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Salesman Lied to me. Do not buy from Stonecrest Mall Lens Crafters
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Rating: 1/51

DECATUR, GEORGIA -- Buyer BEWARE!!! Two salesmen lied to me. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do Not Shop at LENSCRAFTERS STONECREST MALL. I bought two pair of prescription glasses. One pair were sunglasses. The salesman talked me into a pair of Maui Jims. I had never heard of them but he raved. His name was Andy. His words were "these are the last pair of sunglasses you'll ever buy", he told me that they were virtually scratch proof but if I ever had a problem, bring them back and Lens Crafters would send them back to MJ and fix or replace for free. For $400 for a pair, I thought that was reasonable.

Well, couple of months and lots of scratches. Took them back and MJ did replace them. A few months later, same thing. I took them back to LensCrafters at Stonecrest Mall and they asked if I had some "protection plan". I told them what Andy said and they shipped them off to MJ. MJ sent them back and said it would be $400!!! Are you kidding me? Chris at LensCrafters told me "Yeah, we heard that Andy told a lot of people things that he shouldn't have, he has since been fired". Well, how does that help me? Where is the customer service?

I went to LC to pick up my scratched lenses and Bilal (another salesman there) told me that Andy wasn't fired, he quit. So now there are TWO liars at LensCrafters. They basically sent me on my way. Spent over $600 with them on two glasses and I get stuck with scratched glasses. Will never shop there again.

Excellent service, delivery of eyeglasses
By -

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- After searching high and low for someone to fit me with eyeglasses I finally settled on the LensCrafters location on Bay road in Saginaw, Michigan. I was a little reluctant because the last time I used them, the results were only marginal but I decided that their competitors were no better than average.

The Doctor of optometry, Dr. Ashley **, made no unrealistic promises and after several sessions it was discovered that LensCrafters had the new equipment needed to make my complicated prescription. It was sent to the lab on July 10th. With the understanding that it probably would take 5 to 6 weeks to get the glasses back to me. I was flabbergasted to find out that the glasses had come in today, July 17th. What's even better is that they appear to work perfectly for my purposes. My gratitude to the doctor and all the folks at the Saginaw location for their help and concern. I recommend them highly! They really went to bat for me...

Poor Customer Service
By -

I wholeheartedly agree -- LensCrafters has gone downhill -- way downhill in the past few years. Here is my experience in Albuquerque, NM.

My husband ordered glasses 3 weeks ago which never came in. Whenever we called to inquire about them, we were told "Oh, they sent two left lenses, they sent the wrong lenses", and on and on. So, today we went to get our money back. The person who waited on us, a "supervisor", was pathetic. She offered no apology or explanation for the poor service. Instead, in her attempt to come off as "authoritative and in charge", she came off as rude, uneducated about proper customer service, just plain uneducated and downright snotty.

It did come to mind that perhaps this woman's I am superior to you, nasty demeanor was an attempt to cover up some shortcomings such as maybe she just isn't "supervisor" material at all, and maybe she should not be employed in the customer service sector.

Lied to Customer
By -

LARGO, FLORIDA -- I went to LensCrafters because of their 1 hour turn around. I needed a new prescription and wanted the very basic. The sales lady said that the prescription was written for progression lens. I told her I just want single vision lens. She said I would need a new prescription from my Doctor. I said OK, but I want basic plastic lens. She said that LensCrafters ONLY has Carbonite High End plastic lens. When I left I called my Doctor, she said she did not write the prescription for progression, that is up to me if I want that. The Doctor call the store and later called me back stating that the store does have the very basic plastic lens.

I then called LensCrafters back and told her “you lied to me to get the price up.” I also was told from her that if I wanted glass lens that they would send them out to be made and would take 3 weeks. To show in dollars what it cost me if I didn't cancel the order. $275.00, with a AAA discount $238.00. I called Pearl Vision which I have gone in the past basic plastic $89.00. Note Pearl Vision also has the high end Carbonite plastic lens which is more money.

In end this lady tried to sell me the higher end lens. Now whether this is just an individual sales person tactic or Lens Crafters' I don't know, but this has made me very angry. The LensCrafters Store is in Largo Mall in Largo, Florida.

Changing price of glasses
By -

HANOVER, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted a new pair of glasses. I decided to try a local LensCrafters -- where my husband had purchased 2 pairs in the last 2 yrs. This was Tuesday Sept.23rd -- about 5 pm. I was helped by a very nice person named Kenneth. I found a pair and he told me that the whole package would be $310. I was measured but I needed my script from my ophthalmologist so they would hold the glasses till the office faxed the script. I spoke to a lovely girl on the phone the next morning and she agreed with the price.

When I went in to charge the glasses later that evening the supervisor gave me a higher price -- would not give me the breakdown of the costs -- she just said that “I cannot honor that price.” She did not ask about vision plans I have -- Aetna, AARP or AAA -- that gave me the price of $310. Did I want to wait and speak with the other woman the next day??

I was never told the breakdown of prices. She wanted me out of the store. It was almost 8 pm. She was closing at 9 pm. She did not care to explain the charges. I am a consumer, I want to know what the charges are and what makes the glasses so expensive. I felt like I was bothering her. Yes, I was not happy and told her. I am also planning to complain to the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs. We have a right to ask for and receive a breakdown of charges. This did not happen with this supervisor of LensCrafters in Hanover, NJ.

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