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Bad customer service
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- My boyfriend and I went in and picked out a bed, then we looked at a couple other places to compare prices, Liberty had the best prices and at first the best family oriented customer service. Then we went back purchased a queen size bed, dresser, chest, nightstand, mattress, futon bunk bed, and mattress totaling 2100 dollars. All was good until it was delivered. Our headboard had a 2-inch scratch that was colored in with sharpie marker, and the chest, oh my, the marble top wasn't glued on right and the top two drawers won't stay on track and the third when you open it, it just falls on the floor.

So we went in to file a complaint. They asked if we picked it up because we could have dropped it. Good thing we had it delivered so they couldn't blame us. They told us they would send somebody to access the damage, try to fix it or get us a new one. We had to wait a week until he came out, he didn't call us we had to call him and he was rude on the phone to my boyfriend. They kept blaming the weather but they were making it to work and open for business. When the guy came he told me his job was to find a way for them to fix it so they wouldn't have to replace it, he was unsuccessful.

He told us it would be a couple of days, so when two weeks passed I called and they said it had to be shipped from California. In 2 weeks it should have made it here. John blamed the snow and had some other excuses, and said as soon as he received it I would get a call. So once again another week had passed and I called again this time it was still the weather and it would be here definitely Monday or Tuesday. Well it's Tuesday and I still haven't received my replacement.

I called again and John said the driver was on his way and got pulled over because he didn't have the right license, and I said I was tired of hearing ** answer after ** answer. He said “when you're ready to be a lady call me back” and hung up. So then my boyfriend called several times just to be hung up on. What a family business. So don't be fooled by the prices and John fast talking at first because as soon as somethings wrong, he has a book full of excuses. I'd rather pay more and get better customer service. I will never shop here again. And if you're thinking about it look up his comments on other reviews online.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- My Husband and I purchased bunk beds from this store late September. We were preparing to move in October. The owner of the store advised us that we could leave the bunk beds in storage at his store as long as we needed and to pick them up when we were ready. This weekend we went to pick up the beds and he sold them to someone else. Earlier that month we seen that someone called our home from his store and when we called back he claimed no one called and that our bunk beds were there at the store waiting on us. Basically he sold them the day he called our and house and he thought he would have them back in his inventory before we came.

The owner lied to my husband and claimed that they were shipped to the warehouse, but one of the workers at the store told my husband he sold the bed to someone else. The owner claimed that the beds would be in the following day, but he wanted to charge us to have them shipped. When my husband asked for a refund he acted like he did not want to give us our money back and tried to sell us another bed. The owner/salesman is a con artist and I would not recommend anyone do business there.

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