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Kia Service Review
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Rating: 1/51

CATHEDRAL CTY, CALIFORNIA -- After just 2 to 3 months KIA Soul making a rattle noise near dash and noise on passenger side. Took it in. Said it fixed struts. Noise was still there. Month goes by said car was fixed. Had to nerve to say it was struts again LOL went up there noise still there. Another month goes by. Said it was fixed. This time it was after 3 months it was. One of noises was loose door hinge and rattle noise has returned 4 times in 3 yrs. Keep bringing it in. Forgot to put oil back in my car after a oil change one time driving off after oil change oil light was on so turned around no oil in the car!!!

My key lock was stolen. My car charger and cologne stolen. Someone at the service dept keeps messing with me as one time they turned around the plastic holder that sits on the spare tire. One time they turned the pads upside down on where the door handle is inside where you grab to close the door.

LIARS! Worst Company!
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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- I had a lease with Kia Finance. Always paid before the payment date. My account was never paid late. When I turned the car back in couple of months early I paid the final dues indicated in the letter they sent. It was always paid as agreed and should show paid off with a zero balance. The letter from Kia was received on March 6, 2017. It indicated a balance which was the final payment for my car lease. I paid this with a check in March 2017. This check subsequently cleared by bank account in March 2017 by them.

Even though Kia took the final payment and cashed the check they failed to apply this money to my account and instead they reported this amount as not paid. My credit score was in high 800 (for which I worked very hard) and overnight, without sending me a notification or calling me–my credit score dropped to low 600 BECAUSE OF KIA FINANCE's MISTAKE. I did not get the mortgage and now that I am trying to fix it, they are useless, rude and taking their time to "investigate" and deal with it.

GM No Help to Frantic Owner
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Rating: 1/51

HUBER HEIGHTS, OHIO -- Sat. 8-24-13, around 3:20 pm, I went out to my 2012 Kia Soul parked on the street, in part-shade, in a residential area of Centerville, OH. The windows were cracked, and the temp outside was in the mid-80s. I opened my front door & put in my beach bag. I then opened the back door, and closed the front door, when I heard a 'boom'. The back glass on the hatch back exploded from the middle & laced everywhere else, leaving a hole in the middle about 2 feet wide. Everyone at the scene stated that they had never seen a window break in that way, from heat or whatever, and it was their feeling that it had to be a 'defect' in the glass.

I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I called 411 & asked for the Kia Dealership in Centerville. They gave me the number to the Dealership in Huber Heights. I spoke to the GM, who answered the phone & explained the situation. Kia has a 60,000 mile, bumper to bumper warranty, that is boasted about as one of the best in the industry. I figured with it being a fluke, and not like brakes or tires that had normal wear & tear, that it would of course be covered.

The GM proceeded to tell me that it wasn't, and that they couldn't help me but that I could bring it in on Monday, as the service center was closed at this time. I asked if he could give me the number to the Centerville dealership, as they gave me the wrong number. He stated that he didn't have their number & that it wasn't convenient for him to get it either.

I stated that it was less convenient for me, as I was on the side of the road. He still refused to help me in any way get the number to the other dealership where I purchased my car. If they are that unhelpful in time of a crises, then I would never step foot in their dealership to purchase a car from them on a good day!! Shame on them!! The back window will cost anywhere from $265 - $440 to replace. WOW!!

Restitution for a Dangerous Gas Leak Refused
By -

EAST BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- On October 12, 09 I had my 2002 Kia Sportage towed to a local Kia dealer because I had a dangerous leak coming from a fuel line. The diagnosis from the Kia Mechanic - the PCV hose was leaking and should be replaced with the valve. I was informed that everything was okay after I picked up my vehicle and this was
also noted on the invoice. Notation on the invoice states that I may need a fuel injector rail in the future (keyword: future).

Four days later, on October 16, 09, I'm still smelling gas fumes inside the car. I open the hood while the engine is still running and my car is still leaking gas from the same PCV hose. I'm 50 miles away from the Kia dealer that did the work, so I had no choice but to have the car towed to another local Kia dealer which cost me $175.00 for towing.

Now this dealer informs me that the return fuel line is leaking at the clamps plus additional components
that the first dealer did not inform me about which included the following: failure with fuel regulator, leak at valve cover, emission 3 stage cleaning system (this was extra work to inflate the invoice, work that wasn't needed). First dealer never mentioned this extra work.

I was seeking a Realistic Restitution for $199.00 extra labor from the first dealer. This is all extra labor that the second dealer had to dismantle the components to make the repair that the first dealer didn't do right the first time. This first negligent dealer has the nerve to say that I refused service for the repair. Let me repeat myself and maybe the ** in KIA will hear me. Notations on invoice from first DEALER:

Customer states fuel line hose is leaking and advise. Dealer called to inform me what the problem was and how much it would cost to repair. Gave the okay to forward with replacing the hose and valve. There was no other communication about any other problems. I couldn't deny any other additional work, because no additional work was discussed with me. There was a notation on the invoice when I picked up the car that the fuel injector rail
may need to be replaced in the future. AGAIN, NO WORK WAS EVER DENIED.

As a loyal consumer, I put my trust in the Kia dealers to be honest and correct vehicle maintenance problems to my satisfaction which they didn't do in this case. Have communicated with Kia Corp to resolve this for a fair realistic restitution of $199.00 which they have denied.

These KIA Vehicles are cheaply built and have many problems that require expensive repairs. These dealers will go out of their way to refuse warranty service on your car. The dealer will blame you, the owner, for the problem and will not do the warranty service. A simple repair to replace a leaking fuel line hose turned into a nightmare for me and will never buy another Kia. All you ** at Kia Corp, Wake up. I AM A VERY UNHAPPY KIA
SPORTAGE OWNER and will not buy your brand again.

Kia Is Nothing More Than a SCAM!!!
By -

In 2005, I had traded my SUV in for a 2005 Kia Optima. The car seemed nice and thought a new car would be a nice change, and the savings per month compared to the SUV. The first red flag that did not quite register at the time - I signed the contract with no finance company name on the contract. Just a PO box address in California and no account number. Then a week later, I was required to sign three separate contracts. Again no finance company information filled in and now no address. I was told they would fill that in later and this was normal. They were just waiting for information to fill it in.

Then I get a call from my old finance company to tell me that they have not paid off my trade-in. If the payment was not received in five days. They would repo it from the dealer and come after both of us for payment. The vehicle was paid off in a month and a half after trade-in. The next red flag was that I never received a letter or call from the finance company to go over the details of my new auto loan for the Kia and no payment coupon book ever arrived. Yet, the payment amount on the various blank contracts were all different.

Then there was the issue of never receiving a tag or registration for the vehicle. After five months of having the vehicle, the vehicle was repossessed. I called around and finally got a hold of someone claiming to have the loan. The response was that I had to reapply to get the car back. The biggest red flag of all.

What this means is that they gave me a car with no financing, took my trade in and got rid of of it quick (2 days sold to a buy here pay here for $500), and never filed the paperwork to have a tag or registration sent to me. If this is not bad enough, you will love this. If at any time I was stopped by law enforcement and they checked the paperwork, the first two charges would be no valid registration and no valid tag.

Here is the big felony coming up. I would have been charged with Unlawful Possession of a Motor Vehicle. Plain English, I would have charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. When I did nothing wrong. I never once received a phone call or letter stating there was a problem and should bring the car back. They got rid of my SUV quick so no one went to jail.

I have tried to work this out with the company, and, guess what, no response. I am going to the GA Attorney General's Office to see if they can do something and searching for a good attorney. One more bit of advice for all previous Kia owners, current owners, and future owners. Hyundai owns Kia and per legal agreement, Kia Motor Finance Company is a business name of Hyundai. Kia Motor Finance Company is a name that cannot be used in all US states to legally conduct business. The actual finance company that conducts the business is Hyundai Capital Finance. Deceptive finance tactics used that possibly fall under federal predatory lending practices act.

I also just found out that Kia Motor Finance Company is now Kia Motor Finance. The same legal agreement stands. So please check your local state to see if the legal agreement pertains to your state. One other thing, all Kia dealerships in the state of Georgia have an F rating with the BBB. The majority of complaints are sales/contracts issues. I wonder why!!! It seems that Kia profits from breaking the law.

2004 KIA AMANTI... a Beautiful Fraud & The Perfect Scam!
By -

7777 KIA PARKWAY, WEST POINT, GEORGIA -- I fell for the beautiful reminders of the Mercedes and Jaguar. I really wanted and was sold by the price and the 10 year or 100,000 miles "Bumper to Bumper" warranty... As it turns out the warranty is a farce! I have spent so much money on this car. It's not funny at all. I kept bringing in the car for the same reason... over and over again there was always something wrong with the catalytic converter. I looked all over online and did not find any recalls. Does anyone out there know of any recalls for the 2004 Kia Amanti?

When I googled Kia complaints I couldn't find anything... Not until I began searching 20 pages into it. Clearly Kia Motors has a team of people burying complaints so they don't surface immediately, but once you are in 15 to 20 pages deep, all the Kia complaints begin to show up! Just on this site alone there are thousands of complaints! Here is mine:

  1. Kia does not honor a bumper to bumper warranty. That the catch to get you to buy, but then they tell you that it's actually a 30K 3 year warranty for some stuff and a 5-year or 60K warranty for the rest. Their dealerships' service departments won't let you even get as little as an oil change elsewhere before they accuse you of not been able to honor the warranty. I was supposed to get loaners during auto repair as well as roadside assistance... Well that's just before 30K miles. After 30K miles, you are screwed. At least that's what happened to me.

  2. Kia should recall many of their vehicles... They are worse than Toyota. They are just really good at covering up all their vehicles flaws. I have had the same problem with my Kia since I bought it brand new...12 miles. Catalytic converter.

My Kia has well over 80K miles now. I just got finished spending 2K fixing the lack of acceleration and smoke coming out of the muffler problems in January 2010. The service guy told me I should junk my car and trade it in. The car is beautiful. I've never been in an accident and the body is intact. I can finally begin enjoying the car without a car payment, so I gracefully declined... particularly because he said they would only give me 4K for the trade.

I got my car towed back to the dealership for the same exact problem again on March 25, 2010... same symptoms. The service guy told me I needed to replace the timing belt before it broke and that replacing the water pump made sense because of where the work had to be done. He also fixed some other stuff... The cost for the repairs was $1500 plus. Since they did not have a belt in stock, I had to wait a week. They won't give me a loaner or pay for the rental because as they said... "that expired at 30K miles"

So last week the service guy calls me and says that the car was ready but when they took it for a test drive, the car was smoking and the acceleration was weak (note the reason I brought it in in the first place). He said "the catalytic converter needed to be replaced" and that would be another $800.00. My complaint is this: If I bring them the car with a problem and they misdiagnose and fix the wrong thing... how am I stuck with the bill? I feel I should pay for the replacement of the catalytic converter and not for the other stuff.

I am sure that the catalytic converter needed replacement since I purchase the car, but they just kept patching it until the warranty expired. I wrote to Kia and they have been extremely non responsive telling me I must work it out with the dealership... Why didn't I get the Honda in the first place? Screw Kia! They have fake warranties to lure you in with their poor quality product and crappy repair service! DON'T BUY KIA!

Astonishing How Kia Motors and Parent Company Hyundai Has Achieved Growth the Last 5 or 6 Years!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- My entire family has just finished converting all of our Ford, GM, Chrysler vehicles over to KIA and Hyundai cars and SUVs. Most of this was attributed to the poor customer service and warranty service we all experienced, and add that to the shoddy quality of the vehicles we had. Collectively we now have no issues with the Hyundai/KIA vehicles we have now... But the dealer experience was a breath of fresh air... No scamming, no lying or hidden agendas. Every buying experience was great.

The vehicles themselves are well-assembled, quality is obvious a real value with these cars, and the amenities and standard level of unexpected equipment is quite unusual in these price ranges. The paint is perfect... deep and rich and applied perfectly. Issues are non-existent as far as things we had to take the cars back to the dealer for corrections.

Over all, quite a good value, and 4 of these Hyundai and Kias are made in the USA! We are satisfied and pleased, and will continue to purchase these fine cars and SUVs into the future. The dealer we purchased at, is not high pressure. They are honest and above board, have a huge selection, will let you drive anything on the lot without showing an attitude, and really appear to know their cars very well. We live in Orange County, California.

Faulty Air Bags
By -

Our son was in an accident this afternoon. The entire front-end was demolished. The airbags did not deploy. The engine was twisted sideways and the car is a total loss and the AIRBAGS DID NOT DEPLOY! We bought this car for the safety features and price. We now understand that to get the price we were shorted on quality and safety. My sister-in-law's friend also has a KIA and the AIRBAGS DID NOT DEPLOY! I am very concerned and thank God no one was seriously injured. However, this safety problem needs corrected before someone dies.

Starter Unreliable in 2012 KIA Forte 5 door Hatch Back
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- On June 5th, 2015 my wife had problems starting her KIA Forte 5 door. It finally started and she took it to the Concord, California KIA Dealership. Kevin was the trouble writer and accepted the car for repair. He worked on it for the day and was unable to replicate the no start problem. The car was released without repair. It only has 25,550 miles on it.

On June 9th, 2015 my wife was stranded in a remote Sierra mountain town. Her car would not start. I drove over 50 miles to rescue my wife and the car was towed to the Folsom Lake KIA Dealership for repair. Jeff wrote up the trouble and accepted the car for repair. Two separate tow companies attempted to start the car. The second tow company took the car to the dealership. The dealer kept the car three days and was unable to replicate the no start experience. We were denied a loaner car and (you guessed it) the car was released to us without repair.

In both cases, KIA Corporate refused a loaner car and refused to let the dealership repair or replace any part until the non-start could be replicated. We are left with an UNRELIABLE CAR that may strand us at yet another location to be towed to yet another dealership to experience a non-repair. We do not fault either dealership. We fault KIA Corporate for a warranty policy which serves their bottom line and leaves their customer in an unsafe car, stranded in a yet to be determined location to be towed in once again.

We will continue to take the risk for KIA Corporate's unresponsive warranty policy. Guess What? On the 4th attempt, California Lemon Law applies; we will prevail in court. We love the car, but KIA Corporate needs customer service lessons. They will get some of these lessons in California Lemon Law Court. The message to potential KIA customers is don't buy a KIA unless your state has strict Lemon Laws. Happy with our KIA, but mad as hell at KIA Corporate.

Leasing / Service / Finance
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Rating: 1/51

Let me start by saying I have purchased 5 Kia vehicles. They have all been great cars. I just turned in a lease vehicle but did not buy another as I am in the process of building a house and can't change my finances right now. The dealership told me an independent appraiser would inspect the vehicle and send a letter if there were charges. There were scratches on the vehicle and I will gladly pay to have them repaired.

I was told by two different mechanics/body guys that it would cost around $300. The appraiser quoted $1,640! The scratches were $900! They want to charge me for indentations from a car seat which I never had in the back seat. They want to charge me for "dirty" sun visors! The charges are extremely outrageous.

I have ten days to have a private appraiser licensed by the New York DMV to inspect and submit a new appraisal. Problem is, I now live in Georgia. Second problem. When I moved to Georgia they raised my payment by $17! When we asked why, we could not get an answer. 20 months at $17, $340! Third, my wife had a flat tire on her Soul. No spare. She called Kia roadside assistance and waited five and a half hours for a tow truck! We had to wait another three hours at the dealership because they didn't have the right tire even though my wife called them 5 1/2 hours earlier! Great service!

I looked at a new SXL Optima at the Savannah dealership where all this great service has been happening and the sticker said $38,000. The salesmen said that was a great, already discounted price. I went to their website and the same exact car was listed at $32,000. Do NOT deal with the Savannah Kia dealership. My opinion. It's a shame because I do like Kia vehicles.

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