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Worst Experience of My Life!
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Rating: 1/51

MOON TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- I took my car in for service at this dealership. Out of retaliation, my ex husband did $7,000.00 damages to my Highlander because he had a Court Order to return it to me and didn't want to. I had an appointment to bring up my car the day before and I spoke to manager, Sam **, who assured me they would do a complete safety inspection on my car.

When I dropped off my Highlander, I noticed what looked like my 2004 4 Runner that my ex husband stole from me and I purchased this 4 Runner from Sam ** in 2009. I saw my ex coming out of the service area and was surprised to see me. He started threatening me, so I ran into the showroom and saw Sam **. I asked Sam to check to see if this was my car that my ex had brought in. I had my title and registration with me. Sam took me into the service area and I gave him my title so he could check the VIN no.

Sam told me this was my car. I kept asking him, "are you sure." He told me yes that the VIN no. match up. The doors were open and I noticed my GPS was on the windshield. This GPS was reported stolen by my ex to the police dept and it was ordered by a Judge to be returned to me. Also it was reported stolen from my car and reported to my insurance company. Sam said to me "this is your car. Take whatever is yours." Then Sam handed me his cell phone to call the police.

When the police arrived, he told me this was a civil matter and he could not help me. He advised me to have my attorney file contempt charges! I later found out that Todd ** in service pulled the wrong paperwork and had my paperwork in my ex's car. Sam and Todd told me this was an honest mistake. My ex had gone out and bought the same car, color, make, model, etc without my knowledge. Sam ** told the police multiple times that they had made a mistake and that he told me this was my car and to take out what was mine.

My ex is so revengeful and we are still in litigation and he is in breach of a contract we signed and being sued. He will most likely be charged with Fraud and Forgery and many other criminal acts he did. My ex threatened to sue this dealership for their incompetence and insisted the police file criminal charges against me. He wants me in jail! I was charged with criminal charges, even though I did nothing wrong and Sam ** told the police he told me this was my car and to take what was mine. Sam ** and Todd ** told me they would testify on my behalf.

When it came time for the hearing, a few months later, Sam said his boss told him not to get involved and that he was not permitted to testify. My attorney subpoena Sam **, Todd ** and all the service records. Sam told my attorney he was off that day and he did not want to waste his day off in Court! My attorney still subpoena him. On the day of the hearing, Todd ** did not show up because his boss told him not to come. The service records were not there either even though there was a subpoena for them. The general manager of Kenny Ross said they could not bring in the records.

Sam ** lied under oath swearing to God to tell the truth and committed the crime of Perjury! He admitted giving me his cell phone to call the police but lied about telling me this was my car! We later got the service records and they clearly show that this was my car's invoice in my ex's car. They wrote Void wrong car on invoice. There were 52 invoices. They all had wrong info on them. They had my car with my ex's info and vice versa! I was charged with a crime I did not do and now have a criminal record because of Kenny Ross employee's mistakes and then being told to lie to cover up their mistakes.

This has cost me thousands of dollars in legal fees plus all my time and time I had to miss work. I have been a good customer for years and was treated like this. The true criminal is Sam ** for committing Perjury. I can't believe the management has their employee lie under oath and commit Perjury! If Sam ** is capable of lying under oath, what else is he capable of doing. How could anyone ever trust this man! I will never do business with this corrupt dealership again ever!!!

I never had a criminal record in my life nor anything close, unlike my ex husband who was arrested and put in jail on Father's day for assaulting and harassing his children at a dance recital over a custody battle with his former ex wife. This just goes to show you how corrupt our legal system is! This is the worst dealership in the world... stay away from them!! Going to this dealership was my worst nightmare!!

Worst Customer Service Experience
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Rating: 1/51

MOON TWP, PENNSYLVANIA -- My family and I had the worst buying experience of our lives at Kenny Ross Toyota in Moon township. The problems started when we asked Sam ** to match a quote from another Toyota dealer. Sam took exception to our negotiation and said Kenny Ross Toyota would not match the lower price or improve the current bid offer. He went to great lengths to emphasize that "he can sell that car for more" and "not selling the car would not impact his dealership's monthly results." Although Kenny Ross Toyota's price was higher, we made a conscience decision to purchase a Highlander based on the availability of the Blizzard Pearl Model with limited miles.

On Friday at 12:00, we requested to pick the vehicle up the following day at 10:00am. The Sales Rep, Jennifer ** requested that we arrive prior to 10AM as she had other sales appointments scheduled for 10AM. We arrived at 9:30. The car's body side moldings were not installed. If the car wasn't going to be ready, we would have appreciated a telephone call to schedule the pick up later in the day. Since we had scheduled to return our rental car, we asked for a ride back from the airport following our dropping it off. The hope was to allow us to meet our commitment and not to sit around on a Saturday morning waiting for the Shop to install the parts.

Ms. ** informed us that a pick up at the airport was not possible due to the Kenny Ross being short handed. Ms. ** said "they would try their best to install the parts" or we could bring the vehicle back for the installation on another day.

As my husband and I discussed our alternatives, Sam ** joined the conversation pointing his fingers at our faces saying, "You're not happy and so I don't want to sell you the car!" We immediately asked for Sam's boss, Sales Manager David **, who came out and said he heard what was going on and doesn't want to sell us the car because, "we are not going to be happy and we will give him and his team a bad survey result, which will cut his and his worker's bonuses, so we should leave." The Sales Manager actually seemed to revel in proclaiming, "Return their deposit!!!" It was quite embarrassing!

We asked other customers sitting near us if they had ever seen anything like this situation. They sat there with shocked faces and nodded "no". As surreal as it sounds, that's what happened. My advice is to avoid the Kenny Ross dealership, there are plenty of other high quality Toyota dealerships in the area. We went to Baierl Toyota in Cranberry and had a wonderful experience with their courteous and friendly staff.

In the end, we added a remote starter and bought an extended service agreement. Buying a car should be a fun experience and since you're spending thousands of dollars, you deserve a dealership that will respect you and appreciate you and your hard earned money. In our experience, KENNY ROSS TOYOTA SCION DOES NOT APPRECIATE THEIR CUSTOMERS.

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