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False advertising about Martha Stewart Christmas tree
By -

For a couple of weeks I have seen a Kmart commercial about a Christmas tree. I need a new tree this year so I have made it a point in the past few days to really watch the commercial to see if it was what I wanted. I want a prelit, rotating tree. The Kmart commercial I am talking about is where the neighbors come to the door wanting this husband and wife to go Christmas caroling. He tries to get out of going by stating that putting the lights on the Christmas tree will take a long time. Meanwhile, his wife is in the background, plug the tree in, and everything is done in about 3 seconds.

Immediately after that, the commercial shows a tree rotating with lights and the information Martha Stewart tree at Kmart for $79.99. Well when I made a special trip with my 2 young kids in tow to the local Kmart in Maryville, TN, do you think I actually could buy what was advertised? Of course not. The prelit, rotating tree was $179.99. No one in the store could help me, of course they hadn't seen the commercial and weren't willing to try to help me. Therefore I called Kmart corporate while standing in the store.

The man on the phone seemed to know what I was talking about right away (which makes me think I wasn't the first to call). He said it didn't rotate in the commercial when she plugged it in, which I agreed with and he told me that at the end of the commercial when it was showing it rotating, well that was for "special effect". I told him that was "false advertising" and that part of the commercial should be pulled. That was my last trip to Kmart. Walmart and Target, here I come!!!

Glass Ornaments
By -

PLYMOUTH, MINNESOTA -- This year marks the first year my family will celebrate Christmas in a house of our own. My husband and I chose K-mart for our decorations, because the ornaments are beautiful and affordable. They even have beautiful ribbons to hang the ornaments with, instead of those ugly metal hooks. We opted for the ribbons, not only because they looked good, but because we have a 16 month old daughter. We thought they would be safer than hooks. So, while my husband was out getting an extra strand of lights, I stayed home with my daughter, to tie the ribbons on the ornaments. (sadly, they came pre-tied, so I had to untie them first, but no biggie).

My daughter came over to see what I was doing and picked up an ornament. Now, we only got a few ornament that were glass, for safety reasons, and we planned to put them high enough on the tree that she couldn't reach them. The one she picked up happened to be glass, so I immediately reached for it to take it away. Before I could get to it, it exploded in her face! Tons of tiny glass chards all over the place! She is fine.

She has a small cut on her face and was really scared, because I screamed and grabbed her off the floor so fast. She had glass pieces in her mouth, eye, and nose, but we managed to get them all out. A visit to the ER proved that she hadn't swallowed any, so all is OK. My local Kmart was nice enough to take back the unopened package as well as the package with the broken ball. We got some shatterproof plastic ornaments from the same collection. Just a word to the wise to be careful with these balls.

A visit to Martha Stewarts website just sent me back to Kmart's website. I know Kmart did not design these products, so I didn't bother to email them. I hope no one else has something like this happen to them. It was the worst experience in my 16 short months of motherhood.

High price-poor quality
By -

BAKERSFIELD -- I just wanted to write this to let everyone know if you are going to be buying curtain rod rings DO NOT BUY MARTHA STEWART BRAND. I purchased 3 packs at K-Mart, they were double the price of any others. I purchased them anyway thinking that the quality must be very good. Wrong. These were the worst quality I have ever seen. As soon as you squeezed them a handful broke, and the rest wouldn't even hold my material, and my material is very light weight. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. Do not waste your time and money, you'd be better off going to the 99 CENT STORE or using paper clips

False Advertising
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On April 12, 2004 I purchased the Martha Stewart Santa Monica Bar Set from The ad said you get four tall bar chairs and a bar stool and a pentagonal bar table on sale for $170.00 regular price $218.00. They sent me the bar chairs and stool for $170.00 plus 129.00 shipping and handling but no BAR TABLE. I called and they said they were out of the Bar tables and they were sorry there was nothing they can do. I have a copy of the ad and picture with the price on it of what I ordered.

I want my complete set what I ordered not just the stools. I do not need bar stools with no BAR. I am trying to get somebody to help me. I think Kmart should be prosecuted for this. All they want to say is sorry and you can take the chairs back to the nearest Kmart and get a refund. But you don't get a refund on the shipping and handling charge that was 129.00. I would like my bar set that I paid for not half of it!!!

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