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Do Not Go There!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- DO NOT COME HERE!!! Let's start with the nightmare of JUST BRAKES. I'm taking my time to carefully describe this terrible experience to warn any other consumer to stay away from this places, please take your time and read this before taking your car to them.

First I took my Toyota tundra 2008 with 90k miles that had worked perfectly and just needed pad replacements to their midway location for a $99 break change which is a complete hoax, once they check the vehicle they throw at you $1,000's of dollars of additional repairs that most likely are not needed (at least according to Toyota), so if you stick to the brake replacement only they look at you as if you were stealing from them, and tell you there is no guarantee on the breaks if you don't do the recommended repairs, but the vehicle was in perfect shape and I knew exactly what I needed.

When they gave me my truck back, after 2 weeks of use, the breaks started squeaking like a tortilla machine, I called and complained, they tell me to bring it back, of course they say that it's because I didn't do the recommended repairs, but my truck was working perfectly before they laid hands on it!!! No noise at all, everything was working perfectly, I just knew I needed pads because I changed my tires and I was advised to replace the front pads soon.

So I tell them I'm not going to spend $500 on a caliper reconstruction that they recommended (and the Toyota dealer later disagreed on that need), it was very upsetting that if my vehicle was in perfect shape when I brought it in, why is it making noises after they did a repair??? The only answer is BAD QUALITY PADS... when I told this to their employee, his answer was, "what did you expect from a $99 break replacement?!!" Not being this bad enough when they put my truck back together they break the center caps of my 2 passenger side rims!!!

I had just washed my truck that day in the morning and those caps were in perfect shape (I have people willing to testify from the car wash), when I complain about it they deny the damage caused by them, stating that it was already that way... When I tell them to prove it to me, they can't. I'm asking them where I signed off that my vehicle had damage, and they don't have any proof at all, just internal documents that they conveniently have and no one else has seen up to that point.

I was considerate enough to contact their corporate office before writing the review giving them a chance to make it right, and guess what??? Corporate was even worse!!! Without giving any credibility to a customer, he completely accused me of trying to rob them, and threatened me to post bad reviews on my company, if I posted a bad review on them!!! It's Unbelievable the pants this guy had desperately threatening me so I didn't review them as they deserved!!!

I just want to put on the table that the $40 dollars the caps cost don't make a difference to me, If I took my time to complain and call and go through the whole procedure, using my time that is far more valuable than the caps, was because the whole experience felt like a total ABUSE and wanted to give them the opportunity to be better, and what do I get Aggression over Aggression!!!

Took Brakes And Money
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Rating: 1/51

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- They took the brakes and money. I took my car in for brake repair and was told that the Basic brakes did not fit and that I needed Premium Brakes. After 5 hours I was out of $349.98 and when I drove off the Brakes start squeaking immediately. I called and complained and was told to come back, when I went back I was told that the Brakes needed to be replaced in the Rear, which cost me $214.71. The Brakes continued to make an even louder squeaking sound. After the technician degreased the brakes, he instructed me to continue to drive the vehicle and give it a few days. I complied but the Brakes got worse.

I returned to Just Brakes for the 3rd time, only for them to tell me that there was nothing else they could do and for me to get a second opinion in which I did. I took my car to the Dealership and was charged $332.01 for the front brakes had to be replaced and I was told that the Brakes was bad and was worn down and needed to be returned. After the Dealership replaced the Brakes the squeaking ceased immediately. I took the Brakes back and the General manager was there, he made a copy of all the documents and took the Brakes and told me that he would call me and that he was going to forward everything to Corporate for my return.

More than a week went by, I have made several calls to Just Brakes and corporate and now this General manager is trying to offer me a $100.00 store credit? For what? They have my money and the Brakes. I will be writing a letter to the BBB and seeking legal assistance to take them to small claims court.

DO NOT GO to Just Brakes (JB) for Anything
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Rating: 1/51

ADDISON, TEXAS -- Midway store # 0032 replaced my brakes about 5 months ago. After a few months, my RR brake started to make really LOUD noises so I went to another JB, and they charged me $50 for Slide Pin lubrication and the noise went away until recently. So I went back to where I had the brakes replaced. They told me I needed to replace the rotors & Caliper and that it will cost me $500+. So I went to 3 different shops (including dealership) and their answers were that my brake pads were bad. Also, their prices were cheaper than JB.

I always do my oil change at the dealership & this one time JB in Hurst, TX did my oil change. After the oil change, I noticed an oil puddle in the garage. Because of this, I took the car to the dealership and they told me someone had put an oversized drain plug. They only specialize in creating more problems.

Just Brakes...running a dishonest, shady operation!
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Rating: 1/51

MANSFIELD, TEXAS -- Aug 31, 2010, I visited Just Brakes location #36, on N. Collins in Arlington, TX. I heard positive feedback about the company & $99 brake replacement special. The employees at this location were very pleasant & professional. After inspecting my original brakes on my 2007 Toyota, the Manager said further repair was needed. In addition to the pads, calipers needed rebuilding, disc hardware & return springs replaced, & brake system bled & adjusted. After quoted almost $400, I reluctantly agreed. The mgr. eased my mind by showing me exactly what they were doing. I appreciated this great customer service.

After repairs, the mgr. said some squealing would occur at first. For the next 3weeks, my brakes felt like sandpaper against sandpaper, grinding noises, w/ constant squealing. Upset that I just paid $400, I returned to have them looked at again. This time they found no issues but re-lubricated the parts. They said there may be occasional squealing, which was normal, but I shouldn't have any issues. During this visit, another customer was very upset w/ mgmt. due to the “shady business they're running.”

As my experience at this location was positive, I assumed he was being difficult. However, he started talking to other customers & reported the EXACT issues w/ his brakes as I had w/ mine. This made me uneasy, questioning the integrity of the company. I still gave Just Brakes the benefit of the doubt due to their great customer service.

The next 2 months, the “occasional squealing” became constant; the noise was much worse than before! Not willing to return to the same location, I took my car to the S. Cooper store #10 in Arlington on Nov 18, 2010. The mgmt. was very kind & understood my frustration. The mgr. said he found no issue w/ the rear brakes but the front brakes were “severely contaminated.” He explained the other store did something to cause the constant squealing. He fixed them & as I drove off, my brakes squealed.

In Jan 2011, a friend showed me his service receipt from the same Just Brakes. The invoice showed the exact same repairs my car had! I was surprised to find that my friend was charged over $600 for his repairs. It was this moment I knew the business Just Brakes was conducting lacked honesty & integrity. 3 months after my last visit (now Feb 2011), I had constant squealing, this time sounding worse than ever. The emergency brake made a loud metal-grinding sound. For fear of my brakes giving out & not wanting to return to any Just Brakes, I wrote a letter to Just Brakes corporate office. I was contacted by the company.

They directed me to take my car to their Mansfield location (#150) & meet w/ the mgr. at the time, **. In early March 2011, I took my car to **. **told me that the brakes used by all Just Brakes stores didn't always work on all vehicles; Toyotas, he said, commonly had issues w/ their pads. He showed me a different brake pad, supposedly made out of a softer, ceramic material, which he was going to use (even though the corporate office might frown upon that). After the repairs, my car no longer had any brake issues. I trusted this location due to Manager **.

April 2012, my brakes started squeaking. Because I trusted **, I returned to the Mansfield store. A new manager, **, was transferred to the location (from Irving); I went ahead & had him service my brakes. ** said the brakes were fine, but I needed to flush the brake fluid, which cost me almost $100. After this visit, my brakes caused my car to shake when applied.

After my Toyota reached 100K miles, I took it to my Toyota dealership to have it serviced. One of the issues they noted was the shaking when the brakes were applied. The Toyota service technician said the rotors were not turned after my last Just Brakes visit. Even though they identified warping on the rotors, they could still be turned. Since they were under warranty, I took them back to Mansfield Just Brakes in July 2012.

I explained to Mgr. ** what Toyota said. He said the rotors were too warped & needed replacement. He also said the rotors affected the calipers. Because of this, he wanted to replace the rotors, calipers, & would warranty out the brake pads & drums; costing me “only $550.” Despite what Toyota said, he insisted this extra work was necessary for the safe repair of my car. I asked if he'd put the same ceramic pads that ** put on my car. ** said that ** used the same brake pad that every Just Brakes location used. ** said that ** lied to me.

I decided to have the work done by Toyota. They checked the brakes & all the hardware. They were able to turn the rotors. When I picked up my car, I paid $99 & my brakes worked like new… like before taking it to **. This was a clear indication that Just Brakes is running a shady operation. They definitely have the customer service down; now they need to work on the trust, support, integrity, & respect for the customer & their hard-earned money!

The Just Brakes up sell phone call
By -

ADDISON, TEXAS -- On Monday 05-11-2010 I went to the just brakes for the $99.00 special for pads and shoes on my Ford Ranger pickup. My Ranger only had 58,000 miles on it and has been taken very good care of. "**" was helpful and said it would not take too much time and I should have it by noon. I was expecting "The Call" to try to up sell their services but I knew all I needed was to replace the pads and shoes machine the rotors on the special. My truck is a daily driver it is not used for heavy loads. "**" told me that I really needed to have my bearings re-packed; I reminded him that, that service was in the $99.00 package.

We both agreed that the special would be performed and that my Truck would be ready. An hour later "**" called a little agitated. "**" proceeded to tell me that my calipers pistons were out of round and definitely needed to be replaced and all the ball joints needed to be repacked with grease. And I had to replace the entire rotor that I was concerned about. Of course all at an enormous cost. Since my mechanic just performed a 50,000 mile service check on my truck all of that was just inspected. I knew the condition of my truck and I did not have any problems that they spoke of. I did need new brakes and I knew I had bad pad on the right front and was concerned about it.

I stated to "**" that the extra work was not necessary as I just had all that service work he spoke about performed at 50K. "**" then proceeded to get a little angrier because I was not buying in to his game. He told me that this was an absolute necessity and that if I didn't get this work performed now he would set my truck back on the ground and I could take. I said sure no problem I can always go to Midas or Good Year as they also had $99.00 brake specials and I would be by at noon to pick it up. That is when he hung up on me.

I walked back to the Just Brakes and picked up my truck. "**" was at least nice and handed me the keys. Since I went on-line to the Ford dealership and saw they had a $99.00 break special plus other coupons for price reductions. I decided to go there. The Ford service advisor on the phone told me that Calipers are sealed and they cannot serviced. Only the master/slave pistons can be replaced. I had the brakes and the other service work done. The rotor I was worried about machined out just fine and was not damaged at all. So I decided to upgrade to a better pad and shoe but with the 20% discount and the $99.00 special I only paid out $147.00 for the brakes.

Stay away from just brakes go to anybody else and pay more I found out they cannot be trusted to give you any valid information.

Brake Job Ripoff
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I took my 1988 Jeep Wrangler to Just Brakes for their $99.88 brake special. About a year earlier I replaced the rear brakes myself. I was a mechanic for years before becoming a machinist in the mid-70s. I took my Jeep to Just Brakes because the brakes had started making noise and I didn't have the time to work on it myself. I didn't expect to get a brake job for $99.88 because I have always believed that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

I almost went through the roof when the service manager called me and told me that I needed $695.00 worth of work done. I told him that was way more than I was willing to spend and I would just come and pick up my Jeep and do the job myself. When I got there the manager had me take a look at the brakes (the Jeep was still taken apart when I arrived. He told me the Jeep needed rear drums, shoes, and wheel cylinders. I had replaced the rear wheel cylinders about a year earlier and there is no way wheel cylinders will wear out in a year.

The noise I was hearing was from a spring in the right rear wheel that came off and caused excessive wear to the brakes in that one wheel. It needed shoes and a drum on that one wheel and that was all that needed to be repaired. He also told me that the front brakes needed pads, hoses, and the rotors needed to be resurfaced. I told him again that I wanted him to put the Jeep back together the way it was and I would take it home and make the repairs myself. He then informed me that they would put all of the parts inside the Jeep and I could call a wrecker to get the Jeep.

Basically this left me no choice but to go on and let them do the work and screw me out of $695.00. They called me when the job was done and I went and picked up my Jeep. On the way home the manager called me on my cell phone and informed me that they DID NOT replace the front hoses because they were out of stock and had to order them. The price to replace the hoses was $150.00 which was included in the price that I paid. I said OK and turned around and went back and told the manager that I thought the old hoses were fine and didn't need replaced but he told me that if they didn't replace them it would void my warranty.

After having dealt with this guy I knew I didn't have a warranty anyway so I told him I didn't care just refund the $150.00 for the hoses. He made me sign a release and told me I would have to wait two weeks for a refund because it had to come from the corporate headquarters. I had no choice but to agree and left. Two weeks came and went and when they didn't call me I called them and they told me that they didn't have a refund check for me and that I needed to contact customer service.

I contacted customer service and ended up with a voicemail so I left a message and my phone numbers. I never got a call back so I kept calling until I finally got to speak with a Customer service rep who told me that he would check on it and call me back. Of course he didn't call back so I had to call him back several times to finally get him on the phone.

When I finally got to talk to him he told me that he would have a check sent to the store where the work was done and I could pick it up there and that it would be about two weeks. After almost three more weeks I finally got the check. It took more than six weeks to get that refund for work they should have done and didn't. This all took place in 2003 and in 2004 I had to replace my rear brakes again with less than 10,000 miles since the Just Breaks brake job. A few months after that the front brakes needed to be replaced.

This is what I paid for brake parts: Front rotors: $59.90. Pads: $14.95. Rear drums: $39.90. Rear shoes $19.95. Total parts: $134.70. Just Brakes are crooks and liars and I read that the Better Business Bureau has kicked them out. I think their name should be "Just The Breaks" because if you go to them for brake work you are going to get SCREWED and those are "Just The Breaks."

Consumer Frauds
By -

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA -- Just Brakes has been exposed as a bait and switch enterprise stealing from the public with no conscience or corporate policing. This company spends substantial resources advertising services only to lure the public into an active and repeated scam operation. The internet and local channels are crowded with almost exact replicas of complaints of their fraudulent practices. Here's the typical scenario. An individual hears repeated advertising about Just Brakes and a guaranteed $99 total brake service. So you take that squeaky sound into one of their numerous locations.

Here is where you are expertly handled by a required examination while you wait in another area. Eventually you are asked to walk out into the work area where your car has been dissected into pieces and parts. Now they work the actual swindle...

Well ma'am, your brake system is borderline unlawful and unsafe. Your car needs new rotors, calipers, pads, master cylinder repair, and bleeding of oxidated brake fluid. Gosh... Gulp... how much is all that work going to cost? Well ma'am, looks like $349 to rebuild your calipers, and $265 for rotor repair and then we're going to need new pins, parts, and springs, $125 and $49 to bleed the system to adjust the pedal and emergency brake. Oh, and the $99 for the pads and wheel bearing grease. Well ma'am, looks like $887 plus tax uh. $949.07. Gosh... Gulp... What am I going to do??

This happened three times in an hour while my car was being 'inspected'. The three of us started comparing estimates and experiences and knew with absolute certainty all of us were being ripped off! The manager was gone and the teenager in the back was smoking cigarettes and laughing with a friend. I was becoming more and more sure of my worst fears about auto repair. Who can you trust?? When I got my nerve I said to put my car together... Now a crowd appears around my car they said it would be against the law for them to allow me to leave.

Imagine, held hostage by a kid in the back making this stuff up to my face! I said I have $200 and that's all. Put it back together so I can leave! Well ma'am, we can do some of the front but the system won't be safe. Enough, I paid the $200 and heard the same sound I had in the first place. I ran to the nearest auto part store to ask a few questions about brake systems. Brand new caliper... $68 and pads... $47!!! I found out that an ENTIRE brake system would not cost $1000 And then I went to the internet.

Complaint after complaint with the same scenario over and over. A company practice of ripping people off! News stories of undercover stings... And still Just Brakes is out there doing it over and over to people exactly like you, me, and any other suckers with a car radio. Please share this story with anyone that will listen. The Florida Attorney General will certainly hear it from the three of us that met by accident that woeful Friday morning in Tampa Bay.

Road Trip
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Rating: 5/51

ALBURQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- The best service we ever had. The people there and mostly Dave ** were so helpful. He got our car back on the road in no time. Help with other road trip, tips as we had never been in Albuquerque. Sure wish I could get service like that in Maine. Again, thank you so much.

Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

MANSFIELD, TEXAS -- Just Brakes gives you a price then hand you a bill with several other charges that you were not told about, then of course you have to pay to get your vehicle. Do not ever use these people. It's all a scam and it's happening at all of them so I'm assuming it's company wide policy to do this.

They Are Ripping You Off!
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA -- I went to three Just Brakes in Georgia, Howell Mill, Druid Hills and Riverdale and all of them are rip offs. They charged me over $1000 and my car still was not right. The District manager ** is a racist and refused to repair my car or refund my money. If you want to be ripped off then go to Just Brakes.

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