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Bad Faith Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- My car was parked outside our house and was unoccupied at the time of the accident. A car coming in the opposite direction swerved and hit my car head on, causing it to be a total loss. The police were called and they cited the driver with inattentive driving.

The passenger, who turned out to be the owner, was taken to the hospital. When reporting the accident both to our insurance company and Kemper, the other car owner's insurance company, we received rudeness and hostility from Yolanda **, the claims agent we were assigned to at Kemper. We found out from our agent that Kemper denied the claim because they said they were unable to get a statement from either the car owner or the driver.

Since our agent didn't seem to show much gumption in the matter, my husband was able to find out when and where the sentencing hearing would be for the driver. He appeared in person at this hearing, and spoke with the car owner herself. He asked her if she had authorized the driver to drive her car, and she stated that, yes, she had asked him to drive since she had a migraine that day. My husband then asked her to call Yolanda and make that same statement.

The car owner responded by saying that both she and the driver had attempted to call Yolanda on several occasions and each time got a recording saying "mail box full". We emailed this information to Yolanda and our agent, and received a letter stating that our claim had been denied with no mention of the pertinent information we'd provided, or any explanation as to why the claim had been denied.

Our agent at Travelers (who we now deem less than useless) made it clear there was nothing he could do! Should anyone reading this ever be involved in an accident, I hope the car involved is not insured by either Kemper or Alpha Property & Casualty Insurance Company (the underwriters in this case).

Home Owners Insurance
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VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Filed a claim June 2017. I had paid extra for rental insurance on our home for 17 years after our tenants moved out. Every door in the home had large holes. The walls and even the ceiling in the garage was riddled with holes. Broken toilet, ripped flooring and more. After 3 months of waiting for some kind of help was told this was the result of hard living, not to mention the repeated unanswered calls. Worst company!!!

Avoid Kemper At All Costs
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After my husband had a teeny tiny no big deal uncontested fender bender with a friend he plays sports with, we reported the incident to our insurer Kemper - Big Mistake. I called our agent who referred me to an 800 Kemper claims number. The lady who took the info was nice, professional, competent - great. She said an adjuster would call the next day. The next day the adjuster did call - UNFORTUNATELY. This woman was HORRIBLE - terrible customer service beyond belief. And I PAY THEM for this????

This "person" was so incredibly stupid that she could not answer ANY of my questions, and made a lot of stuff up about what had happened, supposedly "quoting" my husband. She was very wrong and we tried so diligently to get through to her. She just sucked 100%. I called our agent back who said I needed to file a formal complaint. I called Kemper in PA back and talked to some great, totally competent, very patient people in Customer Relations. They advised me STRONGLY to allow them to make a formal complaint about this idiot in NC. I told them I just wanted answers.

They said "PLEASE you MUST make a complaint, this woman is very wrong, and you MUST get a new adjuster." OK. The next day a even more horrible man called us - the stupid woman's supervisor. He basically stated that what we told him could not possibly be true because that is not how they do business, and he had never heard any of his "guys" say anything like that (I guess he listens to every single solitary word his "guys" say all day long... right). He was a blazing JERK.

Amazingly disgusting - both of them. I called my agent back again. I called Kemper Customer Relations back again and again they were GREAT! But they unfortunately have not control or influence over the HORRIBLE-OUT-OF-CONTROL-JERKS-IN-CLAIMS-IN-NC (this is NOT hyperbole - but rather the understatement of the century).

A while later we got a call from the supervisor of the HORRIBLE claims-woman's HORRIBLE supervisor-man. While this 3rd person was AT LEAST intelligent (which neither of the 1st 2 claims people were) he still was not nice enough. He still defended them. He still did not fix ANYTHING. He still did not apologize for their disgusting lack of both brains or business manners.

BASICALLY he did nothing except say he hoped that I would reconsider and not cancel my Kemper policy in favor of a GOOD COMPANY'S policy... Again: Right. So, I called Kemper back to find out who the boss of this 3rd claims person was - and there IS NOBODY! LOL. The poor kind folks in Kemper's Customer Relations have to take all the crap from customers like me who have been HORRIBLY MISTREATED by the claims folks who do not have even 2 brain cells to rub together, yet they have no recourse except to route the complaint BACK TO THE HORRIBLE SHOP THAT CREATED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

It is like attempting to deal with horrible freaks in another dimension! BOTTOM LINE: Our agent is working on estimates from OTHER INSURANCE COMPANIES - companies who are GOOD unlike Kemper. I HATE KEMPER.

BEWARE! Their Customer Relations could not be BETTER. Their Claims could not be WORSE. And to think, I've actually been paying them so much money to insure and represent me. I am filing complaints with the local BBB and the NC Department of Insurance - already talked to them and they said that they indeed are the agency that can control these horrible out of control agents.

STILL BEWARE - the claims folks can do and say anything they want to with impunity - do they mean any harm? no, I don't believe so - they are just way too stupid to know any better. I informed the #3 claims man (the head claims guy on earth for Kemper - beyond whom there is no boss... HOW does he have NO BOSS???) that we need satisfaction and he did not care - further that we expect an apology from each of his IDIOT claims adjusters, that they are then fired (OF COURSE!), and that Kemper refund all of the money we've ever paid them and then continue to insure us for free forever. And actually that will not be enough.

Those jerks should be fired. I'm working on it. In the meantime DO NOT USE KEMPER! You've been warned.

Never by Insurance via Kemper Insurance as They Are Horrible With a Claim
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My son had a house fire on 7/3/09 which totally destroyed his home. He contacted Kemper and the adjuster told him it was the holiday weekend and he really couldn't do anything to help him until Monday. All credit, debit and bank access was burned. The adjuster came on Monday but did not bring a check book. Since the initial meeting they have done everything that is possible to not pay toward this claim. Even to hint that the fire was started by the homeowner/my son and daughter-in-law.

They were deposed on Friday 9/11/09 and after a horrible deposition which included an attorney calling my son a liar, they were told they now know how the fire started and they were not under suspicion. One of the questions that was asked that the attorney called my son a liar about was he was asked if he ever had an insurance claim. He answered no. The lie that was supposed to have been told was that he was in a car accident at age 18 and was a passenger and was taken to a hospital and there was a claim submitted to my health care agency.

I can't believe they have the nerve to even investigate your health claim. What happened to HIPPAA. This had no relevance to this claim. My son also had the unfortunate hardship of having his company close a 3 years ago. He was unemployed for 1 year and had to declare bankruptcy. They are now financially solvent and they brought their bankruptcy into the deposition and are using it not to pay contents of the home.

NEVER EVER EVER buy a policy from Kemper or Unitrin. There should legislation to protect the consumer. How can you be a victim of a fire, pay for insurance and have the insurance company treat you in this manner. My son said the deposition was the worst thing he has ever been through. Before the company he worked for closed, he was a VP of the company. He is business wise and could not believe the maltreatment he was subjected to!

Avoid Kemper Auto Insurance
By -

Our teenage son - granted he was speeding - got two speeding tickets within a month. We were with Kemper for nearly ten years and they decided to drop us outright, and our policy runs out next month. The letter seemed very brooding - "you need to get an attorney if you want to fight our decision" sort of letter. Yeah. After being with them for almost ten years they turn around and pull this off. I called an agent. He treated me as if I had AIDS.

Kemper starts out fine with you, but they're actually out for your money, but if the smallest thing happens to you - even if you back down from a claim, it's still placed on record that you called and yes, it counts against you. We contacted USAA. I came clean with where we are with my son and their rates actually came out to be slightly lower than Kemper - even AFTER those speeding tickets my son ended up with were available for the agent to see our status.

Kemper is just another one of these fly by night insurance companies that are out for your money - but lo and behold if you get a speeding ticket, it's over, and they will reject you. I will be letting everyone know to avoid Kemper via Facebook, Myspace, and by other means too (email). I run a blog and also write an online opinion column with a team of writers.

Take Your Money
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Okay first of all I just need insurance, I should have looked harder. So they were fine for the first 3 months. Then I notice they stopped taking money out my account and cancelled my policy. Then when I called them they said I did not have enough funds. My payments were $188 and I always keep over $200 so I don't see how that was possible. Then they also said they sent me a letter to tell me to pay for that month that I missed. The real question is where is that letter and today after 3 months I just got a bill to pay for the cancellation fee. I feel like they just want to take your money. I would go somewhere else. This company is not very good at all.

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