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$2400 Home Slam Scam
By -

CAMBRIDGE, MINNESOTA -- Don't learn the hard way like we did. My wife got baited with a "free" carpet cleaning reference from a friend. This turned into a high-pressure sales pitch the second the person stepped in the door. They used every sleazy in-home sales pitch in the book, making my wife feel like scum for living in a filthy house. They played her for a fool, took our old Dyson (which we loved), our Bissel floor cleaner (which we loved) and another $1800.

We decided to cancel per the 3-day buyer's remorse clause in the contract. I called the number on the contract and confirmed the address, and mailed the cancellation back. After 5 days of not hearing anything, I tried to call the office again and got a full voicemail error. I tried several times more, noting dates and times and actual people I talked to. They promised someone would call back, no one did.

I finally contacted Kirby national customer service and finally got a call back from the sales person, owner of the company Brandt. Guess what...he claims he never got the cancellation and since it hinges on the "receipt date", I needed to provide a postmarked envelope to stake my claim. Now...if I mailed the ** was I supposed to have that???? So now we're screwed, unless I can get an angle in small claims court.

It's a real shame that people still do business like this in America... Kirby national company endorses this type of sale, and supports the independent dealers, so you won't get any help from them either. Now we're stuck with the heaviest, most cumbersome, overpriced, upright vacuum on the market, made by a company that has one of the worst customer service track records on the internet.

Seriously, there are complaints everywhere about these things. Slow service, expensive supplies, poor repair consistency...the list goes on and on. Also...with box after box of twisty hoses and plastic accessories, I now have half a closet of this stuff that I'll likely never use due to the difficult attachments and awkward equipment. Now I'm stuck trying to get my money back via some sort of court settlement if I can, which I'm not confident of. These people will lie to you, and Kirby will support them. Don't learn the hard way.

No Does Mean No
By -

UPDATE: I contacted the police and was told to not answer the door until a police officer arrived. When one did come (about 5 minutes after my call), I was told that these people were NOT with Kirby Vacuums, that they go to different townhouses and single family homes to case the area. They find out which houses are empty at what times of the day so that they can comeback later to rob them. The police will step up patrols in the area for a few weeks. A very big THANK YOU to Just Cause for suggesting that I call the police to report this!

UPDATE: I, like many people, dislike door-to-door solicitors. I even have a sign that says, 'No Solicitors, please' on my door (not that it ever works). But I am always polite when I say 'No thank you'. Today at around 3 pm I hear a knock on the door. It's a salesperson from Kirby Vacuums. After he says, "Hi! I'm your local Kirby dealer!" I politely say "No thank you. I'm not in the market", and shut the door.

I haven't even turned away from the door when I hear more knocking. I opened the door again and the young man says, "Hi! You really shouldn't be rude and shut the door in my face while I'm talking to you", and starts on his spiel. Now, mind you, I'm standing there with my mouth open in shock and he is talking away about this vacuum. So I again say, "No thank you" pointing at the 'No Solicitors, please' sign on my door and shut the door.

About 20-30 minutes later, there is another knock on my door. I open it to find ANOTHER Kirby salesperson standing there with the first person standing out by my mailbox. This time I just shut the door and ignored any knocking. I hate to be rude like that, but what do you do when a door to door salesperson just doesn't take 'No' for an answer...

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