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Kodak ESP 3250 All in One Printer
By -

If you're planning on buying a new printer, I would advise you to stay away from the Kodak ESP 3250 All-In-One Printer. After purchasing this item yesterday, thinking Kodak might be a better choice than HP, I packed it back up and returned it this morning. I found the printer to be made with very thin, flimsy plastic. I was afraid the plastic was going to crack with the simplest handling. Which explained why they had SO MUCH tape on every part of the printer for packing/shipping purposes.

The other issue I had with it was paper jams. Now, this printer claims to hold 100 sheets of paper for printing. I loaded about 25 or 30 sheets and ran a test print. My first print job resulted in a paper jam. I thought, OK it's just the first print, maybe things are loose or something wasn't lining up due to the shipping and stocking of the product. I unjammed the paper and put only about 15 sheets in it, yup, another paper jam. This time I had to open the printer from the back and remove it from around the printer wheel. Finally I then placed just ONE sheet of paper in it for the test print and it worked.

My biggest issue with this product is the unbelievable loud noises it makes when you turn it on and especially when it prints. It sounds like a semi truck driving through the house. Seriously! I thought maybe it was because I had it sitting on top of my other printer, so I removed my other printer and placed the Kodak printer directly on my printer stand to check it out this morning. Guess what? ANOTHER paper jam and the noise was just as bad.

I packaged it up and returned it this morning. It's just a hunk of junk and I would advise everyone to save their money. They didn't have one of these on display at the store, and I'm thinking it's because if people heard how much noise it made, they wouldn't buy it.

Kodak Printers - Horrendous
By -

Kodak ESP 7 & 9 Printers. This is the worst product that I have ever bought and the Kodak Company customer service is horrendous! They claim to stand behind their product, but I am out $199 (granted, not an amount of money that will break the bank, but that is not the point) for a printer that was in used less than six months.

My husband and I purchased our first Kodak ESP 7 printer in February 2009 from Best Buy. Set up of this printer is easy; however, I was having problems with the software installation. I called tech support, which was in India, and after several hours of being on the telephone with a tech that I could barely understand and who could only do EXACTLY what was in the manual in front of him, it was determined, that somehow, the wrong software was included with this printer. So, I packed up the printer and returned it to Best Buy for another Kodak ESP 7 printer.

I get the second printer home and set up and lo and behold, it prints, but I am now getting an error code when I want to copy or scan. So, I again, call Kodak support. After about 1 hour on the telephone with a tech, I am connected to a supervisor here in the states that I can understand. After about 3.5 hours, we manage to resolve the error codes and I am able to print, copy and scan, yeah! This works for about 2-3 weeks and then I start to get pages that are blurred or better yet blank pages.

I again call tech support and they walk me through all of the steps that I have already tried using the on-line troubleshooting guide (performing printer maintenance tasks, removing and reinstalling the printer cartridges and print head, etc.) - I cannot tell you how many times I did this! This time, I was told that the print head is defective and that they will be sending me a new print head.

About three days later, I get the new print head and install it. It works for about one week and then I start having the same problems. To make a long story short, I received two ESP 7 printers from Kodak, one in June 2009 and one in September 2009. I had the same exact problems with these printers. I spent countless hours on the telephone with techs and supervisors, all in India, and in the end, ended up with an ESP 9 printer, which, like every other time I spoke with tech support, I was ASSURED that I would have no problems with the ESP 9 as it was the “top of the line.”

I received the ESP 9 in November 2009 and guess what? It is a piece of **! I am having the same problems, except now, I cannot print anything from the Internet and am getting all blank pages when trying to print from any of the Office Suite programs. I call tech support and after being disconnected twice am told that I am S.O.L.

A supervisor would not get on the line with me and they told me that they would not send another printer (I did not want one anyway, but that is not the point) because their policy is three replacement printers. So, I am out the $199 that I paid for the printer and was used less than six months! He did, however, offer to send me a coupon for 30% off a new Kodak printer! **.

Under these circumstances, I would normally think, wow, is there something that I am doing wrong? However, I have had a Dell and 2 HP printers in the past and have had no problems with set up, connectivity, software installation, etc.

I cannot believe that this is acceptable to Kodak! Each printer that I returned was tested and it was determined that they were, in fact, defective. Also, to add insult to injury, the first printer that was replaced by Kodak, was a refurbished printer. One of the techs actually thought it was a smart thing to tell me this! Fortunately, I kept all of my case numbers and packing slips from the printers as well as the names of each tech and supervisor that I spoke with and I am going to file a complaint with Kodak.

I belong to two professional organizations and my husband works for a company that employs approximately 200 individuals and we are both going to spread the word about the quality of the Kodak printers as well as its customer support. I also plan to tell anyone that I see looking at these printers in the store, about my experience.

Kodak ESP 3 AiO Deleted Itself, Won't Re-Install
By -

I was asked by a friend to try to get her Kodak ESP 3 working again. She had the printer for about a year on her Dell Laptop running WIN XP with no problems when it suddenly quit working. I thought the solution would be simple, but it's not.

First of all, the printer software had somehow been completely deleted from her computer. The printer would not, therefore, accept print jobs from the computer. It could be operated as a scanner using the buttons, but no other function was available. I decided to reinstall by first deleting the printer from add/remove programs, but no such program existed. The program, although having been in use for about a year, no longer existed.

So, I tried to reinstall the printer using the original install disc. The computer would not allow the disc to run (Autorun. inf) even though it recognized the disc, said it was 'healthy' and displayed the menu. Trying to display or run other items from the menu resulted in no action or an error message "runtime error." I next went to Kodak on line to find replacement software to download directly from their site. This is not an easy task. Many sites claim to have the software but turn out to be scams to get you to subscribe to their service.

Finally after a long search I found a link to Kodak Drivers and attempted to install the 'Firmware' they had available. This too met with failure. The software from their site would do nothing. The initial install file would download to the computer but it would not install the drivers. Literally nothing more would happen. No error messages or anything else. You might want to then fault the computer itself, but further searches on the net showed many other people with this same, exact, problem and no solutions offered at all.

After 3 hours we gave up and she decided to just go buy a new printer, obviously not a Kodak. She gave me the printer to experiment with. I brought it home, ran the software CD in my Acer laptop with Windows Vista and it installed and ran perfectly. I have no intention of keeping it since my life requires things I can trust. Instead I am giving it to a friend who is not so picky.

ESP3 Printer and Bad Service
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought a KODAK ESP3 all in one printer. Installed their operating CD into my computer. I now get a pop-up that takes up the whole middle of my computer screen. It reads that a RUN DLL ERROR LOADING has happened for this KODAK product. I reran their CD software. This did not help. I contacted them at their support number. I was told to run the CD again. I was then told to remove their program in my HDD and remove file. This only removed their uninstall program from that file. Their programs are still in my computer, several places.

I am unable to remove them, or use them, or fix them. They said remove from your HARD DISK DRIVE C. I refused, for fear of further damage to my C DISK DRIVE, as informed by computer security programs. Then they demanded I download a program from the net. My security came up and informed me of the dangers of downloading a program from the net with a UNKNOWN PUBLISHER, SO I requested a better way.

I was told that they can not help me, as the supervisor screamed over my voice. I gave them all my information. Told them if they did not fix this problem, then I would continue in a legal way. They than said, "Fine, I can not talk to you now." So, here I am with a broken printer and computer. I can not replace, fix, or use, unless they help. I will need to go buy replacements to do my work with, until they figure out what to do about the bugs in their product.

There has to be a better way to correct this problem. I do not think letting a stranger with a communication problem, over the phone, remove files in my hard disk drive C, or downloading a UNKNOWN PUBLISHER/UNIDENTIFIED PROGRAM from the Internet, into my computer, is a smart thing to do. ESPECIALLY from a stranger on the phone that is upset and screaming over my voice to do it, or they will not help and now will not talk to me. What is wrong with this company??? I am not just going to shut up and go away.

Faulty Driver Software (Kodak ESP 5) and Others
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Kodak ESP 5 Printer about 1 year ago and only used it for a month or so. The printer got packed up and put away after that because I was unable to update the software through Kodak's website. Recently I got the printer out and tried again to install the updated drivers from the website. Same results. (The Web Installer that you are required to download did not work. It could not download and install the drivers and I received an error that the driver download had failed.)

I contacted Kodak support on two different occasions in the past 2 weeks. After receiving an updated driver disk from Kodak, that was ordered by the first tech I spoke with, I tried again. Same problem! I called Kodak support again. After doing some quick research while talking to the tech, I found out (through no help from the Kodak support tech) that the install file (EKAiO2.inf) on the version 7.3 software disk did not have support listed for the ESP 5, ESP 7 or the ESP 9 printer drivers install, even though the second tech I spoke with reassured me that the ESP 5 AiO along with all of the AiO series printers was supported. Not so!

The drivers might be compatible, but you just can't install them for the ESP 5 printer because the ESP 5 is not listed in the install (inf) file. Unbelievable! BTW, the tech I spoke with got quite upset when I told him that the ESP 5 AiO printer was not supported in the install file. Anyone that knows how drivers are installed also knows that the installers "inf" file specifies what specific hardware is supported. Obviously the tech was not aware of that. I have a feeling that the same is true for some of the previous updated driver versions.

So if anyone happens to own one of the ESP printers that I mentioned above and you try to install the updated drivers from Kodak's website or from an updated software/driver disk and you get an error, now you know why. Won't buy another Kodak printer or recommend them to anyone.

Kodak ESP 5250 Brand New Printer Is Junk!
By -

I purchased a Kodak ESP 5250 printer online on 11/28/11. Today is 1/9/12 and I still don't have a printer that works correctly even after multiple phone calls to Kodak's customer support and various replacements that have been shipped to me. The first printer I received would not pull paper into the machine. After two phone calls to Customer Support and close to an hour on the phone, they decided to send me an entirely new printer, but asked me to use the printhead and print cartridges from the first machine I had received.

After receiving the replacement printer, I was able to get the printer working, however, it would not print anything in black text. The color cartridge seemed to be working fine. Typed pages printed either with nothing on them or occasional blurred words scattered across the page. I placed another phone call to Customer Support, and after 35 minutes more, he decided the printhead was bad and needed to be replaced. They sent me a new printhead assuring me this would solve the issue.

Today I received the new printhead. I'm still having the same problem with black text not printing properly. Another 25 minutes on the phone again today with Customer Support. He asked me if I had cleaned the printhead. I asked, "Why do I need to clean the printhead when I just received a brand new one today from Kodak?" (He's obviously reading steps out of a script they've been given.) He said, "Of course, you are right."

Several times during the call, he had to put me hold to consult someone else. He finally came back and told me to go out and buy a new black ink cartridge at the store and see if that works. The printer hasn't even worked properly yet, but I already have to go buy a new black ink cartridge.

In addition to the equipment issues, Kodak has obviously outsourced American jobs to the Middle East, as every Customer Support person I've spoken with has been Middle Eastern and difficult to understand. While you're on hold listening to Kodak messages, there are repeated attempts to get you to hang up and use the Kodak website or their "Live Chat" feature rather than trying to actually speak with a live person on the phone.

At a time when there are 24.4 million Americans out of work, Kodak is paying foreigners to do jobs that Americans would gladly do. On the news last week, I heard that Kodak may file bankruptcy. I wonder why??? Could it be their products that don't work and their lack of good customer service?

Kodak Is Not Customer Friendly.
By -

I am currently waiting for my third printer to be sent. I bought one brand new, paid to have it installed in to my network and it quit working 2 weeks later. I call, and I am very nice about it, they mail me a different one. So I pay again to have it put on my network. This one don't work at all. Then I find out, it wasn't even a new one. It was refurbished. So let me see this one should be perfect then, since it's been fixed already... not. I look it up while I'm waiting on hold for an hour and find 37 review all saying the same thing that is wrong with my printer, and one of them was on their 5th replacement printer.

I finally get someone on the phone. It can't be fixed, not by me anyway, so guess what this time they're going to send me a new one!! Like I'm impressed, I had a new one to start with it didn't work either. I told them, I don't want it. I want a different printer altogether. This one has issues that have not been resolved. They just keep telling how great it is. Hello, do they not realize I'm sending back the second printer they've sent me because it doesn't work? I tell them what I've read and again ask for another printer. I get put on hold again.

Then I get a different supervisor, still singing Kodak's praises. I tell him "I don't have an issue with Kodak, it's this series printer with the issue and I'd rather not go through it a third time. Please send me a different printer." But no, all they will do is send me the same one. How many time do I have to do this?

When he refused to I told him "Fine send it, I'm also going to send an email to everyone I can at Kodak, and blog about there product." His response "This one should work." What like third time's a charm? All I wanted was a different printer. They make several. Maybe I should have specified I wanted one that worked the last time they sent me one, or rather, when I bought the first one.

Kadak ESP-3 All-in-One Printer
By -

I purchased this Kodak all in one printer with the extended 2 yr warranty. The price for ink is great. The problem is that by the time you do a test page & print about 3 pictures you need to clean the spoolings on the printer otherwise lines start going through the picture. Then the color starts fading & you need to replace the ink cartridges. You use more ink printing test pages than printing pictures.

I had a Lexmark all in one that I had bought in 2002. It was wonderful, but as with all products it didn't last forever. I only bought the Kodak because I figured it would be better for doing pictures & you can't beat the price of the ink. This is the worst printer ever. I can't believe it's so highly advertised. I am so disappointed. As far as tech support, it sucks as much as the printer.

Very Poor Costumer Service With Warranty.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchase a Hero 9.1 printer, and the first week using it, my printer broke. Kodak gave me a used replacement printer. During the first year warranty I had problems with the print head. Print head was replaced few times, and the problem keep coming back. Now that the warranty period was over, and I still have the same problem, Eastman Kodak do not want it to keep fixing the existing problem, and they told me that the warranty is over, and if I want it get it fixed, I have to pay for it or buy a new printer at my own expenses.

I don't think this is right, because the problem I have was the same problem that I been having since day one. Beware if you thinking about on buying any Kodak product, as they do not comply with the warranty protocols, which instate that if the problem you having happens during the warranty period, the manufacturer have to still cover the product. Beware for Kodak Eastman products.

Faulty Equipment! Kodak's Terrible "Customer NO Service"
By -

We are having issues with print quality on our all in one printer. We contacted Kodak's "customer NO support." Although they acknowledge they have issues with their print heads they do not stand behind their product to fix it and make it right. I spoke to their "customer NO service" first in India. After going nowhere with them they had their customer relations department in the United States contact me to resolve the issue. Again, although they acknowledge that they had sold us a faulty printer, they will not stand behind their product.

The 2ND guy I spoke to in India had told me that we had used up the useful life of the printer! 1 YEAR OLD! They were generous enough to offer me a new print head that would resolve the issue for another $25 on this already very costly product of which we would probably have to replace in another year. I am so dissatisfied with how they had handled this situation I will never purchase another Kodak product for the rest of my life! The guy I spoke to from customer relations was very nice but very nice doesn't fix faulty equipment! No wonder the Better Business Bureau got rid of them!

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