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Watch Out for SCAM Company "Just Cabinets Furniture & More"
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I brought in my computer design and drawing and I requested for an estimate. The sales person claimed they carry the nice quality cabinets and will be ready in 2 weeks. Their receipt even indicated the pickup date on 3/2/14. Then, I placed the order on 2/16/14 and requested that the cabinets needed to be designed like the ones my pictures and sizes that I brought in.

The salesman puts the information into his computer and prints out a drawing with their industry codes and ran through my credit card and asked me to initial off the drawing. When I took the copy of the drawing to review, he said, “Let me have it back so I can put everything together and process the credit card and give it back to you.”

Then he added the protection plan on the receipt and overcharged for the delivery fee, and the delivery location is at their warehouse. I told him twice he needs to change the delivery location to my house since I already paid for it on my receipt, and he said that he already made the change on his copy, and because the price was too high and I was able to catch the overcharges on my credit card and have him fix it and void the first receipt and re-run with the corrected price, the contract said that the delivery fee is $215 but he charged me the fee for $225. He also charged me the protection plan of $99 and they didn't asked me if I wanted the protection plan prior to charge it.

Then 2 weeks past, I contact the salesman, the manager said he was too busy and that my order is not ready yet and "someone will contact you when it's ready." I told the manager that the salesman indicated that it takes 2 weeks to deliver, but the manager said it takes 5-6 weeks. And I told him if it takes 5-6 weeks then the salesman should not tell the customer that it is ready in 2 weeks, and it was also indicated on the receipts that it would take 2 weeks.

Finally, on Friday 3/14/2014, the salesman called and claimed that the cabinets were delivered in their warehouse by mistake but it is ready. When I was in the store, I told them to change the delivery location to my house and he said he made the change, clearly he did not. He said that he wants to make the delivery today or tomorrow. Then I scheduled him to deliver on 3/15/14. And I specifically asked him when they will make the delivery, and that they will set up the cabinets' right?

The salesman said yes, but when the person delivering the cabinets claimed that he only does the delivery and he does not set up the cabinets and he claimed that the store didn't tell him that our condo is on the 3rd floor either. And normally he would charge more for the 3rd floor. (So it seems that the store scammed the delivery company as well).

When it arrived, 10 of the cabinets were damaged, doors are un-leveled on both sides, the sizes of the cabinets were incorrect, different colors from the frame and door, cabinets got damages and chipped, panels got split on the back of the cabinets. (The workmanship was terrible.)

The design got changed by the salesman without telling me (from 2 doors cabinets to one single door cabinet). When I spoke with the managers, he claimed sometimes when they don't have 2 doors cabinet they have to provide 1 door cabinet (but without informing me). Then, I asked why didn't they tell me when they made change to my order? Then the manager changed his story and said that the salesman did tell me before delivering the cabinets to me. NO, that is lie. He didn't even show me the design. (If he did, he would make me initial off the design of the change of the drawing but he didn't).

I requested to change the size on one of the cabinet with extra 3 inches to the left on the cabinet above the refrigerator and the salesman didn't reduce the size on the next cabinet. Therefore, my top and bottom cabinets are unable to fit in the kitchen. (I guess the salesman thought that I can cut through the wall to install my cabinet with the extra 3 inches?) They should know all this, and to reduce the next cabinets from the top and bottom by 3” to accommodate the size change. (He is a professional, he should know all this, this is common sense.)

When I spoke with the salesman about the wrong sizes and incorrect cabinets from double doors to single door. He kept accusing me that I initialed off the drawing, which is my fault, and he refused to make the changes. Then he said that he has to charge me extra if I need to fix the correction. (Remember, he didn't even show me the picture, he only had me initial off the industry code drawing, how could I know what it looks like if it is just the code.)

Buyer Beware!
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FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I purchased a bulky living room set from Just Cabinets and Furniture in Frederick, MD on June 8, 2011. The company set up delivery for June 10, 2011 and told me that based on my information it would cost $140.00. I thought that was high but I didn't have any other way to get the furniture home. The company (Just Cabinets) gave me a time frame of 10-2 for delivery. At 2, the delivery man called me and asked me if I had someone at my home to help him move the furniture into my home. I was home alone with my children so I said no. He told me that he would have to pick up someone to help him and he would be 45 minutes late.

I told him that I was having a party at my house and my company would be arriving at 4:30 and asked if he would be finished by then and he replied yes and that he would make sure the furniture was where it needed to be and even moved around if I needed it to be. Well, almost 2 hours later, he showed up ALONE! He asked me how much I was charged for delivery, and I told him $140. He told me that he only gets $25.00 out of that and he works off of tips (I felt like this was unprofessional!).

Since the furniture was so large, he put it on my hardwood floor still in the box and slid it across the floor. There was a staple sticking out of the box and scratched my hardwood floors from my front door down my hall into my kitchen area. When I brought it to the delivery man's attention, he asked me for a marker or a crayon to fill it in! WHAT? When he finished with all of the furniture, he tried to leave and even asked me for a tip! I asked him who was going to fix my floor! He told me to call the manager at Just Cabinets and tell him what happened.

I did and they told me that it was not their problem because they don't deliver but they told me to get an estimate because the company is insured which I did. The manager of a furniture company tried to tell me that the estimate given to me by a professional flooring company was too high and that I as a consumer would not be smart and pay those prices! The estimate was for $1650 and they offered to settle for $500! Really? He told me that he knows more about this than I do because he USED to be a general contractor!

Well, I think that he should either get back into general contracting and see how much things have gone up OR stick to furniture management! He even tried to tell me that floors depreciate!!! He may be right, I do not know a lot about it but I refuse to be walked over by a manager who USED to be a contractor! I have called 2 more flooring companies to come in for estimates but they told me that I would have to take them to court unless a general contractor can come in and fix the floor!

The problem is, the company number they gave me is the delivery man's cellphone number. I asked for his boss' information and the company phone number and he told me that the office number changes a lot and when I looked up the company information on line (U Call We Haul) there is no information listed for that area! WHAT? Just Cabinets doesn't want to stand behind the delivery company that THEY CHOSE! I didn't pick them!

The company also doesn't want to stand behind me, the consumer! All I can say is... NEVER, EVER, EVER, buy from Just Cabinets and Furniture unless you want the same problems! The corporation's manager doesn't even help! This company should not be able to continue to do this! All I can say is BUYERS BEWARE!

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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I bought a furniture set. The delivery price was about half the furniture set, so I had someone else pick it up. I was returning the table top and was told the delivery people were 2 and a half hours away. So, the delivery cost would be $100.00. The problem of the damage was their fault or the manufacturer's. I ask for the manager, and talked to three managers. I find that hard to believe. I am going to advertise my complaint to family (large) and Facebook. The legs of the table and chairs are also damaged. I was told the two slash marks in all parts were a design.

Delivery Was Horrible as Was the Service After the Sale
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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I would never recommend Just Cabinets. Such a horrible experience and they say nothing can be done. Not only did the delivery company tell us three times they did not want to be at our house delivering our order (new leather sectional, bedroom suite along with an blanket chest & chest of drawers) but they: 1. Delivered the wrong wedge for the sectional. 2. Broke the back to the love seat. 3. The mirror for our bedroom set was broken.

How was this fixed? A call 2 days later telling us they would schedule us for another delivery days later but a time could not be guaranteed even though they knew we could not take a delivery during our work hours since we accommodated their delivery once already with our jobs. When they called to confirm the delivery the night before I told them that time would not work and was told my order was being taken off the truck since they "were not there to accommodate my schedule". Again nothing being done on the end of the local Lancaster location other than multiple phone calls that serves no purpose other than to tell us they could do nothing.

We decided to just pick up the replacement items ourselves so we did not have to wait another week for a delivery. Get our items home and the mirror looks like a child put it together. Now we have to waste more of our time returning that a second time along with returning the items the delivery guys didn't take with them. Again they cannot do anything for us. We will never buy anything from them again. Very disappointed nothing was done about our situation. Customers are not valued.

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