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Customer Service Nightmare
By -

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA -- I received my leather Jennifer recliner sofa that I purchased from the Pasadena, CA Lake Avenue store on Oct.15, after waiting eight weeks. I paid half the purchase price when I ordered it, and also purchased the Guardsman leather protection plan.

I was told when I ordered the couch it would take 6-8 weeks to receive it. I called the store in Pasadena after six weeks to check on the order multiple times; no one answered the phone. I also visited the store to check on my order; it was locked and no one was there. I visited a second time to check on my order and pay my balance; the door was again locked, but a woman opened it and said she was just leaving and closing the store.

I finally received my sofa on Oct.15 after waiting for eight weeks. The couch is lovely at first glance, but is made with incredibly cheap leather and parts. It looks like an amateur upholstered the back of it. On Jan 2, less than 90 days after I got my sofa, the mechanism that operates one of the recliners broke. I called Jennifer's Pasadena more than three times, with no answer. I also contacted Customer Service on their website and have received no reply. Today I called the Glendale store with no answer or message that the calls were refused at their number.

This furniture company has the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I count myself lucky that I actually received my merchandise. My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE A SOFA from this company! On the surface, the prices seem like a bargain, but by the time they tack on extra charges, delivery fees and the Guardsman warranty that I will never be able to use because I can't reach them, it's not a good deal at all. Buyer, beware! I recommend Living Spaces for the L. A. area; great company with superior customer service.

By -

NEW JERSEY -- I looked for the perfect couch for 3 years and finally found it in the East Brunswick store. The sales person was very helpful and patient, answering all my questions during my 2 visits and via phone when I got home and had more questions. He also followed up with a phone call after delivery to make sure everything went right.

The couch was to be delivered between 7 am and noon. The truck was waiting outside my door when I looked out at 7. I wasn't expecting the chair until November but got a call mid-Sept. saying it was in early. Delivery for that was supposed to be between 10:00 and 3:00 but it didn't arrive until 3:30. I love my furniture and everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful.

Sofa recliner broken after only 19 months!
By -

I purchased a sofa with 2 recliners 19 months ago because it was inexpensive and had the recliners on each side which I wanted. Well, apparently you get what you pay for. It's only been 19 months and the recliner is already broken on one side and I don't use it that often. Over a month ago, the screws started coming out and now I can't even pull the recliner up. I emailed the company and they never responded. I find it interesting you can't find a phone number to call their customer service anywhere on the internet. I had to call the store and they gave me a repairman to call and said I'd have to pay for it.

Even with the low price I paid, it still has ended up costing me more than if I bought a more expensive one because now the product has averaged $250 a year to use which is $22 a month. Sofa recliners should last longer than that!!!

False Advertising and Horrible Customer Service
By -

EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA -- My family and I recently purchased the Maverick Dual Reclining Sofa from the Jennifer Convertibles location in El Cerrito. Prior to our visit to the store we visited their website and saw that the piece was on sale. When we arrived at the store we located the piece, tested it out, discussed the color options, and decided that the Sand color would best suit our current living room arrangement. After we made the decision we sought out the sales associate to ask her a few more questions and finally place the order.

The associate who helped us out was very pleasant, and we left the store quite satisfied with our experience. However, the next day we receive a phone call from the store to inform us that we had been incorrect charged for our piece and only the Cobblestone color was on sale. In order to keep our selection of Stone, we were told we needed to pay an extra $100. We told the associate that this was odd because there was no indication on the website that made consumers aware that only one color was on sale, and there was no clearly displayed sign in the store to inform the customer either.

She said that there was and she was looking right at it. I told her that if that was the case, it was not properly displayed while we were in the store because four separate pairs of eyes did not catch the higher price for a color selection. I also brought up the point that on their website there were other items on sale and that certain ones were listed with a clear color restriction, and that the Maverick one did not. Her response it was, "Oh it's clear that the piece pictured is Cobblestone."

As a consumer who does not work for Jennifer Convertibles, how am I supposed to know what color the piece in the picture is. On other pieces on sale there was a written description of the sale color such as mocha, beige tweed, or celery, but not on the piece what we purchased.

Since we were not making any headway with the person on the phone, we asked for the contact number for the district manager. We were concerned because in California, the customer has the right to purchase an item for either its advertised price or the price that is displayed on the item at the time of purchase. We called the district manager and left a voicemail. He returned our call later that day, and this is where the customer service and the story takes a turn for the worse.

While he conceded the point that there was no indication on the website, he maintained that we should have seen the price tag in the store. When I once again told him that four people did not see that sign, including one of his employees, his first response was that the employee was new then started to accuse me of trying to deceive him. What kind of customer service is that?! We ended the call by canceling the order and to really have a great ending the DM simply hung up on us after we canceled.

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