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Worst Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- Do NOT shop here! Worst customer service EVER!!! They are nice and helpful when you're making a purchase but when you go back because the center diamond is loose in the ring THEY set, you are NOTHING to them! Anthony, the “manager” had the worst customer service I have ever encountered and put his hand in my face to stop talking! Austin, who was supposedly Anthony's “manager” REFUSED to give us the information of who his boss was! Unprofessional! Stay away! You are nothing after your purchase!

Sapphire Heart Pendant
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Rating: 4/51

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered for the very first time online. I loved my .40 ct. Sapphire diamond silver necklace. Looks great on me and my husband loved it and now I ordered the sapphire earrings to go with the necklace. Thank you for a beautiful necklace and I'm shopping with you again.

Didn't Return The Ring That I Gave Them
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Rating: 1/51

VILLA PARK, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a diamond from here back in March, I had it set in my mothers setting, I was not happy with how it was set. It was too low. I dropped it off and left it to have a new head put on it. When I picked it up it didn't look quite right to me, it is a Tiffany setting. But there wasn't much I could do.

I was just looking through pictures and found a picture of the original ring and I was right - the ring was switched, because that the sentimental value of this item is priceless and I am extremely upset with the fact that my Mother's ring is gone. This happened in March of 2010, I have been going back and forth with them and their response is for me to go and spend more money on a setting I like. I really want to start a class action lawsuit against them and would like anyone interested in being involved to contact me.

Bunch Of Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- My fiance and I purchased a 5500$ ring that has an I3 diamond in the center... basically it's the bottom of the barrel for diamonds although they advertise 2 ct diamonds GIA certified and they guarantee that your ring will appraise for double the purchase price... Well that's **!! I've been to several places and they've all told me my ring isn't even worth 1000$!! I am going back to see if they will rectify the situation but I am still angry because they're supposed to disclose the quality of the diamond they are selling you... They're a bunch of crooks. STAY AWAY!!!

Almost 10 Years Of Great Jewelry And Great Service
By -

My girlfriend is getting married and we ran across this site and I wanted to share our experience. We bought our rings in April of 1999 from the Jewelry Exchange and have been extremely happy with that purchase and smaller ones too. My husband's ring is just a plain band but mine has almost 1.5 carats of small diamonds and a 1 ct center diamond with papers. Sure the rings get scratched up with wear, gold is a soft metal but we take them in and have them cleaned and polished for about the price of a car wash and they look brand new again!

Next year is our ten year anniversary and I can't wait to upgrade to that bigger diamond! My husband upgrades my diamond earrings every Christmas, that policy is great cause you can spend whatever you can afford, the policy is NOT that you have to spend twice as much like one place we checked out. Go see for yourself, ask all your question up front before you purchase, we did and found everything either posted in the store or on the receipt.

One year my husband couldn't find his receipt for the exchange and knew I would be looking for those diamond earrings but he went in and they were able to look it up with no problem, boy was he excited, he was so proud of himself that he pulled it off! Another part we like is that we see the same employees there year after year, for us that says a lot about a company. We told one lady that we really like that we would ask for her when we came back next and she said "that is really nice of you but if I am off that day don't worry about it, we're not on commission, you do whatever works best for the two of you."

My sweet hubby just said "I'll call to make sure you're going to be here" and he will! We have never been pressured and are always offered that jewelers thing to magnify the diamonds up close. It's true they don't have a refund policy but we have never had a problem exchanging.

Great Prices, Decent Selection, Good Service.
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Rating: 5/51

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I went to The Jewelry Exchange in Tustin Ca, to buy a 5 year anniversary gift for my wife. I went in with the intentions of buying a nice diamond and ruby heart pendant I saw on their website. When I requested to see the item the young lady that was helping me said she would have to grab it from the back (awkward - it didn't bother me it gave me time to look around). She brought out the pendant 5 minutes later, it was not what I expected (a bit too small) so she helped me find a different item.

I ended up getting a ruby and diamond ring for $2,375. I had the ring sized down to a 4.5 which cost an additional $40 and took about 5 hours. NOT BAD for a sizing job from my shopping experience. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase and will most likely shop here again.

Don't Shop At The Jewelry Exchange / Jewelry Factory Unless You Love Being Ripped Off!
By -

NORTH RANDALL, OHIO -- I am writing this on behalf of my fiance who had a horrible experience purchasing a ring at the jewelry factory also called the Jewelry Exchange. He had gone there after seeing commercials stating high quality and low factory direct prices. Like most men, it was the first piece of jewelry he was buying and he didn't know much about the process. He picked out the stone and ring setting, and paid in full. They informed him it will go out to be set and sized in a few days and be back in 2 weeks.

He had felt a little funny about the purchase and while he was at the mall later that day, stopped at another jeweler just to talk to someone about engagement rings to ensure his purchase was a good one. He found out they should have showed him the diamond under a microscope and did not. And there were a number of other things they should have done that made him very skeptical about his purchase. He ended up buying the ring at Kay instead and figured he can just cancel his other order.

So a few hours after ordering, he called and asked about the ring, they told him it's there... nothing has been done with it, so he said that's great because I would like to cancel the order. They then as they were laughing told him "OK we will cancel it, but we don't do refunds for any reason, so you can come pick it up in pieces if you want." (Yeah they said that.)

When he bought the ring the man told him no returns, which was fine however he had never even received the ring yet. And they do have a no refund policy upon further investigation, but this is ridiculous and unfair to consumers and should not be allowed. They don't care about serving their customers, they only care that they have your money... then they are done with you whether you are happy or not. My fiance is now stuck paying for a ring he doesn't even have. This is very frustrating for us, being a young couple just starting out in life. Things are hard enough, and this company is making it even harder.

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