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Levitz Furniture Corporation Bedroom Sets Consumer Reviews

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Purchase of furniture
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have cut and pasted my letter to Levitz. Please note: I still have not received a response from Levitz and continue to call daily. Let me begin my experience with Levitz. First of all, I went to the showroom in ** and purchased a bedroom set. I informed the salesman that I wanted the bed, dresser, mirror, chest and two nightstands. When the furniture was delivered, the dresser and night stands rocked.

The delivery person, who set up the furniture, told me to go buy a chive and put it under the leg and then left very quickly. When they left, there was a mess in the street that I had to clean up. I also found an unopened box in my garage. And also, my chest was not delivered.

When I contacted the salesman and told him that the furniture did not have the chest, he informed me that we never told him to order it. When I explained that I told him everything I wanted (the entire set, an extra nightstand and chest, he gave me the cost). He denied telling me anything of the sort. I guess he was calling me a liar.

I called the shipping department, in **. They ordered a new dresser and nightstands to be delivered the next weekend. They were also going to install the center support on my bed as that was what I found sitting in my garage. The installers showed up in the evening, checked the dresser and told me all the furniture was adjustable (why didn't customer service know that). He then adjusted everything and looked at my bed. He told me that I did not need the center support.

My husband and I wend to Levitz to return the center support as again, it wasn't needed. The manager at the store told me that my bed had to have this support. Another appointment was set up to install the support for the third Saturday in a row. Levitz called to inform me that a tech would be out that Saturday between 12:00 and 4:00 pm. A little later the shipping supervisor called from Portland and told me they would be out between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. When I told him about the earlier call, he informed me that he was the manager and assigned all calls. Someone would be out Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I waited for Levitz. At 11:30 am, when no one had shown up, I called the customer service again. I was then informed that my appointment time was set for that afternoon. I called the shipping dept. in Seattle and the manager there told me that he could not see why my appointment had been voided (unknown to me). Around 3:00 pm, the tech showed up to check out my bed. He again stated that my bed did not need the support. While he was looking at my bed, another tech called to say he was on his way. When I told him that someone was already there, he was confused (as was I).

Later that night, a magazine fell behind my dresser so I reach back to retrieve it. Guess what, I cut my hand because the wood in the back of the dresser had been broken and pieces were missing making sharp edges. When I called customer service, I was told that I again was going to have to wait for Levitz to come out on Saturday (or take time off from work to wait for them during the week). In talking to the shipping department, they said they would order the piece and ship it to us. We could either install it ourselves or call for an appointment to have a tech do the installation.

Why, when we spent so much money, would we want to work on this furniture. This will be my fourth Saturday waiting for Levitz. I of course was told by **, at the New York customer service that there was nothing no one could do and no, I could not return my furniture as by now, I am totally fed up with the entire ordeal.

I cannot believe that I could spend so much money in your store, talk to several different customer service employees, whom most of were very rude, and receive damaged equipment. I know when the first people delivered the furniture and sat it up, they had to know that the dresser was damaged and tried to hide that fact. Also, to tell me to go buy something to make my furniture not rock is inexcusable.

I am totally frustrated with your company and am at a loss as to what I need to do. I am tired of spending my Saturdays at home waiting for Levitz to fix things when I spent $2500.00 in your store. Please tell me what I need to do to get this entire situation fixed.

Think Twice About Shopping at Levitz!
By -

FAIRLESS HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA -- Moving into a new home is supposed to be a happy experience. A month prior to our move, my husband and I went to Levitz Furniture in Oxford Valley/Fairless Hills in need of a bedroom set. Last Saturday, Mar. 5, was our moving day. We requested delivery on that date. When the furniture arrived, there was a flurry of activity. After it was unpacked and placed in the master bedroom, I signed for the furniture. The deliveryman did not give me a copy of the slip.

About 1 hour later when my husband and family arrived back with our next load of belongings, my husband checked the furniture and found that it was the wrong set. We notified the store that same day. They apologized and said feel free to use the furniture until they could pick it up. I advised them we would not use it at all (because we did not want to be held accountable if there were any damages.)

Four days later, we are told the correct set won't be here until at least the March 23, and they can't pick the wrong furniture until at least March 19th. How is it that they were ready to deliver within 48 hours but it will take them 2 weeks to pick up the wrong furniture, and 3 weeks to deliver the right furniture? We told store management we would take the floor model; they refused to sell it to us. All they would do is offer us an additional nightstand at no charge for the inconvenience.

Inconvenience??? We can't unpack any clothing because we have nowhere to put it. We have nowhere to sleep except our living room sofa. I can't unpack any of our belongings that go in the master bedroom. I worked in retail and retail management for more than 15 years and if I allowed customer complaints to reach this level, I would have been out of a job. Is there any way you can help? I just want the wrong furniture OUT of my house so we can get unpacked and on with life! I'll shop elsewhere for furniture and recommend others do the same. Any assistance you can offer is appreciated! Thank you! **

Store Information:
Levitz - Fairless Hills Showroom
110 Commerce Blvd.
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Inferior product and terrible customer service
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I purchased a bedroom set about a year ago. Recently, I found a hairline fracture on one of the side rail. It was hard to see, but definitely noticeable at a certain lighting angle. I called Levitz customer service and they told me that it was just out of warranty so they couldn't do anything for me. I persisted and called several times. Finally, they decided to send someone as "courtesy" to inspected the damage.

First, they didn't confirm their appointment so someone showed up to my house while I was not at home so I had to reschedule. When the serviceman saw the crack, he immediately told me that this was definitely a material defect and it was not fixable. I had to get a replacement part. He said someone from Levitz should be in contact for a replacement part.

I waited 2 weeks and no one called me to follow up this service call. When I called Levitz, I waited over 20 minutes for a CS to answer my call with a rude tone. I explained my situation and asked for some sort remedy. But he responded with a rude attitude that it was out of question. As an example, he had the audacity to tell that "One doesn't ask for a replacement cushion because it sagged after using it for a year."

The bed that they sold to me failed because of material defect. Also, it shouldn't fail because I SLEPT on it either! So I asked for a manager and he insisted that it will not change anything. I had told him THREE times before he asked me why I wanted to talk to a manager. It seemed a bit obvious, but I spelled it out for him that I wanted to have a formal complaint. Manager was not helpful either. She had the same reasoning.

I am in the process of submitting a complaint with the BBB. If you had a similar experience, please contact me so that my lawyer can have some of track record of this company. It unfortunate that a company is selling such an inferior product and getting away with it. Before this experience, I didn't have much opinion about Levitz, but only enough good faith in this company to spend over $2500 in home furniture. Now, they have lost my trust and hopefully many will see my experience and avoid this trap.

Inferior Bedroom Set and Horrible Customer Service
By -

BROOKLYN PARK, MINNESOTA -- We purchased a bedroom set from Levitz in Brooklyn Park, MN and asked the salesperson if the furniture was hardwood and she replied, "Yes it was." Everything went fine until they delivered the furniture a month later. The dresser was cracked, the armoire was two different colors, the laminate was peeling, nothing was aligned properly and overall it looked very tacky. They also forgot the footboard and hardware for the mirror.

We called Customer Service after we picked up the items they forgot to deliver. After we took a good look at the final items we decided we couldn't live with this since it costed us $3,000.00 and it looked like something we could have purchased at a discount store. We called the following date to ask for a refund and for them to pick it up. We were then informed that they could order us a new set or if we didn't want the bedroom set we would be charged a 25% restocking fee. Why should we be charged 25% when the product was terrible?

We went to the store that evening and spoke with the Manager and she was very rude and disrespectful and wouldn't do anything for us. She admitted to us that it was mostly particle board and basically blamed us because she said we should have read the card that is hanging on the products and we would have known. She told us "what you see is what you get" which is not what a dissatisfied customer wants to hear. No signs of being sorry for anything. We were also told that "all sales are final". I let her know that this is always the case when a company is closing their doors but never heard of paying for full price merchandise and "all sales are final".

Interestingly enough this was never mentioned when they sold us the bedroom set. This is the most deceptive company we have ever done business with and we have since filed claims with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office. Just today we went shopping to replace this furniture at PM Bedroom Gallery and paid a little bit more but got solid hardwood with a lifetime warranty free of charge. These are the companies we will be seeking out to do business within the future.

BEWARE OF LEVITZ, they only want to make the sale and forget about how to treat customers properly with respect. The rumor is they are going to be bankrupt and are having a hard time making the rent payments. If anyone has had luck getting anywhere with Levitz I'd be interested to hear how it came out.

By -

LAKE GROVE, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a bedroom set in Sept of 2004. It was to be delivered on 9/31/04. It was with multiple damaged pieces. The deliverymen told me that we need to accept the order and call right away for replacement. Which we did. The next delivery came and the pieces were even worse and one piece never arrived. We declined the shipment and were told they would redeliver. We were given a date of 2/05. When I called to complain about the amount of time we have lost staying home from work they told me that it was a manufacturer's problem not theirs.

I asked why they would deal with manufacturer's that make poor quality product they said that they have never had a problem with this manufacturer before. They promised me that I would get my delivery in Feb and it would be in perfect condition. I got a call a few days ago that the exchange would be today. I never got called with a time frame and when I called customer service the recording said I would get the delivery today but no time frame was scheduled yet. At 9:20 this morning we called and were told they would be here between 10-2. At 4 when I did not receive a delivery or a call I called the store that told me they could not help me to call Presidential.

I did so and they told me they would call dispatch and I would get a call in 15 minutes. No call. I called back at 4:35 and was on hold until 5PM. And spoke to a woman who said they don't deliver to Long Island on Wednesdays they could do it on Saturdays. I said, "So why did I get a call about today?" She put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back with the same story. And she could not doing anything for me for their mistake. Another lost day of work. Then she said they would deliver again on April 12th!

So I asked to cancel and they said all deliveries to the home are final sale that I could not cancel. So I called the store and they told me that customer service has the last word. His only suggestion was that I write to the CEO. I am now waiting for a supervisor to call me back. If you are crazy enough to buy from these company INSPECT everything and do not accept if you are not 100% or you will be UPSET AND STUCK.

By -

HAUPPAUGE, NEW YORK -- This is the most horrible company I have ever experienced in my life. In June 2003 I purchased a complete bedroom set from Levitz in Hauppauge, NY. In November 2003 the headboard legs broke and I wanted to replace them. I called customer service and I paid $50 for new ones and was told they would deliver in December. They never came in December. They never came in January. Each time I called them, they gave me the runaround saying there was delivery issues with the manufacturer. I filed a complaint with the BBB in the beginning of May 2004 because I was sick of seeing my bed in shambles.

Finally 7 months after I initially ordered them they were delivered on May 13, 2004. I ask them when I first ordered over the phone if they could mail me a receipt so that I could be reimbursed by my landlord. They told me a receipt of purchase would come with the package. NO RECEIPT CAME! Just a packing slip showing no amount of payment. I called them back again and requested a receipt, invoice or something showing what I ordered and what I paid. They denied my request saying they don't have receipts or invoices there.

WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS? I'm currently trying to find out if there is a law in NY state, that a company must provide a receipt. If you're thinking about buying from them I STRONGLY urge you not to. This company is horrible. Would NEVER recommend them or do business with again.

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