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John Christner Is Not What They Say
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SAPULPA, OKLAHOMA -- Thinking about John Christner trucking? Beware, they're not what they say or what they're made out to be by their recruiters. JCT will make you think that you'll have a chance of owning your own truck and they'll paint a pretty picture for you of owning your own truck and business. But let me tell you from my experience and the experience of other drivers that were there at 1 time or another. They're no good and not all they're cracked up to be.

They take out an escrow, maintenance, pet deposits, etc. just like other companies. And they tell you that you'll get this all back at the end of your lease or when you quit. But what they don't tell you is that you'll probably never get a chance to finish your lease/pay off your truck.

They do not abide by their own contracts. They'll run you pretty good for a little while, then they'll start cutting your miles so that you either barely make your truck payments (with nothing left to take home afterwards), or don't make enough to cover your payment and start getting behind. After that, if that hasn't worked to make you break the contract on your end by quitting, they'll break it on their end and try to physically take the truck from you.

In trying to take trucks from people, they have gone as far as: to try to run them off the road; pull in front of them in a company car and try to make the driver hit them by slamming on their brakes in front of the truck. They will even try to physically remove you from the truck. They do these things even if you're not behind on your payments. In their lease contracts it states that either party is supposed to give a 30 day written notice to the other party, notifying them of breaking the contract and at the end of that 30 days you would have 10 days to either 1) return the truck, 2) find someone to take over the note on the truck, or 3) pay the truck off.

But instead of doing this (like it states in their contracts), if you make it home to try to do any of these or to clean your personal belongings out of the truck; they will send a wrecker to your home the very same day or the next day with orders to recover the truck even when they know legally by their own contract that they have no right to do so. And they will charge you for everything that the do. They will even charge you with abandoning a load or equipment even if they told you to swap your load/trailer to another driver for them to complete the delivery.

When I went through this, I told them that I needed to get home so that I could get my personal belongings out and drop my wife off at home. Marty ** (who is over most of the people there in dispatch/operations) asked/told me to swap the load I had to another driver at a truck stop so he could complete the delivery. And made an agreement with me that I would be able to go home, get my stuff out of the truck, and drop my wife off at home to follow me back to their yard in our car so that I could return the truck w/o any problems - that was how it was supposed to go, going by the agreement that Marty made with me.

But this is what did happen: when we got to the place that we were supposed to swap the trailer to the other driver, Dondi ** (in the leasing dept.) was there with 2 other jct employees and first tried to physically remove me from the truck. When that didn't work and I went to drive out of the parking lot, Dondi jumped into the company car that he'd gone there in and tried to force me off of the road with it, then he tried slamming on his brakes right in front of me to try to get me to run into him. Well I went around him and did get home. They sent a wrecker to my home with orders to recover the truck before I had a chance to get my personal belongings out of it. My wife was injured during the incident with Dondi slamming on his brakes in front of me.

They even paid that other driver to say that he sustained a back injury by having to jump out of the way when I pulled out of the parking lot (that driver was at least 4-5 car lengths away from my truck when I started to move). I obtained a lawyer to deal with this, and they even signed contracts/agreements with my lawyer and then broke them.

They kept my escrow, maintenance acct, pet deposit, and my last 2 weeks pay. Charged me the next weeks truck payment (when they already had the truck back) and made up a bunch of bogus maintenance problems with the truck and charged me for them. I have over 175 pictures of that truck from every possible angle to show that it was in better condition when I took it back to them than it was when I got it from them.

I'm not the only driver that has gone through this with them. There have been others that have taken trucks back to them in perfect shape, and after the trucks were returned to their yard, all of a sudden windows were broken, seats shredded, interiors completely torn apart (after the trucks were sitting in their yard for a day or more) and the drivers who had returned those trucks were charged for the damages even when those damages weren't there when the trucks were returned. That's how they manage to keep the escrow and maintenance acct's and the pay that they owe and are supposed to return to the drivers when they return the trucks.

Needless to say: john christner trucking is about as crooked as they come and will do whatever they have to do to avoid giving you anything that they owe you or are supposed to return to you. They will rip you off in any and every way they can find to do so.

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