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Just Military Loans claims to be "military friendly"... and that's not the only unfulfilled claim
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GEORGIA -- Around 20 September I was in need of a small loan. So I searched the net for military-friendly companies and found 'Just Military Loans'. I have received loans through other military loan companies in the past, so I did not think this would be much different. I filled out an application on their website and the very next day they notified me that I was approved. They emailed me a list of instructions on how to begin the loan paperwork process. The instructions dictated that I would need to set up an allotment through My Pay (to pay the loan through monthly payroll deduction) and that I would need to get my loan documents notarized and signed and fax back to them.

I completed my part of the loan process within 2 days. At the time, I was currently home on leave, in between a PCS (military move). Part of the loan process was to give them information on my chain of command and phone numbers where they could reach them to verify my employment. My chain of command was overseas, 14 hours ahead of EST. But then, this being a military loan company, you would not think this to be a problem. But it was. They informed me that they only call overseas on certain days, which were Tuesday and Thursday. And the times they call at are not at all realistic.

They would call them early in the morning, when they would not be in the office yet and of course unavailable.
Around 5 October, I finally grew frustrated and fed up. I had done my part of the loan process and these people were not working hard at all to do their part. By then, the payroll deduction had already began, so they had received my first payment on a loan that I had yet to receive. I immediately stopped the allotments so that it would not be taken out of other checks and called Just Military Loans and informed them that I would no longer need their services. I then asked for the refund of the first payment they had received.

She stated that I would receive my refund through ACH with a fee of 12 dollars. Does not sound right that I should have to pay the ACH fee for a loan not received for failure to do their part of the agreement. And anyway, the way the loan agreement was set up, they withhold the amount of the 1st payment from the loan amount to be received in case they do not receive my allotment, so I would have been given back that amount ANYWAY. But whatever, I just wanted the whole thing to be done with so I agreed to the ACH refund.

I know you are not supposed to put any money down on a loan before receiving the funds, but I have gone through other military loan agencies and they require proof that you have started an allotment before proceeding with the loan. I never had a problem with this until now. By 23 October I still had not received my refund. I emailed their company and informed them I had not received my refund and I received a response back asking which account I would like the funds to be deposited into. I gave them the requested information.

By 3 November, I still had not received the refund. I sent them a 'friendly' reminder that they still owed me the refund and that the next email I would have to send would be from a lawyer. I received a response on 5 November asking for my bank account information (once again). The ACH fee also somehow changed from the previous 12 dollars to 16 dollars. I emailed them asking why and she claimed that because it was now past 1 November the ACH fee went up and that she would need proof of all email correspondence with them to prove that I requested my refund prior to 1 November.

I forwarded her the information. This shows terrible negligence on their part and I am STILL waiting for my refund. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you are in the military and looking for a loan, think twice if not three times about dealing with this company.

Worst Company EVER!! Just Military Loans
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON/SANDY SPRINGS, DELAWARE -- Just military loans is by far the worst military "friendly" loan company in the whole United States; if they were an international financial institution it would be in the whole world. Fast Loans? yeah right. There is not words to describe the magnitude of bad service and poor management these people offer to our service member not to mention the outrageous APR they charge you obviously to get you into more debt in the future. Their slogan "Serving those who serve" please remove that out of your website is more like screwing up those who serve. This following message is for you Just military loans and their Staff.

Answer me this question. How does it feel to scam the people that protect this country with their own blood and sweat in the battlefield? How would you feel if I was your brother your sister your mother and you were giving me the type of treatment you give these service member? Would you sell an 70% 80% APR loan to your own mother?
How would you feel if I was your son your daughter and there was a loan company out there taking advantage of my financial situation. Do you have any idea what is to pick up your best friend in pieces off the ground? You guys need to get your ** straight excuse my french. But what you guys are doing is simply wrong.

We come back to the country we come from so that our fellow American can help us out not screw us over. Shame on you guys. How do you even sleep at night? From the CEO to the newest employee in this financial institution from the wealthiest investor to the least one. I can't believe this is the kind of people I risk my life for out there in the field.

I thought to myself you guys were living to your motto to your slogan but I guess I was wrong. But you keep what you doing. One of these days you will hear from the District and State attorney along from the president of the United States Himself. Companies like yours shouldn't be on business. Taking advantage of those in need.

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Just Military Loans promises approval for all military loans, and they do keep their promise. Just military Loans does approve military members, the only problem is getting them to pay out. After submitting my loan application I was notified of my approval within just a few hours, I thought "it only took a few hours, this is looking good so far". After the approval you will be asked to set up an allotment and print and sign the contract and scan or fax it to them along with a copy of your military ID.

After I did this I wasn't contacted by a Just Military Loans representative for 3 days, once I finally was contacted by the representative she informed me that I need to provide additional contact numbers for my chain of command. Once I did so(it was a Friday) I did not receive a reply or update from the representative until that following Monday, which is when she told me that now that they have the numbers for my chain of command I need to provide new references because none of my references would answer their phones, so I replied stating that I would notify my references of the expected and important calls.

Once I did so I notified the representative. Later that day two of my references received calls from Just Military Loans but when they answered the calls they were immediately placed on hold for more than 5 minutes then were hung up on. I was then notified that I will not receive the funds until my references and chain of command have been contacted but this company made that almost impossible. I am a Finance Technician for the US Army, I assumed that this company was stalling or delaying the process until they received my first payment then would no longer need my business.

I stopped my allotment before end of month cut off hit (usually on the 22nd or 23rd of the month, mid month cut off is usually the 6th, 7th or 8th of the month) so Just Military Loans did not get their hands on any of my money. I suggest those who read this review do the same because I would hate to hear about somebody in need of financial assistance getting scammed by this company. Omni Financial is a great military loan company, I was contacted along with my chain of command in less than 24 hours and received the funds within less than 48 hours of submitting my loan application.

Just Military Loans
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Rating: 5/51

DELAWARE -- While my husband was deployed we had a death in the family that required me to travel cross country on very short notice. Needless to say we didn't have the extra cash just sitting around for me to buy a last minute plan ticket. I spoke with my husband and we agreed we would take out a short term loan. All the payday loan companies around base charged such high rates I knew that wasn't an option. I researched online and found Just Military Loans. My husband completed the application online with Just Military Loans and we received our approval email that same day.

During the process I had a few questions and upon calling into Just Military Loans the nice customer service lady told me that for security purposes they could not give me any information on the account unless I sent in a copy of my power of attorney. That was understandable so I faxed over my power of attorney and called back in. Once my power of attorney was on file our Account Manager called me instead of just corresponding with my husband through email and kept me updated on the process. We received the money with no issues and I was able to make it home in time for the funeral.

We had a wonderful experience with Just Military Loans and they really helped us out during a time of need. Everyone I spoke with at the company was helpful and knowledgeable. If ever in a pinch again and in need of money quickly we know who to turn to!

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