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Worst Quality Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have it for almost two years. Very rarely sit in it 🤨. Went to recline in it last night and when I reckoned it there was a pop and now it doesn't work. Called because they have a lifetime warranty. BULL. It will cost me minimum 174.00 for them to come fix it. Really! Overpriced junk.

Sofas/Loveseats Laced With Toxic Chemicals From Asia
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Fabric loaded with toxins and imported from Asia. I regret buying anything from this company. Within one week of purchasing this sofa and loveseat, I developed a severe case of contact dermatitis. The itching was unbearable. Some places on my skin looked like I had chemical burns and it has left scarring on my skin. I found out they are importing fabric from China and China treats upholstery fabric with a chemical called dimethyl fumarate to prevent mold growth during shipping. It is highly toxic and has already been banned in Europe. It only takes one small particle (1 PPM, like one drop of water in a bucket) to set off a hypersensitivity response.

Now I'm stuck with a sofa and loveseat I cannot even touch and doctor bills and medications I had to pay for out of pocket. And it also looks like Lazyboy will try to stick us with a bill for a "technician" to inspect the furniture and a restocking fee to return the product, if they will even take it back. I bet we won't see one dime of our money refunded for these poisonous couches. I'm going to the news media about it and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if necessary.

I've already reported this unsafe product to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and I would advise anyone else who has had an allergic reaction from any La-Z-Boy product to do the same. Shame on La-Z-Boy for their failure to disclose what chemicals are being used in the production of their product and also refusing to disclose where they get their fabric from. That is unethical to say the least. I would not let my dog and certainly not a child or elderly person or anyone with a compromised immune system sit on this couch.

We have to wait until April 7th for their tech to inspect it. I can't allow any guests to sit on the furniture for fear they'll have an allergic reaction to whatever is in the fabric. If La-Z-Boy dares sends us a bill for a technician visit or a restocking fee, they aren't getting one more red cent out of us for anything after what their furniture did to my skin. Do not believe La-Z-Boy if they pitch to you "made in the USA". I think made in the USA should mean exactly that!

La-Z-Boy... Quality Down The Drain... Brand Name Betrayal
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We purchased a Gibson loveseat a little over a year ago. Its used mostly on weekends. A couple of months ago we noticed that the left seat was beginning to incline backwards even in a non-recline position. We went to the store and were advised to adjust the butterfly screws. When we came back home and were about to adjust it, we noticed a slight bulge in the center board. There were some wood shavings below as well. We immediately called for service. We stopped using the loveseat and a few weeks later, the technician dismantled the board to inspect.

To our horror, the board was previously broken and had a piece of wood stapled to keep it intact. (see picture). We called the store and the assistant who we have a good relationship with checked discreetly if this was a previously owned piece. It wasn't. This was a brand new piece that came straight from the factory. Really La-Z-Boy???? Is this how you cut costs - at the expense of your brand?? Is this how bad your quality control is?? We paid $1300 for this love seat.

The last we would expect is a finished product with high quality... We just purchased another set of chairs before we discovered this and are now regretting it. I can understand if this was manufactured overseas or if this was a wear and tear issue. But clearly someone in your factory decided to staple two pieces of broken wood and cover it up. Your stores blatantly and shamelessly scream... Made in America... Assembled in America with years of craftsmanship. The least you can do is honor the American tradition of high quality and if you can't do that, don't claim to do so.

We feel betrayed that we trusted your brand and were expecting lifelong quality (how foolish of us). You are no better than any other manufacturer that imports goods from overseas. A very fatal mistake to your brand, setting a very poor precedent for your far and now fewer future customers.

Seven Months of Stress
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Rating: 1/51

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- We started in October of 2011, drawn into the Fort Collins La-Z-Boy by their shiny showroom and financing offer. We felt they had mid-grade furniture at a price we could afford. Their 'designer' came out, measured walls and floors and submitted our order. A week before Christmas the 800 pound gorilla was delivered. The 'designer' had neglected to measure elevations in the room, and somehow, didn't think about where side tables or lamps would go. This thing was corner to corner sectional and if we had put it in the room the way the designer suggested, it would have blocked out 3/4 of the height of our fireplace. It was awful.

Initially, they understood. They let us return the monster and order a sofa and loveseat instead. We didn't really like much else, but we had come this far so why not. They lent us a funky double lounger/loveseat while we waited over eight weeks for the next delivery. Somewhere between the pickup of the sectional and the delivery of the ghetto lounger, our screen door was damaged and our brand new post for our stairway was damaged. We mentioned it, and got zero response, concern or offer to repair.

We finally get the call about the sofa. The sofa isn't being shipped because the pillows aren't done. Hmmm. Well, okay. A couple weeks later we get the call that the sofa is in. They deliver it and have to screw in the legs. The pillows are awful. Terrible shape, poorly sewn and the sofa which has a nail head finish on the ends is of poor quality and lacks attention to detail. The nail heads do not go with the flow from the back to the arm of the sofa, they jog out enough away from the seam to be noticeable by their own repair people.

The service guy calls and agrees. The sofa we got does not look as good as the one on the showroom floor and they don't think they'll be able to fix the one we have because the fabric would be damaged, etc. I get a call from the service guy who says, "We'll have to let you know, we could possible order another one."

I am 'told' by the sales person that 'she' is the one I should talk to and they must have threatened the service guy with his job because he never calls us back. The next thing I know, they've order a new sofa for us without letting us know, asking if that's what we'd like to do, they just order it and then tell us. Apparently the love seat we ordered is in and it 'doesn't look too bad'.

They say they have a 'no return policy' however, they let us return the sectional, they are returning the poorly made sofa, and now, when we have yet more damage to our place, a dent in the drywall in the entry stairway, and we are OVER working with them. They tell us, we can't return the items, they don't address many of our concerns and, the most insulting bit, is that the owner of this La-Z-Boy refuses to talk with us. We're told he's never in the place. I don't like to assume, but my guess is he has all his worker bees making him money while he's off living his life and spending the money they make him.

If you order from their website, they do take returns. I highly recommend that if you are for any reason duped into doing business with La-Z-Boy, you order online. Your options for compensation, etc. may be much better. Still, I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone ever do business with La-Z-Boy. If the franchise owner doesn't do right by you, there is no one else to go to. The Corporate Headquarters can't do anything.

We all work really hard for our money and when we make furniture purchases we hope to get a level of quality particularly with the La-Z-Boy name attached to it. It's not quality furniture. The seams are poorly sewn, the finishing touches are cheap and overall, what you see on the display floor may never be what comes to you door.

The people who work at this Fort Collins store are very nice however they use the 'guidelines' to their advantage and make you feel like they're doing you a huge favor. If you ask them to make any particular option like returning items work for you, you are out of luck. We're still trying to reach an agreeable conclusion as of today but I don't see it happening.

Poor quality & Service
By -

We purchased some furniture in February of 2008. Three pieces in the Roland Style from Lazy Boy. We received our special ordered furniture in March 2008. When we were ordering they told us the cushions had a 5 year warranty and the frame had a lifetime warranty. In June 2008 we had to have the bottom cushions on all 3 pieces replaced. They literally had to make new bottoms to this furniture. When the service guy came to bring the new cushions he explained that they were not installed correctly in the first place and that is why they did what they did and we had to get them replaced (separating and pushing down).

Around February of 2009 the recliner started to do the same thing. I called service, they set up a service call and informed me that I only have a 1 year warranty on my cushions because they are special ordered. We were told a 5yr warranty at the store. I expressed by disappointment with the agent I set up the service call with. I also explained that the furniture is wobbly, loud and very uncomfortable. The service tech came to the house and took our recliner. We explained that the chair is wobbly and very loose. He said that is just how they are but he would do some adjusting.

I called again today on May 29th, 2009 because the snuggle chair (love seat) doesn't even seem to be attached on the left side. They said there is a lifetime warranty but I have to pay $99.00 to have someone come out to fix it. I explained my frustration and they said I should call La-Z-Boy corporate. I called La-z-boy corporate and spoke to someone who answers the phone.

She said she only have record of the one repair (cushion/bottom replacement) and can not help me out that I still need to pay the service fee. In total we will be paying over $3000 dollars for this furniture and if the cushions / frames are going to give us this much headache in less than a year, we will be stuck with messed up cushions / frames in the future. It's uncomfortable, wobbly, bad cushions and frankly I think I can get better quality for over $3000 dollars somewhere else.

I am very unhappy with the quality of this product as well as the wrong information I was given at the time of purchase. If I knew this furniture would have less than the warranty that I was told, I would NEVER have purchased it and if I knew I was going to have so many problems within the 1st year, I would never have purchased. I have found many other complaints about the product. May 29th I filed this with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately all La-Z-Boys are independently owned and operated so I had to complain against the local store where I made my purchase. I think the is now a La-Z-Boy Corporate issue.

June 6, 2009 La-Z-Boy of Silverdale, WA response was: "We apologize for the trouble our customer has experienced. The La-Z-Boy warranty is one of the best in the industry, and that warranty is clearly stated with the delivery of the furniture and on the La-Z-Boy website. Our local service center is overseen by La-Z-Boy corporate and must follow the warranty at all times. La-Z-Boy headquarters does not cover any trip charges or labor charges after the first year of ownership.

Many of the reclining parts and frames are lifetime warrantied for the parts, but labor and trip charges are not covered. Our local service center can not operate or stay in business if we do not receive payment for our services from La-Z-Boy or the consumer. These charges are no longer covered based on the date of purchase.

Our sales staff attempts at all times to provide correct information, and nothing does state in writing that there was a 5 year warranty. Unfortunately, we have no way to provide service unless it is stated in writing that the items are covered by the La-Z-Boy warranty. We sincerely apologize for all the trouble, but we are under the control of the corporate headquarters and their warranty. This complaint is more towards the policy of La-Z-Boy in Michigan, and not our policies. We wish we could provide further assistance, but all repairs would be at a charge basis.

June 17, 2009 my response was: "The furniture has never been in good working order since we received it. If La-Z-Boy offers a lifetime warranty on the frame than La-Z-Boy Corporate should be covering all costs associated. If the local store can not provide new furniture or a full refund, than they need to be in contact with corporate to get this resolved. A few questions for the local store & La-Z-Boy corporate are:

Would you accept furniture that the cushions all moved forward because the furniture was not installed correctly? Would you accept a recliner that is so lose that once you sit in it it falls all the way back? Would you accept a recliner that the cushions is separating AGAIN? Would you accept a love seat where the back portion is no longer connected to the bottom portion? Would you accept paying over $3000.00 for new furniture only to have it services twice in one year? Would you accept having to pay $99.00 for someone to come fix your furniture that you just paid $3000.00 for? Would you accept this for your home & family? I can guarantee you will say NO! Why should we?

At the rate this furniture is going, if we have this furniture for 10 years and average 1 repair per year, we would be paying an extra $1,000.00 for this furniture. At this rate the furniture will not last 10 yrs. We would like a replacement or a refund. My major complaint is not with the $99.00 service fee. My major complaint is the poor quality of this furniture. On June 17, 2009, I also emailed David Jones, Regional Vice President, Sales, Northwest La-Z-Boy stating my complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Buyer Beware
By -

On 5-25-09 my wife & I purchased a love seat, couch & swivel chair. It was described as in stock but would take 8 weeks delivery time. I joked that if it was really in stock it would not take that long & that just the covering must be in stock. We were told it was not a special order as the material was in stock.

I called at 8 weeks, 9 weeks & 10 weeks and was told that the computer said that it was backordered with no estimate of delivery time. At 10 weeks I asked to speak to the manager & she did return my call but could provide me no additional information, no one who would accept accountability for what was happening and provided me with a customer service number. The manager also said that the computers were down & that by Friday (yesterday) they would be able to tell us where the furniture was, they are unable to do so even as of today.

I called this number and they said they would not be answering as they were doing inventory. I called the store back the next day to get the same recording as I had heard the previous day from customer service. Concerned I called corporate headquarters in Monroe MI. I spoke with a lady who explained that the chain was closing down & they were creating files on customers as they called. We created a file.

I went by the store today, 4 days latter & they are doing business as usual. I approached our salesman & he proceeded to give me the same story. He assured me that we would receive out furniture after-all Lazboy has been around ??? years. I pointed out that when you call headquarters the 1st thing they tell you is that each store is independently owned i.e. it is not their fault, and it is they that provided what our salesman is saying is false information, so this should really give us a lot of confidence that we will one day see our furniture. The salesman now explained that ALL orders are special order & are therefore non cancelable & non refundable despite the fact he described our selection as being priced as an in stock item.

I commented on the on line comments & he said all furniture companies including Thomasville have bad on line reviews because they all had delivery problems. Our salesman said that they had been purchased by NA Productions, LLC. Any current purchases are being required to make the cheques to N. A. Productions, LLC & I can find no information on them at all. Very concerning if you hope to see your money again. I do not know if or in what month or year we will receive our furniture but I will keep[ you posted.

By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I decided to write a review because every time I look at the bad job that was done on upholstering my two pieces, I get angry all over again. It has been nearly a year come this Thanksgiving, 2010. My problem was that the skirts of my two pieces were completely puckered all around the whole thing on each piece. I called, the owner (Madison, Wisconsin) would not talk with me at first, she sent two men at two different times to come and look at it, they both said nothing was wrong.

Even friends of mine say how terrible it looked even before I said anything. I tried to do a dispute, but it really was not a dispute, they read my side and their side and picked them. No back and forth, which I always thought was a dispute. The owner was unprofessional, arrogant and had a who cares attitude about her. I asked her to come and look at it and she refused. All I wanted was to be reimbursed for what it would have cost me to redo the skirts. I realize why nothing in the store was covered with a decent-looking material. They want you to have it redone. I just want to prepare other people as to what to expect from that store. I have told people. I will never go there again.

Sofa and Love Seat - Need Replacement in Less Than 1 Year of Use Due to Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased a love seat and sofa (Jacob model) about 10 months ago. It became extremely uncomfortable at just over the 6 month mark. I recently contacted the company and they said (upon inspection and a follow-up complaint) that there were no manufacturing defects and that continued comfort was not guaranteed. (Substandard materials and engineering must be to blame.)

The love seat which has been rarely used is still in mostly showroom condition. The sofa has become so uncomfortable that we generally sit on the floor, using the sofa as a backrest. If we want to watch sports, etc. for extended periods we bring in our zero-gravity chaise lounge chairs. We want to save the love seat for company. Having used the La-Z-Boy $3,000 combination for less than a year, it must be replaced. I had a Broyhill set for 10 years prior and it was still awesome except for wanting a color change. Do not waste your money and your families comfort. La-Z-Boy should be ashamed!!!

Lousy Customer Service
By -

FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- We purchased a reclining love seat and after only a little over a year and a half, the left side would no longer lift up. When I called to have it serviced, they told me that although the part of the mechanism that was faulty was guaranteed, I would have to pay for the labor, which amounted to $95.00. The service person was an independent contractor, so of course, I had to pay him, but when I wrote to the president of La-Z-Boy to complain and ask for a refund, the only reply I got was a form letter from their customer service department, refusing payment.

I should not have had to pay ANYTHING to repair a recliner after only a little over a year and a half. And the recliner should not have even NEEDED repair after such a short time. A recliner that I purchase at Macy's over fifteen years ago is still working just fine and has NEVER needed service. From now on I take my business to Macy's and La-Z-Boy can rot.

Broken Arms and Bad Customer Service
By -

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased a sofa and loveseat from the local dealer in August 2007. Received delivery of furniture in October 2007, a few weeks longer then we were quoted. Within a matter of weeks the recliner broke on the Sofa. Called for a repair and while the technician was at our home discovered an arm on the sofa was also broken. Tech was very nice and assured us it would be corrected. Tech took pictures and completed a repair report.

After several weeks we were contacted to schedule the tech to come out to complete the repair. He showed up with the wrong arm. Although this was a different Tech he to was very nice and also assured us that he would take care of the repair. During this visit we also reported another arm was now broken. We were assured that we would have everything fixed by Christmas. On 12/26 I e-mailed the Corp Office on their web-site advising them of the problems we were having. They referred us back to the local repair office.

On March 3, 2008 I fired off another e-mail to La-Z-Boy since I still had a broken sofa and love seat. By this time all four arms were now broken. I was advised by Corporate the matter had been referred to **, General Manager of the Ontario, Ca store on 3/13. I was advised that ** would be contacting me. Today is 3/36 and no word from Herb! I did have a tech out at my house on Tuesday, 2-25. My arms are still broken. He brought out two arms and advised my son that he was going to take them back and have the CARDBOARD doubled so they would wear better. CARDBOARD! This is a $2,500. Set of furniture made from CARDBOARD! We now have to wait, AGAIN.

In the meantime the fabric does not wear well and is already looking wrinkled and worn. My husband and I were very specific when working with the designer that we wanted fabric that would wear well and the furniture was going in our den and would be laid on. We also had a dog that liked to lay on the furniture. The sales person was okay... Helpful until the sale was final. We went to La-Z-Boy for 3 reasons. We knew it would cost us a little more but we were very happy with our original set which was now about 7 years old. I liked that I could pick out my own fabric and also was told by the sales rep that she would help us design our den and work with us to pick out complimentary items.

At this point I wish I had kept my original set, my $2500, and shopped elsewhere. I would not recommend La-Z-Boy to my friends or enemies. Take your money somewhere else and Best of Luck! Who knows when my Sofa and Love seat will be fixed, and how long it will be until the CARDBOARD arms break again. PS I have to check with my husband about the foot rest. I know he tried to make a temporary fix. Not sure if La-Z-Boy has fixed that yet... don't think so.

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