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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Ordered a product from this company that was supposed to be in stock, waited got the order confirmation and proceeded to wait for delivery, after 10 days I still had not even received something to say that they had shipped the product. I then sent an email asking what my delivery date would be, I received an email, which was so blunt and offensive, basically it told me to wait until I get it within the specified time frames posted on their website, "providing it was in stock". It then went on to tell me they sell over 7000 products and they don't stock everything so the customer has to wait for them to order it and get delivery, if it's available.

Now maybe I'm a stickler for the small things but, A: It was supposed to be in stock. B: They charged me when they didn't even know if they could get the product. C: You NEVER blame the customer for ordering from you.

Anyway, I waited until the "correct" time frame for delivery which was well after what they stated it would be. (This is because that they charge your CC, then after whatever time period they "update your order to be accepted, and they keep doing this btw, and at that point is when they say the order was finally placed. At that point they have had your money for anything up to 3 weeks and you have not had delivery or even confirmation they have the product available).

So in the meantime I notified my CC for fraud and they are monitoring the card/company. After another 2 weeks past supposed delivery date, I officially canceled my order and surprisingly enough, received an e-mail stating my order was canceled and I would get a refund ASAP. To this day it has been 6 weeks, my CC company has issued a fraud chard against this company, I have had to complain to the Better Business Bureau regarding this company.

DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, and IF you do, PAY with a CREDIT CARD not an ATM card as those charges are difficult to get back, and you will have to eventually try to reclaim your funds as the BBB has had MANY complaints about this company.

Do not order from KOS
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ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- I placed my order for a Christmas present. $59.78 I never received a shipping number. I wrote them today still waiting on that refund that now I know will never come. I also called and left messages. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I went over to another place and received my order in five days. So, I did finally give that gift. But I didn't get it from KOS!

Do Not Buy From King Of Swords
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a product from "King of Swords" website using my debit card and never received it. It's been 53 days now. Evidently they do this to hundreds of customers. This company is a complete hoax.

Here are the steps I took to resolve my issue and get my money back. I recommend you do the same otherwise they will keep doing this to honest customers. 1.) File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. 2.) File a complaint with your bank stating you never received item and they will credit your account for the amount until the money is received from King of Swords. 3.) Post a negative review of the company on every website you can find, including this one.

It's a shame that there are companies out there that rip off people like this. I guess they figure the majority of their customers are little kids that are into ninja stuff so they'll never get taken to court. They have absolutely no excuse for their inaction. If you don't have a product don't advertise it on the website. This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. They're scam artists.

Great Service, Excellent Prices
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MURIETTA, GEORGIA -- I ordered online a pair of SFX contact lenses for Halloween (dragon eyes) priced roughly 2/3 of any other store I could find. I ordered late in the day and left relatively little time for delivery. KoS expedited the order. When the manufacturer gave notice that my choice was out of stock, just 3 days before pumpkin day, KoS offered a different pair of lenses (my second choice anyhow, predator eyes), sent the order by overnight Fedex and refunded $50 on top.

The lenses arrived exactly as ordered and with 24 hours to spare. I cannot tell you how impressed I am by this commitment to customer service. I would absolutely buy from KoS again and highly recommend them to all and sundry. Five stars.

King of absolutely nothing
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Despite their claim of "Worldwide Shipping", my order was canceled (even though it is perfectly legal both to buy and own a stun gun in Japan - they are for sale everywhere) and I waited, patiently, for a refund to be issued. None was forthcoming.

When some weeks had passed and I had to write to ask where my refund was, I was instructed to "contact my credit card company" in order to facilitate my refund. Quite what power they imagined my credit card company had in instructing them to pay me back is beyond me. I had never heard of anything so ridiculous - it is up to King of Swords to refund my money; it is certainly not my credit card company's responsibility.

I was told to wait and that "an e-mail confirmation" would be sent to me when a refund had been issued. So, I waited - and waited - and waited. But, nothing. I even offered to have the refund made to my PayPal account - no answer. "The King wants to know what you think!" - Really? What evidence do they have for making this claim? I have requested a refund from them time after time and the King does not appear interested in hearing what I think at all. My advice: AVOID! Their customer service is non-existent and reflects the quality of the swords they sell - poor imitations of the real thing.

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I've been waiting 40 days now for my order. I have contacted them 7 times now by phone and email with no response. I have left multiple messages on their answering service. Right now I'm waiting on hold with my bank to see if I can reverse charge this. Thing that sucks is this scam artist now has my debt card number. They did get back with me 1 time through email after 20 days, all they stated was the order was "accepted" AGAIN.

09/12/2009 Pending. 09/14/2009 Order Accepted. 09/22/2009 Order Accepted. 10/05/2009 Order Accepted. How many times are they going to accept it? When is it going to be shipped? Opening a claim with my bank now.

King of Swords, rip off scam
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I placed an order with King of Swords in late June 09. They immediately took the $105 payment then replied to me saying that they were unable to send me part of the order. They stated their accounts department was dealing with the refund and it would be done as soon as possible.

Very long story short, after many emails and being fobbed off and ignored countless times I have still yet to be refunded. I have read of many, many others in the same or similar situation with King of Swords, and this has motivated me to take legal action as they cannot be allowed to get away with what is blatantly theft. If you have had a similar experience with King of Swords I urge you to follow the matter up and not let them get away with it any longer.

King of Swords is a hoax
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I regret not doing research on this company. I place an order and the charges were immediately deducted from my bank account via debit. After six week I sent an email and their reply was the order was being held up in customs. Three weeks later I found several complaints about this company on various sites. I then asked for a refund and was told it had to be approved by the accounting department. The truth is their phone number is unlisted. King of Swords is not registered with BBB. So no help there. Good Luck to those of you that are still in search of your stolen money.

King Of Swords Beware!
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I purchased two items on Jan 6, 2008 from this company. Little did I know that I should have performed a review search about them beforehand. I assumed they were a reputable company. I have found (after the fact) that they are not.

1 x 1 Dozen (12) Deluxe Ninja Throwing Stars Black/Silver
- Blade Color: SILVER $19.88

Sub-Total: $39.33
(USA Shipping): $11.99

01/06/2009 Pending
01/06/2009 Order Accepted
01/19/2009 Order Accepted

I have contacted them more times than I can even count, but to no avail. They have not responded other than the first time I inquired and they sent an automated response saying it was in the queue. They have absolutely no customer service. Items never shipped. Refund never given. Stay away from this company. Buy the products elsewhere because other reputable companies have them.

Item Never Delivered - No Refund
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I ordered Swords from KOS in mid Sept. I never received follow-up emails from them, and only heard from them when I sent them and email from their site which stated I wanted to know where my item was! They would reply each time, that it was back-ordered, or they were waiting to get on, as they do not stock these. On Dec. 9 (3 MONTHS LATER - and STILL had not received them!) I told them I wanted ordered cancelled and Money applied by Dec. 12 or I will submit their names all over the Better Business Bureaus, etc. DO not ORDER FROM THIS RIP-OFF COMPANY!

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