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16 Reasons Why You Should Stay Clear of Them
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SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- Why you should NOT deal with Landmark Merchant Solutions. Here are 16 reasons why you should stay clear of them. This just touches the surface! Landmark Merchant Solutions will give you websites they say they designed but didn't, just to get you to sign up with them. Ask Steve **. Other sites Landmark may have started but the users had to change the site just to get it to work properly. But Landmark will take credit for the entire website.

Faxes contract to you and states they have to be signed right away to get the current "special pricing". Then about 1-2 weeks later you will receive Landmark Merchant Solutions Operations Manual. This has the Customer Service Web Development/Terms and Conditions. Find a lawyer to go through it!

Landmark will tell you services that you will be receiving but will try and deny them after you sign up with them. Landmark will say you have certain services but really don't. Then you have to argue with them to get what was promised.

Love to force the credit card terminals down your throat. Even when you tell Landmark you don'€™t want one and you only want a gateway. They state "you have to have a terminal. It's good for your business." Take money from your account that's incorrect. Will debit your account but send you a statement saying they credited it instead.

Landmark won'€™t honor their part of a contract or back up what their employees signed. Also, won't honor emails promising you won'€™t get charged for services due to finding out about their websites they didn'€™t create or design. If the person that signed your contract or email gets fired or leaves Landmark, according to Andrew ** Landmark doesn'€™t need to honor what that person or persons signed.

Landmark will break their contract saying they can raise their rates when they want to, according to Andrew **, he told me to check my manual. Oh, that'€™s the manual I received almost 2 weeks after I signed with Landmark. So what'€™s the sense of having a contract?

Landmark has trashed websites and when they are confronted with the problem they state "It'€™s a free website. What do you expect?"€ Also Landmark will make software changes and not notify you this is going to happen. This will result in your site going down and you have to start all over again redesigning a new site. Will make changes to your website and not tell you. They love to do it on a Friday then leave for the weekend. No one there for support until Monday. No 24/7 support at all only 8/5 if you'€™re lucky and it'€™s only by ticket form.

When you have a Google sitemap and it comes back with an error saying 500 Internal Server Error and you notify Landmark about it they said it'€™s a Google problem not theirs. News flash it's Landmark problem and a dangerous one too. Landmark and their wonderful "FREE" websites are a mess. They like adding redirects to your web pages that throws everything off and kills your rankings.

The "€œFREE"€ website when you leave Landmark you can't take it with you. Also, your domain can't just be transferred without Landmark authorizing it. Landmark locks your domain up with Your domain is kept under Landmark's master account with their registration information UNLESS you are going to transfer your domain name, site and email to another host. If you do that you will have to fill out a copy of Landmark's transfer request form. But, again you can't transfer your site from Landmark to another hosting company.

Landmark will make your life a nightmare to get you to leave them. Then you'€™re stuck with their wonderful lease with Integrated Leasing that you can't break for 48 months. When you get in touch with Integrated Leasing they will tell you, "Sorry the lease you signed can't be cancelled."€ They state "your problem is with Landmark, not with Integrated Leasing." Doesn't matter if Landmark is the one that got you into the lease with Integrated Leasing by the way of deception, you're still stuck with that lease. You are stuck with a piece of equipment worth $150.00 and you're paying around $3000.00 for, then you still don't own it.

Integrated Leasing/CIT Financial USA, Inc. dba Lease Finance Group. Lease Finance Group states: "€œWe do not lease credit card terminals. We get inquiries daily about the firm that does. Sorry, and good luck"€. Then when question further I get this reply: "They use the same name but are a different company"€. This is a quote not my spelling errors. Difficult if not impossible to use their credit card machines with any other merchant services.

This is a small list compared to what's out on the internet, just put into your browser Landmark Merchant Solutions Complaints or Landmark Merchant Solution Ladco Leasing complaints, Landmark Merchant Solutions Integrated Leasing complaints for starters. Landmark doesn't care about their merchants at all. They even asked me to call someone in my state to try to get them to sign up with Landmark. I told them I wouldn't do it because of the way I've been treated and scammed, that's when they decided to raise my rates and not honor my side of the contract or emails.

They don't care that they give out other people's websites that they didn't design and claim they did, they don't care about how your website is doing, and they don't care if they mock everything up on your site and blame it onto you. In short they don't care about anything just about taking your money. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH Landmark Merchant Solutions.

Any questions about Landmark/Integrated Leasing please email me, I'll be more than happy to give you more details. Also I'll let you know all the other people that I've contacted that have been scammed and are very upset and angry with Landmark as well.

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