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Manager Makes Threat To Harm Guest
By -

I checked into the La Quinta in Coral Springs Fl with my wife and children on 11/01/2011 for a months stay. My wife is an interior designer and had clients in this area. On 11/20/2011 my wife wanted to go on the balcony that is part of our room. The balcony overlooks the pool and she wanted to get some fresh air. While on her way a out the balcony door her foot caught on hanging piece of weather stripping causing her to trip and smash herself into the balcony's metal fence. The result of this is a sprained elbow, knee and dislocated and broken toe. This happened on Sunday afternoon and I let the front desk no of her problem.

I was told that I should come back in the morning and speak to a **. In the morning I was told ** wasn't going to be in until Tuesday. I saw ** on Tuesday and he said he took an incident report and in 24 hours I would be contacted. On Wednesday the 11/23/2011 I didn't hear anything so I found a contact number only to learn they had been closed for the entire week for Thanksgiving. I confronted ** at the front desk. I was upset and asked how he could have sent a report when they are closed. I explained the clients we lost as well as the money for medical bills, lost income and staying in a hotel to rest from an injury they caused.

** became angry and even accused my wife of lying. I said that "you are being rude and nasty and should understand our point." ** said if I point at him again he would break my finger off. My son was with me and was quite upset. ** said to get out at once and leave the property. We went to our room and packed as fast as we could but ** along with a very large worker came to our room and said we had to leave. My wife could barely walk and we took what we could. When I reached the lobby the police met me and said that ** wanted us barred from the property. He even wanted me to pay for the day I had to leave. I refused to and left.

We had no family or real friends here and had to have a former client pick up our bags and keep them for us. We checked the hotels and couldn't find any rooms. This is the day before Thanksgiving and airlines had no seats. We had no place to go and spent the next 2 days in a parking lot in the elements. This was a nightmare that haunts us. We will never forget this holiday. My wife who had to walk suffered extreme pain and swelling. We are still waiting to hear back. I also want ** fired. Please don't ever stay at this hotel. I will fight to have him fired.

Drug Hotel
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Rating: 4/51

FT LAUDERDALE 95 & CYPRESS, FLORIDA -- I am (WAS) a regular customer of this La Quinta on W Cypress and I-95 and have stayed there with my wife and 2 small children 4 time a year for the past 5 years. I also resided in Ft Lauderdale for 22 years up till 2007 so I know the area very well. On my last visit on August 22nd - 27th 2012 there were serious issues with drug usage that appeared to be the staff using one of the rooms on the first floor for smoking marijuana. It appeared that one of the staff, ** was involved as he was high as a kite with bloodshot eyes. The manager ** was notified and I asked her to contact the police 3 times. She never made the call.

I called about 1 hour later and was informed by the police that they were aware of drug problems at this hotel but the problems were normally on the 4th floor! A claim that the manager ** said she was not aware of. I would strongly advised families, single women or retirees to avoid this hotel or anyone like myself as I was 90 days out of open heart surgery and I doubt that heart medication and second hand marijuana fumes permeating my room #132 are what the doctor ordered.

The bigger issue is that the manager ** and other staff were indifferent and annoyed that I would have an issue with the hotel being used as their drug house. When management of a hotel don't care about issues of their guests safety than the public should avoid that location. Me, I will never stay in another La Quinta hotel again or even buy stock in such a company.

Service and Dirty Motel Mold in the Bathroom
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- My family and stayed at La Quinta Inn on April 15 - April 17, 2012. When we called to make the reservation, we told them it was for three people and asked if did they have Queen beds. They said they did. When we go to the room, we found that we had two full beds. When we asked about it, they said they don't have queen size beds for three people. Then when we asked if we can have a cot, they said it would cost extra. I had to literally argue with them that they did not advise us of the full beds and extra charge for a cot. They finally caved in.

Also, when we went out the next day we came back around 5:00 PM and our room had not be cleaned or the beds made. I called and asked why? They said they have so many rooms that is why it takes so long. Also there was mold in the faucet of the shower and days later it was never cleaned. I even tried to get in touch with the Manager named ** and surprise, surprise he never called. We would never recommended this La Quinta Inn in Wayne, NJ to anyone!!!

Head Lice
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Rating: 1/51

HUTCHINS, TEXAS -- My son and I checked in at this hotel on February 24, 2012, for one night. The room appeared to be clean and well furnished and we had no issues. The following morning, I awoke to feeling "tingling" on my scalp. Thinking it was dry scalp, I showered and washed my hair. Not long afterwards, we checked out. A while later, I again felt tingling and itching, and it felt like little bugs crawling over my scalp. To my horror, I had head lice!

Driving home the 5 hours, I was extremely itchy and continued to feel something crawling. My son had slept on the other bed and was not affected, thankfully! I left feedback about the hotel on the travel site where I had booked the room. I had one message appear, asking for my contact number, since "the one I gave was not working." I responded back the same day with my phone number, which IS working. I also have an answering machine, but have not received a call nor a message from management at this establishment.

Four weeks later, I am still fighting the infestation!!! I have had to wash bedding every night and have spent money buying OTC products to treat this without success. I am furious that I have not been able to get rid of them. My next step is a visit to the physician to get a prescription. BEWARE OF THIS LOCATION!!!

Suicide in Room 156
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- We were not notified what was happening in the parking lot while we couldn't go out for 4-5 hours as the police, ambulance, fire department and ultimately a body was brought out. We asked the very inexperienced and less than knowledgeable staff (or so they said) of what had happened. The clean up company came on the 4th day after this occurrence. (They continued to rent out the rooms on each side of the affected room, which included inquisitive children) greedy, incompetent and obviously uncaring staff and management.

In addition, the room had microwaves, new TVs that were advertised that didn't work as well as toilets that did not flush. We complained through their supposed corporate complaint process (e-mail) after the Manager indicated she was inexperienced and asked to be contacted via phone and all we got was a statement that said it had been addressed. Do not stay at these hotels.

Had a Decent Stay
By -

I only stayed for 1 night at the La Quinta, near the airport. While the major advantage of the hotel was its proximity to the airport, there were some issues I did not really like with the hotel. Firstly, you can't really get a good night's sleep since the bed is rock hard and there's a lot of light coming in from the street. Some black-out curtains would have been nice. The breakfast could have used more variety and the rooms could have been a bit more clean. The rug on the floor can really hold in dust and, me being asthmatic, I really felt that. Overall an OK experience, but I wouldn't visit again.

La Quinta "loyalty" program - points forfeited without warning
By -

A few weeks ago my 13,000+ points from La Quinta's loyalty program inexplicably disappeared, just shortly after receiving my most recent statement. I emailed their customer service department and was told my points had expired, and that they would reinstate them only if I logged another stay at a La Quinta hotel. Say what? No warnings of expiring points, etc. I emailed them back requesting that my points be reinstated. They claim my points were forfeited because I hadn't stayed there recently enough.

La Quinta Chicago Downtown Money Suckers
By -

I checked in this hotel late on 11:00 PM the usual check-in time is 3:00 PM. When I checked in I have told the front desk that I will be checking out late which they made a note. I was told specifically that they charge for a night. Now when I see my credit card bills it seems they have charged for 2 nights. Now they are giving excuses that the late check-out cannot be so late (10:00 PM) at night. My question is they could have informed me earlier that I need to pay for an additional night. In fact I could have stayed an additional night.

This is a trick to eat money as they have the credit card number to do anything. Never ever stay here. Be very cautious to stay in these type of hotels. It's better to give a penny to a beggar rather that to the money making attitude these hotels have. I have read different reviews that La Quinta is famous to snatch money from the common people this way.

Son Got Scabies from La Quinta Inn & Suites
By -

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- We did a “pre-check in” on Tuesday, March 21st, 11:30 a.m. I had asked the staff if they had the service of taking our luggage up to our room once it was ready. The response was, “No, we don't offer that”. (Remember this point, because later in this story I witnessed where the staff did take up luggage for another hotel customer.) The “pre-check in” went wonderful. We were able to purchase 3 bus passes for the ride over to the park. We went to the park immediately after “pre-check in” and my husband rode the bus back to La Quinta to obtain our room keys and to take our luggage up to our room. My son, daughter and I remained at Disneyland park.

My husband went to our car and carted our luggage up to our room. Upon entering our room, it was “trashed” and clearly not cleaned. The previous occupants made a pretty big mess for staff to clean up. So, my husband immediately exited the room and went back downstairs to the lobby to notify the staff. The staff member apologized and gave my husband another room and new keys. My husband went to the second room assigned and found that room was not ready for us either. It was apparent to both the staff and my husband that the guests had left their luggage in this room.

My husband phoned the front desk immediately and the front desk staff member met my husband; they discussed the situation and basically it was agreed upon that he would just assign us another room. This would be our third room in one day which was assigned to my family. Luckily, the third room was great. My husband took the bus back to Disneyland park and we continued with our enjoyment of the park. We caught the bus back to the hotel around 10:30 p.m., arrived at our room and discovered that our key was deactivated, essentially, we had been locked out of our room.

I had left 2 cell phone numbers with their staff members at check-in and never received a courtesy call notifying us that our room key was deactivated. I phoned the front desk from my cell phone notifying her that we couldn't get into our room. They sent up the maintenance man with 2 new keys, in the meantime, I went down to the front desk to inquire as to why this has happened. While I was at the front desk, another family was checking in to obtain their keys for their room, the customer had asked the front desk staff, “Did you take our luggage to our room?” The front desk staff replied, “Yes ma'am, your luggage is in your room”.

I was shocked, I couldn't believe that we were told that this service was not offered, but yet, I find that they do offer this service. Now, I am wondering why I was lied to about this service. Did they offer this service or not? If we both did the “pre-check in” option, which it was clear to me that is exactly what happened, why did they get their luggage taken to their room and we did not?

On Wednesday morning, my son had 3 bites/red marks on his body. I immediately phoned the front desk to say we need everything in our room sanitized and the linen and comforters changed. I waited and nobody came, our account was not noted - so I walked down the hallway. I was able to flag down a housekeeper and was trying to explain to her there was a problem in our room. She could not speak English, so I phoned my mother-in-law and she translated in Spanish for me. The housekeeping staff was right on top of it and we had several housekeeping personnel in our room. They were able to launder the sheets, comforters and pillow cases.

As the day went on, the bites were multiplying on my son. He kept itching all over and as they were getting worse I knew it was Scabies. Around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, I checked into the Emergency Room at St. Joseph‘s Children Hospital. The doctor then confirmed it was Scabies. Our whole family had to take the same treatment as my son. I had a couple of bites, my daughter has some bites, and my husband has 1 bite. Our bites weren't as bad as my son's bites. The doctor prescribed 4 prescriptions.

On Friday morning, we immediately checked out after being discharged from the hospital and notified the front desk staff of the incident we had. He was very kind to us and he recommended I fill out the report of incident form since I had shared with him what had happened to us.

I was very hurt by the lack of insensitivity when I returned to ask for our room key again after checking out, because I had left our California map in the room. Front desk staff was discussing it and was shocked to see me when I came back. They were using alcohol wipes wiping down the counter and discussing our situation amongst each other while guests were sitting on the sofa in the lobby. I walked out of there in tears. I felt dirty and nasty. Getting scabies is a horrible. I wish this on nobody.

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