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My First Car Experience
By -

EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- I had spent my entire Saturday driving around to different car lots and dealing with the wonderful traffic of today's society to come up empty handed on buying a car. I went back home tired and highly frustrated in my attempt to find the next dream car. The entire experience just sucked. I wondered if it was worth the hassle to buy my first vehicle. I seriously thought about just buying a bicycle and taking the city transit bus.

So Sunday morning I had enough encouragement to try again. This time I decided to try my hometown Everett and stay away from mainstream Seattle area. At the time I thought that I could get a better deal in Seattle but soon realized this was not the case. So I drove to several local car dealers and was still not "wowed!" Then I stumbled upon Klein Honda in Everett and felt at ease.

The atmosphere was different and it just fitted my personality. It could have been the helpful salesman (ex Nordstrom employee) so he knew what customer service was about. So I got along with him great. We started looking at some cars and then suddenly, I saw it. It was perfect and I told him that this is finally the one. It was a black Honda Accord with tinted windows. Man it looked aggressive, I had to have it.

So we talked numbers and came to an agreement that fit my budget. It was actually all pretty easy. I just wanted to tell my story and thank Klein Honda for helping me find that perfect first car. Thanks again and I do recommend Klein Honda to everyone! I am sending my grandma there for sure.

Lying on Automobile Interest Rate
By -

EVERETT, WASHINGTON -- When my husband and I went to Honda to buy a truck we were treated like an average customer even though I have been with Honda for years. I have an 8% interest rate on my vehicle. They talked polite at first but tried to get us at a 15% rate and a lot higher monthly payment. Mark of Klein Honda in Everett, WA came over to our table with a comeback of 10% interest on the vehicle. We believed him and we all agreed to a 10% interest rate on the 2004 Honda Pilot. We found out later in writing without words a 15% interest rate was added on our contract. They lied to us!

I have good credit financially with Honda Financial Services and as I said earlier, an 8% interest on a current vehicle already. Too bad they are so greedy as they don't want to keep a good record and keep repeat service to the public. If I was the salesperson, I would treat the customer the way I would want a salesperson to treat me, with integrity and honesty and in the highest regard. In this case it wasn't the salesperson directly, but a mistreatment toward my husband and I from Mark regarding the current purchase of our 2004 Honda Pilot. We will buy somewhere else next time.

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