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Online Order Incorrect
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Rating: 3/51

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Jimmy John's website offered an online ordering. I ordered The J.J. Gargantuan, but I removed tomatoes and onions but added extra oil. My friend has my order number and went there to pick up our orders. I requested that order to be made as soon as possible.

My friend said that there was a line waiting for their orders. My friend showed the order number and they said that our orders weren't ready. So, they looked up and made our orders. My friend returned back home with our orders. About ten minutes later, Jimmy John left the message. I called back that we already got our orders. I was puzzled because they looked at the order number and processed our orders which my friend picked them up.

Later, I sat down to enjoy my meal. What did I find? I found tomatoes and onion, but no extra oil. I was pretty disappointed that Jimmy Johns did not follow up with my order. I don't care if our orders weren't ready when my friend went there, but I do care that orders are right to be precised.

It makes me rethink if I should order online next time or just go there and order it and look in the sandwich? I would like Jimmy John to owe me a sandwich on my next visit. I didn't really enjoy my sandwich because of tomatoes and onions sticking in (took them out and threw away).

Jimmy Johns's Overcharging
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- I believe that Jimmy John's is in violation of the "Truth in Menu" law. I didn't know this law existed until recently. They charge 87 cents upcharge for wheat bread, but their website, or menus say nothing about the upcharge. Not once did any employee at any JJ location, made statements about the upcharge. I brought it to the attention of the Franchise Owner of the Frisco, Texas location, and he dismissed me by saying he would send me coupons for a couple of sandwiches. I contacted him twice, but never received the coupons.

I always got a combo with my mean, and my nephew was usually with me because we do a lot of theatre in the area. I went by myself once and only got the sandwich is how I discovered the extra charged. When I asked the store employees about it, they stated, "It has always been that way". I told them not once did anyone every state this to me, and it was not legal for them to charge me without divulging it. The employees were scouring their menu, and didn't find where it said there was an extra charge. Shame on JJ for what I believe to be deception. I won't ever eat there again if they are going to sneak charges in on me.

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