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Worst Customer Service in America
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Rating: 1/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Keybank has the absolute worst customer service. They are very poorly trained and do not communicate well at all. They provide misinformation that results in further issues and disputes. When you try to resolve a dispute they make you jump through hoops and over hurdles and do not keep accurate or detailed case information.

So each time you call back or followup to make progress you have to start all over again with the issues. That is after you spend 2-3 minutes each call using their convoluted automatic phone system - having to type in account numbers and social security numbers several times. I have been dealing with an issue for several weeks now and they just keep going in circles. I do not think I have ever been more frustrated in dealing with a company. If you can avoid using Keybank you will save yourselves I great deal of angst!

They Get a Lot of Hate, but I've Had Great Experiences
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Rating: 5/51

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Been with Key Bank, formerly First Niagara for about 5 years, nothing but good experiences, but maybe it's because the staff where I go are awesome. I started with no credit, having no bank account for years. Most banks wouldn't touch me without charging fees due to check system, and Key gave me a checking account with no fees as long as I had direct deposit.

Fast forward 3 years with my life back on track and credit score good, I get approved for a personal loan with a rate of 11ish %, much lower than the interest on my credit cards at the time. Loan process was pretty easy, had to answer some questions for a loan officer and stop in branch to sign docs and give ID. Money funded the next day with early payout option. Still have my main checking with them, considering another loan or credit card as well.

Over the years I've had 6 over draft charges, 5 of which were refunded - 3 as a courtesy and 2 because of fraudulent activity. Someone wired themselves money using my debit card, Key refunded the amount right away after I reported it fraudulent with no hassle. Granted it was like $100, but still.

Second time I had a $16 charge that a weird website they refunded no problem with a new debit card in the mail that day. My recent overdraft was my 4.59 and they charged me $39. Per my old T&C I had a $5 leeway with first Niagara which they honored and refunded the overdraft charge but told me they couldn't do again as it was a one time exception. The one overdraft I paid was def my fault and I paid it like an adult.

Some of the complaints I see are from people with poor money management skills. Sure, if you have $100 in your account today and know you have a pending charge for that amount then you shouldn't spend anymore money. But for whatever reason many people don't pay close enough attention to their own finances, and then fault the bank when they overdraft because they "thought they had more money." Like be an adult and take responsibility, I'm in my 20s and understand some transactions don't post immediately, but if you know how much you spend and how much you have there will never be an issue.

Apologies for the rant, it seems some people have truly been wronged by Key based on their version of events, but my comments are geared toward those that blame the bank for their financial mismanagement and get upset over charges for overdraft. Shout out to the awesome staff in the west Springfield, Massachusetts location who have shown true customer service and care.

Fees for Money Orders for long time customers
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Rating: 1/51

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- I have been a Keybank customer since Keybank first moved into this state and bought out the bank I was banking at, so for decades. I have 4 different accounts there (I run a small business); so between the accounts I have a bit of money at Key, but none of this seems to matter to them. I was in Federal Way, which is not where I live, and found I needed a money order immediately so went into the Keybank on Pacific Hwy S. at about 4 pm; there were 4 people in line ahead of me and more came on in though the door - the line was getting longer. Only 2 tellers helping people, and 3rd was counting her money to go home - even with a really long line, and the line was not moving.

Both working tellers had people who apparently needed lots of help. It was about a 30 min. wait for me to finally reach a teller who name was ** and she greeted with no smile or how are you. ** informed me that there would be a $5 fee for my $35 money order. I asked, "Why? Isn't that a bank service?" She stated "no," it cost the bank money so it was going to cost me money. There was also no apology for the long wait, only that is how it is.... and there was no manager to help me either.

After arguing a few minutes I left and being upset about the time I wasted, I went to a Wells Fargo bank were I have a secondary account - I was simply "trying them out". In this account I have only $270. Not only was there only one person ahead of me, so only a few minutes to wait, I was greeted with a smile, and no fee for the money order. Wells Fargo also does not charge a fee for a paper statement either, Key bank does. Key bank most obviously does not appreciate me being a long time customer, or my multiple accounts. I will be transferring all of my accounts to Wells Fargo, who is currently providing way better customer service with no fees... and a few smiles too.

Overdraft Ripoff Scheme and Threats Made in Person on on Phone
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$34.00, that is what this is all about. Prior to the bank closing on Saturday a deposit was made. Some bills were paid on Monday, but the check was applied after the bills despite an overdraft account. I checked Monday, everything looked fine. I checked Tuesday an overdraft fee-- when according to my statement and online register BOTH I never went negative. I call the 800 number and they said "go talk to the branch manager". I did. He was very mean and acted like a cartoon villain as he explained they can put deposits and debits in any order they want.

I asked about another bill that was due to come out on Monday but hadn't, and he said he hoped they would put it in on Monday, so he could charge another overdraft fee retroactively, and as many other fees as he could find for my account. Then he realized my account opened in 1983 was with a branch five miles away. I had to contact that bank. I did by phone and was told she was out of the office for the day, and that they would monitor my account for anything odd. The original manager called me at work, reissued his threat, and claimed to have spoken to the other manager.

I called his bluff and he admitted he had not spoken to her. I told him not to call again, or I would consider it harassment. This morning the assistant called and said that they could not reverse the fee according to their rules. I have not been able to speak to the manager who was more than happy to speak to us when my daughter and partner opened accounts with her.

In NYS they say on the banking complaint website that most National banks apply deposits first, but they don't have to. Since 1983 I have only been charged two overdraft fees, one was reversed. I am very upset that the bank manager did not speak to me personally. Conclusion: KeyBank is not as nice to work with as they used to be.

Resolution Update 11/10/2010:

Apology and refund were given.

A Thief in a Bank or a Bank of Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Wow, I should have read those reviews before doing business with KeyBank! I used KeyBank Guilderland Branch for a very long time. A year ago, I realized there was a monthly fee taken out of my checking account, accumulating to $375 ($25/month). Prior to the occurrence of the fee, I worked with the Bank to rearrange my account type so that there would be a fee charged on it. When I found out the large amount of fees, I called KeyBank general number and was referred to a “relationship manager” at the University branch. I talked to the manager and she agreed that the fees should not be taken out of the account but didn't do anything in a period of almost six months.

Last week I went to the Guilderland branch and the manager there, Guy **, literally told me that I should have noticed the fee early and now he would not do anything to pay it back – “I am a thief but you need to catch me early; otherwise I take your money.” I closed my account at KeyBank this afternoon. This is a bank of thieves and we idiots put our money in the hands of those thieves... You only have yourself to blame for doing business with people like that. Stay as far away as you can!

KeyBank Closed My Account for No Legitimate Reason
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I opened an account on January 17, 2012. Two days later, the personal banker called and told me that she had to close my account because she said that I was on ChexSystems. So, I went to another bank local immediately after notification of my account closure with KeyBank to see if the same thing would happen. I found out that I was not on ChexSystems. I was able to open an account with another bank without any problems. My information was run and verified with both ChexSystems and Equifax at the time that I applied for the account.

Ultimately, I was clear with both agencies. It is odd that a bank would tell one this two days later. Besides KeyBank, every bank that I have ever used in the past has been able to verify me with ChexSystems at the time that I applied to open an account. I signed up for direct deposit on the date that I opened the account. Because KeyBank inconvenienced me by notifying me two days later that my account was closed, I had to wait an extra week to get paid. The lady who opened my account was not nice and isn't good at dealing with people, but rather arrogant and snobbish.

KeyBank is said to be the worst bank in Columbus, according to a recent survey. This explains why KeyBank doesn't have many customers and people don't keep accounts there long. Like my coworkers, I highly recommend that you stay away from KeyBank.

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DENVER, COLORADO -- Started charging a $5.00 "maintenance" fee on my account because I was not using it enough. Charged me another $5.00 when I closed the account, but only informed me of that when it was too late to waive the fee. Essentially stole $10.00 from me for doing absolutely nothing and then justified it by saying other banks charge more. I don't care what other banks are doing if I am not their customer. If I could charge someone $5.00 every time I hit enter on the keyboard I would be rich by now. Rip off! Too bad they can't maintain good customer relations!

Not Everyone Is Equal When It Comes to Receiving the iPod Touch Through Key Bank
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I think that KeyBank has mishandled their whole iPod touch promotion. If you opened up a new checking account and complete certain requirements, you would get an iPod touch device from Apple in return. Nowhere in KeyBank's promotional materials does it state what generation (2nd, 3rd or 4th) of iPod touch you will receive.

When I got mine, a second generation 8 GB iPod touch (about two-three years out of date), I complained to KeyBank via the Better Business Bureau (after getting no response from them three times) that since the 3rd generation could be purchased when I signed up, that should be what I would receive as that would be a reasonable consumer expectation.

In my opinion, KeyBank declined to make things right. KeyBank's position was that they promised an iPod touch and that was what I received. The equivalent would be winning a car but receiving one that was 10 years old. KeyBank also said that they bought all the iPod touches at the beginning of the offer and therefore, it didn't matter when you qualified, that everyone would all get the same. That is not the case.

Unfortunately, today I found out that people who had signed up with this KeyBank promotion after me were receiving the new 4th generation iPod touches instead. Apparently, they ran out of the older models. I am not very happy with KeyBank about this. I think we all should have gotten screwed equally, smile. Or everyone who asks for an upgrade gets one.

Key Bank Removes on-Line Statements After Closing an Account
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Six weeks ago I tried to transfer money from KeyBank to a different (better) bank. It took them more than 3 weeks to give the bank my money. They removed all online information, but my calculator told me I had been short-changed by $25. They sent a check to me which I deposited in the new bank; then Key put a Stop Payment on the money. I still do not have the funds and I still cannot move them to a new investment because I want to move ALL the funds not partial (and pay extra fees).

So I closed out the Key checking account, also. I cannot see if they will charge me any new fees because they shut off the online statements when the account was closed. No money. No statements. No proof I had an account. Threats of fees to be charged. Excuses of why they made mistakes. I cannot believe the incompetence. I tried to speak with a supervisor but no one from Key would speak to me. I see My3cents has an email address - I will hang on to that for future reference. This nightmare is not yet over.

Save your time and money!! Don't bank with Key Bank!
By -

FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- I have been in the banking industry for 6 years now and I have NEVER been involved with a bank this terrible. I should have stayed with Fifth Third! I left Fifth Third because I am an employee and that meant no one could view my accounts but myself--which can be an issue if there is ever a problem with fraud, etc. When I initially opened my account with Key, I did it online. I never got a confirmation number or a phone call or anything. So the following day I went into the Houston branch myself to see if the online service had actually worked and I ended up being in there for 2 hours!!!

Their systems kept going down and they couldn't tell me whether or not they had put begun the process of debiting my old Fifth Third account with an automatic transfer. I ended up leaving after they "fixed it" but I felt very uneasy--and I should have gone with my gut instinct. Recently (it's now 2010) I received a call from a woman at the Houston Rd. branch (**) and was rudely told that Fifth Third Bank had reported negatively to ChexSystems that I had NSF activity on my old account. I assured her there must be some mistake and that my account with Fifth Third had been closed and I left in good standing.

She rudely just repeated again that I had to close my account or I would have to have my check and debit card privileges revoked and they would start charging me fees for my direct deposit. I immediately contacted Fifth Third and was assured that they had not reported anything to ChexSystems and that all my accounts were closed and in good standing. The manager at Fifth Third even gave me a notarized document to take to Key telling them that I was a good client and that I was in good standing. I brought it to ** at Key immediately. I didn't hear back from her until a few days after. She again rudely stated that I needed to close my account or revoke privileges.

I asked if the problem with ChexSystems was still not cleared up and she said she hadn't run the report again, but because my account went overdrawn by $4-- even though I immediately deposited plenty of funds (CASH) to cover it-- that I had to close it. I tried explaining to her that the deposit would have been made the night before the check that caused the overdraft posted, but by the time I reached the bank they had closed for the night (they have highly non competitive hours and BAD hours for those who work 9-5). She simply said, "sorry."

The following day I saw where they hit me with two $33 overdraft fees!!! They had posted both overdraft fees FIRST, then an item for $16 that had been memo posting for OVER A WEEK, and FINALLY my cash deposit showed. Most banks do process the highest debit amount first, but in this case, they should have posted my cash deposit because cash is INSTANT. This account never should have been charged a fee especially because the deposit was made at 9 am the morning of the overdraft. Most banks give you until 1pm to get your deposit in.

I have NEVER been treated like this in my life. I had been banking with Fifth Third for 10 years and I should have stayed with them. I never had issues like this with them. There are PLENTY of other banks out there and I highly suggest if you are looking for a SAFE and RELIABLE place to keep your money--you AVOID Key Bank!!

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