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Boat Electronics - Poor Installation
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DESTIN, FLORIDA -- Legendary Marine, 690 Regatta Bay Blvd., Destin, FL, 32541-5335. We purchased a Century Boat from Legendary Marine on 3/23/07. Prior to purchase, Legendary had hired a subcontractor to install the electronics. The boat was delivered to us completely dirty; the cabin was full of chunks of fiberglass, pieces of metal wires, human toenails (quite disgusting), and fiberglass dust covering every surface. The delivering sales rep, who was supposed to explain the systems operations to us, jumped on the dock and said, "See 'ya" without explaining anything at all!

The very next day, 3/24/07, the electronics system completely locked up. We phoned Legendary Marine and spoke with a technician, Philip, who instructed us to contact the local authorized service center for RayMarine Electronics to address these problems under the Raymarine warranty. Philip provided the name and telephone number of the company to contact.

After notifying the General Manager at Legendary of the delivery problems, the electronics problems, and the filthy conditions of the boat (which we had already cleaned up), he had the boat picked up and returned to Destin to have minor alterations. The boat was returned with no service performed to the electronics system. The boat was also returned with three items missing from the cabin (a set of Cabela's stainless steel pliers with line cutters, and 2 coolie cups). We did not accuse anyone of stealing the items, but we did notify them that the items were missing and asked that they search for them.

We then called the local electronics service provider as instructed by Philip, and proceeded with the resolution of the electronics problems. The local servicer (Charlie) advised us that the problem with the electronics was due to an extremely poor installation, which was not covered under the warranty. After Charlie completed the work, he sent an invoice for $441.75 indicating that this work was necessary because of a poor installation.

After paying the invoice, we requested that Legendary Marine reimburse use for this service because the poor installation was performed by their subcontractor. Legendary Marine refuses to offer any reimbursement whatsoever, stating that they would have done the necessary repairs for free.

The problem is that they had the boat in their possession with full knowledge of the electronics problem and chose to do nothing about the electronics. In fact, the General Manager at Legendary Marine had even spoken with Charlie before they picked up the boat and asked Charlie to wait to service the electronics until after Legendary returned the boat! We consider Legendary Marine to be a company with very poor business practices and questionable ethics.

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