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Unhappy Truck Buyer
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Auto Industry – Business as Usual. I went to Jerry Ulm Dodge on Dale Mabry, next to Raymond James stadium, the first week in March to look at the 2009 Ram 1500 trucks. Once the sales consultant and I picked out a truck and I took it for a test drive, I asked him what kind of deal they could offer me. He introduced me to ** Sales Manager, and we sat down to go over numbers. After telling ** what kind of trade in I had, he told me that it was hardly worth anything and that they wouldn't be able to offer me much. This was, however, prior to him even seeing the vehicle and the condition it was in.

Once we proceeded outside to look at my vehicle, he was very impressed with the condition and told me that it was in really great shape. Jerry Ulm's Used Car appraiser sent ** the figures of what they could offer. Of course, just as I expected, a low ball offer for my trade in. After ** presented me his best “deal” I decided to pass. I was told by the sales consultant and ** that it was a great deal and that I wouldn't get a better deal than this one. I went to another dealership in town to compare their prices and went back to Jerry Ulm Dodge the following two evenings and again spoke with ** to see if he was able to offer me a better “deal”.

We spoke for a couple of hours each night and talked about the economy and how Chrysler had sold 41% fewer cars in February than it did the previous year. ** assured me, on this third evening, that they had plenty of customers buying vehicles and that he had a drawer full of credit applications. I then proceeded to ask him why all those credit applications were still in the drawer and not processed. He told me that he was fighting with the banks to get these “customers” approved and blamed the banking industry on the reason they weren't able to sell vehicles.

To this statement, I informed him that people with credit applications in a drawer technically aren't customers until they actually purchase the vehicle and that I had been in his dealership three nights in a row, for a couple of hours each time, and have only seen 5-6 other people shopping. It didn't help his case either that each night I came in there were 3 or 4 sales consultants watching TV in the lobby and their customer parking area was empty. I left that third evening still unable to come to an agreement with **.

As I was leaving, I told him that I would be back next month because his sales consultant had previously told me that most of their trucks have been on the lot for 60 days and after 90 days the dealership had to start paying fees to Chrysler for any vehicle that sat on their lot after the first 90 days. ** obviously knew I had done my research and told me that he could make me a better deal next month.

Yesterday, a month from my initial visit to Jerry Ulm Dodge, I spoke with the sales consultant on the phone and he told me the same truck that I looked at last time was still on their lot and to come down because ** was there and he would make me a great deal. I went straight to the dealership after work and met with ** again. I told him that I had sold my vehicle and brought my pre-approval letter from my credit union.

I was extremely shocked that [snip] presented me a “deal” that was higher than last month. I asked him how this could be the case and he informed me that Chrysler had changed their incentives this month. I slid the keys back to him and walked out. He scoffed at me, telling me (once again) that I wouldn't find a better deal because all the dealerships were the same. He then went as far to turn to the sales consultant to tell him to have the truck washed because I would be back to buy it that night. I then informed him that the economy hasn't changed, Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy and the government gave them 30 days to work a deal with Fiat.

** then said that he wished Chrysler would go bankrupt so another company would buy them and they could go back to the way business used to be. I was obviously taken aback and then asked him why he lied to me last month and told me he would make me a better deal this month. At this point he became extremely irritated and stormed off but not before answering my question in regards to him directly lying to me and having me come down to the dealership.

He said, “What do you ** expect?” ** and Jerry Ulm Dodge, what I expect, and I'm sure all other Americans expect, is to not be bluntly lied to and for the auto industry to not have the same pompous and elitist attitude that has put them in the situation that they're in now. **, if all the dealerships were the same, then I will take my business to a dealership that gives me better customer service and doesn't use profanity towards me.

Horrible Experience. Avoid This Dealership
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Absolute worse experience I have ever had buying a car. No negotiation in price. I have been buying cars for 30 years and have never once not been able to work with a salesperson to get the car to a reasonable price and this goes for Acura, BMW, Infiniti, Toyota and all the American made automobiles. Perhaps they thought because I am a woman I would accept anything the offered. WRONG. My credit is excellent and I had 15,000 to put down and finance the rest (which was already bank approved). They refused to run my DEBIT card to get the 10,000 out of one account and I was writing a check for the other 5,000. They insisted they could not incur the fees.

Really?? Fees on Debit purchases are typically zero or very little. Left the lot completely amazed. They would lose a sale over this. Of course they called after I am back in Pinellas county and said they could run the card for a maximum of 5K. Well you told me before you had "NO wiggle room". We drove to Crown Eurocars in St. Pete and purchased a Jeep that day with NO issues from them. The Jeep was much nicer, lower miles and customer service was excellent. Everything happens for a reason and the HORRIBLE experience at Jerry Ulm worked out in my favor. Avoid this dealership.

Jerry Ulm Dodge Strikes again
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On Sunday, November 3, 2007, my son was driving southbound on Lincoln Avenue almost to Columbus Avenue when my new left front tire of my 2003 Dodge Durango blew out causing my son to lose control of the vehicle and strike a curb. On Tuesday night I dropped off the vehicle at your dealership. I received a call from Ricardo of your service department on Wednesday morning informing me that he believed the tire blew out because my son ran over a curb. He then proceeded to inform me that I needed $1,500.00 worth of various services to my vehicle.

My vehicle has 24,354 miles and I personally do not believe that the services he was recommending to me were necessary. This is not the reason why I am writing but just to provide you with information as to the beginning of a very frustrating visit to your dealership. Since I have owned my vehicle I have been going to Jerry Ulm Dodge for all needed services. I have previously been satisfied with the service I have received.

Now I will explain the reason why I am writing this letter to you. On March 8, 2007 I purchased a new Goodyear tire (Part #: J# 1 22D0Z). Until the above incident all was fine. When I was informed by Ricardo that he felt that my son hitting the curb was the cause of the blowout, which was not the case, it made me very frustrated. Coincidentally I was next contacted by Kathy questioning my satisfaction with the visit at Jerry Ulm. I told Kathy that I was not satisfied but I was unable to speak with her at that time as I was extremely busy at my job.

She next contacted my husband who happens to work for a large commercial property and casualty insurance company. He proceeded to explain in detail the entire background as stated above. She was quite apologetic and informed him that she would escalate this to a higher level of authority. My husband was next contacted by the Service Manager. Mr. ** and my husband discussed the entire matter and then Mr. ** proceeded to state that although he did not see the tire himself, he was informed by his staff that the impact on the side wall of the tire reflected that the blow out was caused by the impact with the curb.

He also informed my husband that in reading the service records he noticed that the new tire was put on the back right side and not the front passenger tire which blew out. In reading our records dated 3/9/07 it clearly states that the new tire was in fact placed in the front passenger side. This is a new tire which was purchased in March and had very few miles of wear. My husband believes that one impact to a curb would not be the cause of the blow out.

Possibly the cause of the blow out was either a manufacturing defect or tire rot due to lag time in storage. Not only was the tire damaged but the rim as well. At the conclusion of the conversation between my husband and Mr. **, his final resolution was for my husband to take the tire to be inspected by a tire expert in order to verify the cause of the tire failure.

We have previously been informed by a couple of our friends who have ceased going to your dealership because of the quality of service they have received. Should you wish to verify this information you may search your records under **. I am extremely disappointed in the service I have recently received and feel that Jerry Ulm Dodge has brushed me off.

We have no reason to think that our 18 year old son is lying. I guess you would have to know him in order to comprehend, in summary at 18 years of age he drives like an 80 year old. With the investigative background and the type of work I do, would make me a human lie detector. The weather was clear, the street was well lit and the speed limit is typical of a residential street, approx. 15 mph. The actual blow out or the cause of origin was on the outside wall just above the trim. The tire was purchased in March and was a Goodyear tire. I did fail to mention that he was heading south on Lincoln avenue towards Columbus in which no turns were being made nor needed.

So let's see heading on a straight shot with no turns at approx. 15 mph and hit a curb then a blow out? I do not think that this is how it took place. No other damages other than the tire and the trim on the wheel. Many things can cause a blow out tire rot being stored for too long, manufacturing defect (Firestone?) and the only reason for this posting is for venting purposes. Thanks to all that have provided their sincere comments even though we may agree to disagree I do thank you. Just a way to vent versus whining. Next time I will buy a ford or Chevy never again a Dodge Chrysler.

Resolution Update 11/13/2007:

Jerry Ulm has replaced the tire with a new tire and thereby resolution has been attained. Glad they chose to resolve this matter in good will.

Churning excessive charges for service within 2 weeks
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On 1/14/12, I dropped off my 2005 PT Cruise at Jerry Ulm in Tampa as my Power Steering was leaking. $397.55 later, it was fixed. On 1/26/12, my Check Engine Light came on and would not go off. I returned to the dealership and agreed to an $80 inspection. The same service representative I had on the 14th asked me what type of work I do as I am certain he was looking for a reason to charge me more money. This service turned into another $325.34 charge. As a result, Jerry Ulm Dodge has lost my business.

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