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Coupons Not Honored Correctly
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Rating: 1/51

MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI -- I'm sorry but the workers at my Krystals location in Meridian MS cannot read at all. I went there last night with a coupon I got from their email club, the coupon was for 2 free Krystal and a drink for free with ANY purchase (keyword ANY). Well guess what, those dumbasses said I had to buy something for equal or greater value to use that coupon... well that's not what the coupon says, it does not say that anywhere on it, not even in the fine print!

Like I said, it said with ANY PURCHASE! What part of that is so hard to understand?! Please someone tell Krystal to hire people that can read. Also that's not the first time this has happened... soo I think I'm done ever going to Krystal again.

To The Customers
By -

TEXAS -- I work for a Krystal restaurant in Texas. We are not much different from any other fast food restaurant, other than our exposure in Texas is not that great. That being said, we do not have that much business in comparison to, say, Wendy's. But we have good products. And most of the time, good service. And like all other fast food joints excluding Jack in the Box, we have a timer at the drive through that monitors time at the menu, pull-forward time, and at the window time. This is very important to us that we keep the time down because if it is too high, our store could be penalized. I have a few questions for customers.

If you have never been here, like most of you haven't for you have never even heard of the place, why do you come through the drive-through? At 40 seconds we ask if you need help with the menu and you say, "Umm, no I'm just checking out the menu. I've never been here before. Ha ha." First of all, it's not funny. It's quite aggravating because it's obvious that you've never been here. If you don't know the menu, come inside. That is the philosophy for all fast food places.

Secondly, why do you go through the drive-through and go eat in a parking space when you are done? It should not bug us but it does. Thirdly, why must you make more than one order through the drive through? It makes it more time effective on us when you place one order. We know there are two payments but please, come inside.

Fourthly, why do you submit an INCREDIBLE order and NOT expect to wait. Normally, we will keep not more than a sackful (12 krystals) up because often times, we do not even sell that much. When we ask you to pull up so that we may make you some fresh Krystal's, feel good that you will have quality food and not crap.

Lastly, why must you guys come at 10 minutes, 5 minutes, even 1 minute till close?! Oh, do we despise you guys. Sorry to say it that your joy of making it just in time is our incentive to fling a few curse words through the air. At that point in time, we are not for the customer. We are for the close. Like customers, we are people, too, and after a long day of work, we just want to go home. Everyone or at least almost everyone has worked fast food or some job that involves customer service at least once in their life. You understand.

We do like to treat our customers well and we do want you to have a good experience. Help us help you. That is the whole object of the game. Yes, the company is for profit, but some of us actually enjoy our job and it is not always about the paycheck. To those of you that understand or are just naturally a good customer, we salute you and appreciate you business.

No Gloves
By -

My daughter and I went to Krystal on North Memorial Pkwy and ordered our usual. I noticed that none of the employees who were preparing our food had gloves on. I asked if they would all put gloves on and re-do our order only to be told that they were not required to were gloves anymore. They were using a new system that counted how many times they washed their hands instead!

I have worked in the food service industry for many years and I WILL NOT eat where gloves and hair nets are not required! How do they know WHO is washing their hands, how well they are being washed and even if this is being done regularly, skin cells and any bacteria under their finger nails can be transferred to your food! YUCK!

Milkquake Milkshake Not Delivered As Advertised
By -

1999 OPELIKA ROAD, AUBURN, ALABAMA -- Today 6/25/08, I spotted a billboard that said "Try our milk quake milkshakes." My husband & I decided to visit the Krystal location of 1999 Opelika Road, Auburn, AL 36830 location & try it! I again saw a picture of the milkshake on the Krystal windows when we arrived. We were excited because it sure looked good! We ordered 2 & paid over $6.00 for them. When handed the milkshakes the attendant said "Oh, sorry, we ran out of the whipped cream topping." I said "OK then you need to take at least $50 cents from our bill", but he refused! We then looked at our milkshake & my husband's was only 1/2 full!

You can just imagine how upset I was to know we were being taken advantage of! We do not plan to visit that Krystal again & will make sure our friends & relatives know about this! If anyone is reading this, please note that Krystal's advertisement concerning this milkshake like it will rock your world is so very false... you can make a better milkshake in your home!

Resolution Update 06/30/2008:

Just knowing that nothing can really be done to rectify my complaint & now wanting to receive anymore comments from anyone...

Food Poisoned - From Eating Hamburgers
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- WARNING OF FOOD POISONING by eating Krystal Hamburgers. Offending store: Krystal Hamburger at 1810 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham (Irondale), Alabama 35210. The home office: Krystal Corporate Headquarters 1 Union Square, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

Three of us in a family at hamburgers from Krystal Hamburgers. I was in Birmingham visiting to celebrate 2 life events. Could not do so for we got sick. We were throwing up, having diarrhea, feeling like going to die! ALL 3 of us got food poisoning! I ended up in the hospital for FOOD POISONING. I have copies of medical records from the hospital stating this.

The Health Department was notified. I have copy of their investigation. The found Krystal policy to be in conflict with the County code and Alabama law. They found that Krystal employees handled hamburger onions without washing hands or putting on gloves. Krystal was cited for this/given a notice for "bare hand contact & cross contamination".
I have documentation.

My concern is that a lot of other people who may have gotten sick after eating at Krystal and not realized what it was from. They may have thought that it was the flu or a stomach virus. However, Krystal Hamburger is the culprit. I was able to recognize the symptoms because (1) I am a nurse. (2) We all got sick and the only food we ate in common was the Krystal Hamburgers. PLEASE WARN PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. Please warn the sick & elderly. I am concerned that something like this could given KILL a small child as well as those that are elderly, sick, or have compromise immune system. Thanks & be careful.

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