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Unfair Business Practices and Bad Faith
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Rating: 1/51

Unfair Business Practices and Bad Faith claim against Liberty Mutual Insurance Company being filed my business. On 5/22/2018 my business suffered a fire loss insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. The Claim adjuster, Tracy **, who may be unlicensed and unqualified in his position purposely omitted damaged content from the estimate; does not follow depreciation guidelines; either fully or partially omitting proper sales taxes on products that are not for resale; replacing original manufacturer parts with aftermarket parts, etc.

His supervisor, Robert **, authorized a settlement on this claim without request for advance and without authorization from the Insured, European Connection Auto Body LLC. Numerous attempts have been made to have Regional Claim Manager, Patrick **, call us to discuss re-assigning this claim to a more qualified Claim Adjuster that have gone unanswered. All emails were carbon copied to the CEO David Long, who also, took no actions to date to try to address this claim.

Serious Injury From Fall On Stacked Carpeting At Carson Dept. Store.
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I suffered a serious fall on double stacked carpeting on May 4, 2013 in Carson's Department Store in Livonia, Michigan. It took many calls to the store's manager and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company over the next month before one girl did a recorded interview. As a result of the fall I could not stand, bend my knees, or work because of the constant pain.

I was asked if I had anything to drink before shopping! No, I do not drink! My low heeled shoe caught the edge of their double stacked carpet that almost threw my head into a weighted dress rack. If that had occurred, I would be a vegetable today. Instead, my shoulder, hands, and both knees hit the carpet so hard, I had rug burns and bruising all over.

After waiting another month to hear from Liberty Mutual, I was informed that Liberty Mutual would not pay for my X-Rays or any other medical bills because the carpet was not high enough! Tell that to my bruised and battered 67 year old body! I'm on a fixed income and the fall was not my fault. Liberty Mutual has even been sued by the Attorney General!!!

Denied Std Claim Disabilty Supported by Two Drs.
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Rating: 1/51

WALFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Went on disability leave on 5/2/2013. Liberty said they faxed my Drs. for info, lie! After obtaining medical records on my own, at considerable expense, my Dr. told them in my claim report that I was unable to perform any work duties indefinitely. After waiting 6 weeks for Liberty to respond, they stated my Dr. did not show evidence of inability to work!?! I think the fact that he said I was unable to function in any work capacity, any reasonable person would think that statement covered it all. Liberty denied my claim. I have most likely lost my job, bills are overdue, and I pay for this insurance, weekly out of my check!

Liberty is fraudulent and I advise everyone to avoid Liberty completely for your own good. They are thieves, liars, and show no compassion in all aspects. I am filling suit and believe I will prevail. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SPOT. AVOID LIBERTY MUTUAL!!!!

DROPPED by Liberty Mutual Homeowners - many Florida customers
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- May 1, 2011: Receive a letter today from Liberty Mutual Florida stating that we are being DROPPED - our home owners insurance policy has been cancelled - as of our forthcoming renewal date of Nov 2011. I've been with Liberty Mutual of Florida for 15 years; from my first town home, then converted to an apartment/fire policy, then converted to a homeowners policy... now that I have a wife and 2 young children to protect in this regard.

In all of the 15 years, I have not once submitted a claim. I have, however, dealt with their oftentimes very significant increases in policy premiums; especially over the last 5 years. What an absolute shame and disgrace, Liberty Mutual. The letter offers their "apology for any inconvenience". Inconvenience? What an understatement. You ** us, Liberty Mutual, plain and simple.

They Tortured Me for a Decade
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I worked for them for 10 years of torture. They cut the staff to nothing and piled on the work. They made us log every minute, although they were our only client and did not get bills. They had the work done by a team of inexperienced paralegals and did not serve the interests of their policy holders. Their greed is enormous. Finally, they moved the office 60 miles a day round trip. The commute almost killed me. They didn't need the money. Then they fired me for telling the truth to the client instead of trying to hide their incompetence.

Really Disappointed and Let Down
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have sung praises of this company. I felt there was great integrity there. However, I've only had one speeding ticket ever since 1984. While doing business at the county courthouse I backed into a car the size of the out of date Yugo as a fender bender breaking the unoccupied vehicle's right headlight. Little did I know as I prepared to leave my info. for the owner there was a deputy who saw the whole thing & I didn't know it. He said because of your honesty, I'm not going to ticket you, but call your insurance I'll stay here until it's complete and I did, was told by insurance representative I would have accident forgiveness.

When policy renewed it skyrocketed by 1,000.00 more yearly. Never missed a payment which is automatic deducted from my account. Found out you have to be with them 3 yrs for forgiveness and this will remain in effect until I'm 61. Very upset. Never even told me in the renewal papers had to call 1-800# to find out reason for big increase. Was told that it should have been explained to me in more detail, plus I am on permanently disability. Looking for new Insurance. Very hurt & feel cheated, really trusted Liberty Mutual, had greatest respect & even referred family & friends. So long Liberty Mutual.

Long term disability
By -

In 2009 I became ill and was unable to work. I had seen doctors and been hospitalized several times before they found that I had an infection in the disc and vertebra in my neck, by the time they realized what was wrong I was paralyzed from my neck down. I then had two surgeries and had to have rehabilitation to learn to walk, dress, feed myself etc. I was disabled by SS in 2010. The company I worked for had long term disability with Liberty Mutual. They paid me for 6 months and then sent a letter saying they believed I could return to work.

My doctor wrote them a letter stating I was unable to work at any job. I appealed their decision and they denied me again. They said that their doctors reviewed my case and determined I could return to a sitting job even though my doctor said I could not return to work. I am still in a lot of pain and am unable to sit more than 30 min at a time. My company said I could not return to work without a release from my doctor and they are dropping their relationship with Liberty Mutual Ins Co. because of how they are treating their employees.

Serious Work Comp Injury & They've Done Everything Possible to Obstruct Benefits
By -

I was injured severely at work in the Spring of 2009. The effects of the injuries suffered are largely debilitating. Shortly afterward, I began to be shuffled between claims people, weekly wage payments were delayed, child support was withheld from checks but not forwarded to state collection agency, delays and refusals to approve diagnostic tests, assigned a QRC (independent - right!) who pressured doctor to refer me to a Occ. Med doctor - who shocked everyone who was treating me by telling me "there's nothing wrong with you, get off your butt, take antidepressants, and go back to work!"

They demanded I see only one doctor to manage my care - but who, I'd already seen 5 at that point. So I had to go outside them all and get a 2nd opinion or go back to work. I found the doctors in my "network" that would take a contrary position to the diagnosis of the Occ. Med doctor. But I did, and not only got a 2nd opinion that prevented me from having to go back to work, but obtained an order for an MRI - a tool he was surprised hadn't been used to detect the root of my problem.

And after delaying authorization for almost 4 weeks, I had that MRI, and it documented spinal and nerve damage due to trauma. 4 months into my injury, I went from being regarded as a malingerer to having a bonafide injury/impairment. Do you think things would change with Liberty Mutual? Sure, they bumped me to yet another claims rep, and the whole cycle of delay, deny, harass, withhold payments and treatments started all over again. I got an attorney. That didn't seem to matter, if anything, they just ramped up the resistance more. I got a new QRC, one recommended by my attorney.

They began to harass her, telling her that my employer had "light duty" work for me, and that she was required to make me aware that I HAD to accept light duty if I were able to perform those tasks. Once again, the fact I can't walk, sit or stand for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, that I take powerful narcotic meds for pain, and a slew of other muscle relaxers, anti-spasmodic, anti-emetic (nausea),wear an electronic device to mitigate pain, and can't even drive - not to mention physical therapy every other day, just how could I work doing anything.

Several weeks ago, I began to receive a lot of mail from various clinics, doctors, specialists, and medical imaging firms - including the urgent care clinic I went to immediately after suffering injury at work. The letters were affidavits they had filed with the Dept of Labor & Industry, Work Comp Div declaring that Liberty Mutual HAD not paid them, and that they were registering their claims for services rendered AFTER Liberty Mutual had "approved them. All except the urgent care clinic - who's paperwork stated that the employers insurance company (Liberty Mutual) had refused payment for services rendered on that day because "visit to the clinic had not been pre-approved by the insurance company."

Silly me, I guess I should have known I was going to nearly be killed that day, and gotten pre-approval! One of the providers is sitting on bills totaling more than $5K, and a letter I received advised me that they "cannot" provide any additional services until my insurance carrier pays or I pay. Several of these providers have tried to bill my medical insurance company - BCBS. Of course they've refused also, because NONE of these services were provided with their authorization, and they learned later that it was, in fact, a work comp injury.

I am now looking at surgical intervention - 6 months after the date of injury, and my recovery time and rehab (if the surgery works) will put me out for another 3-6 months. It's hard to look at Liberty Mutual's TV commercials, which portray it as a company that cares and does the "right thing" by pulling people back as they're about to walk off a curb and get hit by a bus - when they've done just about everything possible to throw me under one!

I recommend that if you experience any difficulty with Liberty Mutual, or their subsidiaries such as Indiana Insurance, that you (1) retain an attorney & (2) get a different QRC (3) make a report to the Insurance commissioner of your state, and the Dept of Labor & Industry.

Never to use Liberty Mutual Insurance Again
By -

DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- On April 11, 2009, our car was hit by an elderly man who fled the scene and returned later; he and his insurance company (Wawanesa) took full responsibility for the accident and we relied on Liberty Mutual to represent us in good faith to make certain our car was restored. Originally I found out that the other insurance company was in Canada and only had two satellite offices in California and therefore I decided to involve Liberty Mutual for better representation. Also, we have a customized policy with Liberty Mutual for this vehicle which would ensure that the car would be restored if it were ever damaged.

At the time of the accident, there were witnesses including a store manager that helped us. I was parked in a grocery store parking lot. Witnesses were all very surprised at the way my car was hit and the velocity with which it had been hit. They described that the elderly gentleman's Cadillac accelerated backwards and had crossed several parking spaces and then across the aisle. He hit my car with enough force to lift the back end of my car up onto the trunk of his Cadillac and then pushed my car into a curb and up onto a berm that separated the parking lots.

There was damage to my rear bumper, front bumper, driver's side door, and the driver's side rear tail light. The man fled the scene hitting another car in the process. A witness who followed him down the street and into a dead-end stated that the man later accelerated at the same rate of speed toward his vehicle and almost slammed into his vehicle. This is when the driver decided to return to the scene of the accident where police were waiting for him.

As a result of the accident, since mid-April I have been speaking with "Team Six" in the Auto Claims Department in Sacramento. I have been treated in a manor that falls far short of Liberty Mutual's Mission Statement including being challenged, insulted, spoken to in very sarcastic tones, and overall have never been treated so poorly in this manner by any company ever. My conversations have been documented; as I went up through the network of claims representatives the attitude was blatantly in violation of the principles your company stands on.

A) Liberty'€™s principle of Integrity: "First, we behave with integrity. People build their lives on
our promises and trust us to keep our promises."€ I own a customized 1991 Mustang GT and have carried an extended policy on it for an additional $9000.00 for the better part of five years. I was hit by a driver whose insurance company has admitted full responsibility.

Claims didn't have my police report for a long period of time and were challenging me on the damage that was incurred. At one point in speaking with Claims I was told that Liberty would replace both the rear and front bumpers; later it was rescinded and they stated only the back bumper would be replaced. Later the supervisor(s)
stated that the way the accident occurred couldn'€™t have possibly happened, that the damage that occurred could never have happened and yet they never even spoke to witnesses.

The last straw was last week. On May 14, 2009, our mechanic was contacted by a Liberty Mutual adjuster who was coming to see the car on May 15, 2009 between 2:00 and 2:30 P.M. This was the second time an adjuster was coming to see the car and my wife and I thought that perhaps Liberty was finally going to resolve the concerns we had and we took time away from our schedule to meet him. We were there at 2:00 P.M. and he never showed up.

By 4:30 P.M. I left a message for Management in Claims to find out where the adjuster was (I never heard back from them). At the same time, the mechanic found the phone number to the adjuster and left him a message that they we were all waiting. Having received the mechanic'™s message the adjuster called back at about 5:00 P.M. and said that the Claims Department had cancelled the appointment and told him not to come. We waited three hours. No notification, no explanation, nothing.

B) Your principle of Dignity and Respect: "€œSecond, we treat people with dignity and respect. Only by treating our customers, and each over, well, can we build strong, long-lasting relationships."€ Employees of Liberty Mutual (outside of Claims) who I have spoken to including Account Representatives, Account Supervisors, and the Corporate Office have ALL been appalled at the way we are being treated and said contacting you is the only recourse before filing legal action.

This includes the Account Supervisor from Liberty Mutual in Thousand Oaks who has been completely shocked, dismayed and even angered at the unprofessional treatment I have received from the Auto Claims Division. When I was contacted today by the main supervisor from Auto Claims he essentially stated that he sided with the Claims Representatives in that nothing else will be done with my car -“ it'™s essentially at a stalemate.

Dignity and respect are reserved for all customers as well as to employees of your company. I believe there needs to be an investigation into how customers are treated by this particular Division within your company as they do not ascribe to the principles and values of providing any type of quality customer service, let alone have an attitude that unfortunately continued to worsen as I spoke to supervisors within the department.

C) Liberty's Principle of Superior Products and Services: "€œThird, we aspire to provide consistently superior products and services". My car was hit by someone whose insurance company assumes full responsibility. In addition, I have paid for additional insurance coverage through Liberty Mutual for this vehicle in case of an accident.

Why would Liberty Mutual's Claims Department want to provide second-hand products to replace my rear bumper and taillight (as described by the representatives)? We are not cashing the Liberty Mutual check sent to us as my car has more damage than the first adjuster found and because the Claims Division has essentially sent the message that the claim in done despite rescinding their promise to also replace the front bumper.

In conclusion, I do not believe we have not been unreasonable in the request for replacement. A fair resolution to this problem as mentioned in a report that I am sending to the CA State Department of Insurance is the following: Have the front and rear bumpers replaced with new parts; The driver's side door aligned to the body of the car (due to the impact); The two rear tail lights replaced with new parts; The car fully repainted to match.

This was sent to the CEO of Liberty Mutual. As of this writing I will be looking for other insurance else ware. The car will be fixed, but will be mismatched in paint color. Liberty Mutual has been nothing but a bad company to be associated within regards to this accident. I would avoid them if you can.

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