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Discontinued Cabinets... Kitchen Ruined
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PENNSYLVANIA -- Would like to share our experience with KraftMaid Kitchen Cabinets. We purchased a beautiful home with KraftMaid cabinets, which boast about their lifetime warranty, craftsmanship, and reliability. Since we purchased the home, we are not the original purchasers of the cabinets which means we are not covered by warranty, which I understand. Our dishwasher has a panel front and has just broken. We need to purchase a new dishwasher and therefore, need a new panel for the front of the dishwasher. I contacted KraftMaid and they explained the style has been discontinued and they cannot help me.

Now, if I was the original the purchaser and had a problem with the cabinet, they would be able to provide me with a replacement, but since I am not the original purchaser, they cannot SELL me a new panel for the dishwasher. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I am not asking for anything for free. I just want a new panel for a new dishwasher to keep the look of my kitchen. Now what will I do when a need a new refrigerator? I find it hard to believe the a company who is so unhelpful when I want to buy something, would be helpful when they have to replace something for free under warranty. I will never purchase KraftMaid cabinets.

Kraftmaid Cabinets Falling Off Wall
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MIDDLEFIELD, OHIO -- I purchased Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets from Home Depot in Dec 2006. We installed ourselves. Only one was damaged on receipt and the door was replaced immediately. Other than some rough door jams, everything else looked fine. On 9/8/10 I came home to find that 2 of the cabinets backing had pulled loose from the boards which you nail through and were tilting forward. I called the service number and was told that there was not a local representative in my area (northern KY) but they would email the one covering our area John ** and he would call me. They also told me it may be a few days since he was out of the area.

On 9/15/10 I still had not heard from the representative. I called customer service again. They apologized and told me they would look up the first email and follow up as to why he had not contacted me. I had expected at least a call acknowledging the issue from the representative and to let me know when he would be in the area. I had heard nothing from him. On 9/16/10 I went to Home Depot. Jim in the cabinet dept said we needed to contact John **. I explained the previous calls to customer service. He sent yet another email to the representative with a lengthy explanation.

As of 9/20/10 we have still not heard from anyone at Kraftmaid. We have boards supporting the cabinets so they do not fall down and the contents all over the kitchen. Although everyone I have spoken with is nice and apologetic, nothing is really getting done to solve my issue. We are about to remove the cabinets and fix ourselves in order to get my kitchen back in working order.

I have read a lot of reviews of Kraftmaid recently and do not the serious problems most had with shoddy production and honestly if I had read them in 2006 I probably would not have purchased Kraftmaid cabinets. However, I am seeing the issues with problem resolution. I have also been unable to find any numbers to call other that customer or warranty service.

Kraftmaid Kitchen Cabinets
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WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT -- Do not buy Kraftmaid or better known to us "KRAPMADE" kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen remodel began in August of 2008 and we are still not done in February of 2009. The first delivery of cabinet doors looked NOTHING like the sample doors. The finished work product was poor, sloppy mistakes and showed no quality control. They sent a factory representative out after the 3rd delivery of poor quality replacements. There were stain drips (mineral spots, in their opinion), huge holes filled with putty, unfinished surfaces, incorrect color doors, shelving that could be pulled apart with ease, cracked doors and I could go on.

I can't explain the anxiety and frustration this company caused us. We had countless e-mails and letters to Kraftmaid. Virtually no communication on their part, it was like we did not exist. We are on our 8th or 9th (have lost count) shipment and have requested $1,500 in monetary compensation for the unacceptable product, poor workmanship, and time spent finishing their cabinets. KRAPMADE has refused. DO NOT BUY kitchen cabinets from this company.

Cracked cabinet doors Holes in cabinets filled with putty Cabinets with unfinished surfaces / incorrect color

Complaint on KraftMaid Kitchen Cabinets (Masco Corp) Ordered via Home Depot
By -

We have sent complaint letters via Certified Mails to both Masco Corporation and Home Depot back on 8/4/08. As of today, we still have not received any responses. On April 18, 2008, we ordered $7,126 in KraftMaid cabinetry from Home Depot - Pearl City #1702. Once all the cabinets were delivered on June 17, 2008, we checked the total cabinets that were delivered. When our contractor started opening the boxes of the cabinets, we then discovered the following issues. In total, there were issues with 11 pieces of cabinetry.

Part Issue Status: (1) U242484butt (Pantry Cabinet) - right bottom door hinges broke-off, broken screw remained inside the wood. Home Depot advised for contractor to remove the broken screw and reinsert with a bigger screw. (2) 4DROT (deep roll out tray for Pantry Cabinet) - 4 units damaged. One cracked on the front of the tray, the others all had cracks on both side of the trays. Home Depot is sending new replacement. (3) BEOS924L (base end open shelf) - Bubbles/blisters on the veneer finish on the leg below the bottom shelf. Home Depot told me to use the Toe Kick to cover it up. Later Home Depot said they will replace it.

(4) TFOS92484R.SQT (SQT tall end open shelf) - Bubbles/blisters on the veneer finish, along with peeling from top to bottom from the veneer finish. Home Depot is sending new replacement. (5) CM8.MS (Crown Molding) - one of them was warped. Home Depot is sending new replacement. (6) 2DFWROT (deep full width tray) - 2 units damaged. Both of them have some cracks on the side of tray. Home Depot is sending new replacement. (7) B36 (36" base cabinet) - Crack in bottom of top drawer. Home Depot is sending new replacement.

While waiting for the new replacement of item 3 & 4, the Silestone countertop installation has to delay for 5 to 6 weeks (because item 3 is the end-unit of the whole cabinet base). This delay have caused us to pay additional fees with my contractor to come back to finishing the installation on item 3 & 4. In addition, as we do not have a functional kitchen while waiting, my family of four has to eat out every day, which has increased my food costs significantly.

It gets worse. The item 3 was supposed to arrive 8/4. We had asked if it was possible to FedEx to get the item 3 quicker but your installation dept. told me that KraftMaid will not air-freight it unless we are willing to pay the $300 plus tap ourselves. We accepted the ocean shipment method. However, from 7/16/08 till today KraftMaid had sent me item 2, 5, 6 & 7 via Fedex 3 different times and each time has damaged items in it. We are still waiting for more cabinetry but it looks like now there may be additional delays with the shipping mistake.

Frankly, we have been very disappointed with both Home Depot and KraftMaid's response to addressing the issues we have had with the cabinets. Until now, we have had very positive experiences with Home Depot (having spent over $14,000 at Home Depot this past four months for our home renovation project!) and have been your very loyal customers.

To resolve the problem, we would appreciate it if Home Depot could provide compensation in the amount of $1,781 which reflects 25% of what we paid for the cabinets and will help us pay the additional costs we are incurring due to the damaged cabinets. KraftMaid's display cabinet in your store said "You Deserve The Best!" - we certainly hope we can find the best possible resolution to this situation. We look forward to your reply and a resolution to this problem.

Production Problems
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KraftMaid seems to be having production problems. My local retailer ordered custom cabinets in January 2013 and I was told they would be delivered in April/May 2014. It is now August and there is no status available. My retailer told me it was due to KraftMaid production problems.

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