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LabCorp Has One Technician Who Refused to Talk to Me Because My Blood Test Form Did Not Have My Home Address.
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GLENDALE, CA., CALIFORNIA -- On my first visit to get a blood test at LabCorp in Glendale, CA, the receptionist/ technician looked at the form written for me by my Oncologist and refused to help me because the form did not have my home address. She instructed me to go complete the form and come back. It was not so much what she said to me, but the way she spoke to me, which was snippy and sarcastic. I have been to other LabCorp locations and this was never a problem before.

On another occasion I was on my cell phone while waiting to be called for my blood test. The receptionist called me into the lobby/hall, as I walked in the technician who was standing at the counter turned to look at me and immediately yelled out that I had to get off my phone so that she could draw my blood. She did not give me a chance to say goodbye to the person I was speaking with and just assumed that I would not hang up before entering the blood lab room. Again, her attitude was rude and totally inappropriate.

Poor Company Service From Bottom To Top
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FLORIDA -- LabCorp is the worst Laboratory Service System in the nation by far. From the minute you walk into their clinic to all the actions of its employees and representative that follow. I was referred by my doctor to them and a simple routine yearly test became a nightmare. I provided all the information that they need for patient registration including proof of ID and Insurance Card. Then I was walked to a cubicle where a young male still getting out of bed between yawns drew my blood. I walked out of there with the sensation that that would be my last visit ever.

But what follows is amazing. I got the results and the gender box was checked as female when I am a 43 year father. Later I received a bill for the services for $255.00 claiming: “An Insurance Company has denied payment stating that the patient could not be identified or was not eligible for benefits on the date the services were rendered. Please, remit prompt payment”. The invoice charged me for a full unadjusted amount, like if I had no insurance. It also showed that they had filed the claim to an insurance company that was not mine.

Coincidentally I had not received the typical “explanation of benefits statement” that by law my insurance company has to send me if they deny a claim. I called my Insurance Company and they informed me the claim had never been received by them. I promptly called them back and pointed out the mistakes and requested that a new claim with all these errors fixed would be submitted, the customer service representative told me to disregard the bill and wait for notification from my insurer.

After this incident I kept receiving the wrong bill month after month, month after month I called them and I was always assured that no action on my part was required, that they were going to fix it until they recently sent my account to Collections and they started harassing me about payment.

I contacted their billing department. I was informed this time that the reason why the claim was denied by my insurance company was because the “treatment coded in the claim did not match my gender”. I reminded them that I provided all the information that they requested and quick look at my persona is sufficient to figure out that I am a man and if there was an error it was not my problem because even if I want to fix it I do not know how.

It will cost me $9,000.00 and 9 months of school to get a degree in Medical Billing and Coding, but they insisted that it was my problem to fix the error through my doctor's office which I find ridiculous since my doctor successfully filed the claim for the visit to their office and he was paid quickly, on the other hand it was not my doctor who coded wrongfully or filed to the wrong insurance company. I contacted my insurance company again and there was still no record of the claim, so the rejection based on the wrong gender was a fabricated excuse of the customer service representative to hide LabCorp's own mess.

I contacted my insurance company again and sent them all this LabCorp's crap and they stepped in to help me. I will never do business with LabCorp again in my life: they provide a bad service and their employees knowingly lie. I recommend everyone reading this forum to stay away from this company that practices bad business.

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