN -- I am on hold as I type this, having been on hold for 10 minutes long distance. I ordered my slippers in JULY and called once in October, getting a song and dance about inventories. 'Just talked to them and they said they sent them out last week. They claim they sent a backorder notice which I never got, but I certainly got the new catalog (which I promptly threw out). Based on all these complaints, I would never recommend ordering from them. Oh, and I should get them in 10-15 days. That will make approximately 23 weeks that I've been waiting. (and we thought 6-8 was bad).

Company Response 11/11/2003:

Dear Client,
Please provide the name and address on the order in question. With this information I will be able to locate the order in my system, and answer any enquiries you may have.

Thank you,
Customer Service

By -

I had a similar problem. Check cashed in March no product. Well I filed with the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General of the State of New York and Texas. I also contacted CBS News. I even contacted our newspaper and asked them to stop running ads in the Sunday paper. The slippers have arrived and now I am getting phone calls from the company confirming receipt of their product. I think they are a little concerned. My advice. File with the same regulatory agencies. It just takes a minute to do it online. I got results and I hope this will help you too!

Company Response 12/8/2003:

Thank you for advising receipt of your order
When complaints are entered anonymously, we cannot locate orders and offer any assistance
Pauline, Customer Service 514-344-4747

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