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Levitz Furniture Corporation Dining Room Sets Consumer Reviews

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False Warranty, Terrible Customer Service
By -

Had new table, 8 chairs and matching hutch delivered in Aug 2006. We discovered blistering (bubbling of the varnish) on the beveled edge of the table in July 2007. Called within our one year warranty to have service. Technician told us at time of servicing that he was unable to fix the problem. It was due to moisture within the wood. His temporary fix to sand and refinish did not remove the problem. He told us that this was a manufacturer defect and we would receive a call to get new table top.

No call came. I called customer service. The technician had filed his report saying the damage was customer fault, the exact opposite of what he told us and what it was. I explained that it was physically impossible for us to defy gravity and have internal water damage cause bubbling. The customer service rep agreed and ordered us a new table top on Aug 8th, 2007. We were given delivery date Oct 3, 2007.

On Oct 4th, no table came, so I called back. The new delivery date was Oct 9, 2007. Again, no table top came. I called again, they were going to contact the parts department to get tracking number and promised a call back by the customer service supervisor, **. No call back came. A few days passed, so I called again.

Again, I was told that ** was awaiting response from parts department and would call back. No call back. Over one week passed, I called again on Oct 22, 2007. I talked to another supervisor and was told the manufacturer discontinued the part. I spoke with her manager, **. She said we would not get a new table and no refund for the damaged set.

She checked the service pictures and said it was Customer Fault, even though they had agreed and ordered us a new top before. It is impossible for us to have gotten water into the wood on a beveled to cause blistering. They owe us a refund on the entire matching set since the manufacture stopped making the part. I also do not understand how they can have a 1 year warranty but then discontinue the parts.

Problems with levitz
By -

UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY -- Hello, I am writing this on behalf of my Aunt is who a senior citizen and cannot speak fluent English. On October 15, 2005, My Aunt went to Levitz in NJ and purchased a complete dining room set. The furniture that was delivered was slightly damaged. One of the China cabinet doors did not close and upon closer inspection, we have since realized the back of the hutch is damaged. There have been three instances in which a Levitz representative has come to look at the damage and have agreed that the furniture is damaged and have made no attempt to fix it.

This has been an ongoing problem since November. We have called repeatedly to resolve this issue all to no avail- so we recently went to the store where the furniture was purchased and we were told nothing could be done by the salespeople. We called again and were told that we could only get a credit for HALF of the piece but no refund and we can't get a new China cabinet delivered. ALL WE WANT IS AN UNDAMAGED BRAND NEW PIECE OF FURNITURE which is what Levitz promised when the contract was signed.

This is a woman who has saved her money for years to be able to buy herself something nice and it has turned out to be a nightmare. I cannot believe Levitz will take her $5,000 and give her a broken piece of furniture then refuse to replace it when it says on their website: "Levitz warrants to the original purchaser that all the furniture it delivers will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one full year from the date of original delivery. Levitz will repair or replace the furniture at its sole discretion."€

My aunt is losing sleep over something that should have bought her contentment. As I said, all she wants a China cabinet that works-doors, frame and hutch. It just doesn't make any sense and every time we call, we get a different response but so solution. Yet, I see commercials for their sales on TV. It's a shame that this has not been made public and that they continue to advertise. Something needs to be done!

Delivery and Customer Service
By -

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- I beg anyone who reads this do not purchase anything from this store. My wife and I purchased a dining room set on Sept. 10th 2005. We have not received the furniture yet. All we have gotten are form letters pushing the date out again and again. Levitz refuses to give us a refund since they are not the same company that we bought the furniture from (bankruptcy and new owners). I feel like I have called everyone under the sun about this. I feel like I just have to give up and wait and wait and wait. They gave me the option of choosing something else from their showroom.

None of the products offered have changed since September 05, so there is nothing I want. Still I am stuck. The customer service stinks, the Customer Relations manager, ** can offer no concrete information and is rude to boot. I have asked very simple questions that they have been completely secretive about. Surely, someone knows if the vendor has shipped the merchandise to the Levitz warehouse, but they won't answer these simple questions. I feel that they are lying to me and to others and their information is incorrect and will lead you on a wild goose chase trying to find out even the simplest information.

Need to know how to find out manufacturer of table set to try to get table fixed
By -

JACKSON, NEW JERSEY -- Table extender is broken and there is no way for me to fix it and I have a warranty through Levitz with Guardsman but they are saying I am not covered.

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