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My Personal Experience with Lifemates
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OTTOWA -- Well I have previously posted over 7 comments on this site now about my experience with Lifemates and now I have the ultimate compliment for this site. Just last night I proposed to my new Fiance. We have been dating for some four months and it is very obvious to both of us that we are meant for each other.

I was called by my Lifemates matchmaker (Catherine) and she informed me that she found someone who fit all my criteria and not only that, but they looked up our addresses on google maps and found that she was my neighbor! My matchmaker and I had a good laugh and I instantly agreed to the date. I live in an upscale neighborhood with mostly families and very few singles. To think that literally two blocks away in one of the gated communities.

I called Rachel (my new fiance) right away and we both laughed at the fact that we were neighbors and have never seen each other before. We decided not to delay and we wanted to meet in the neighborhood park. I brought a thermos of hot cocoa and some cups (as we all know that Ottawa in the winter is very cold!) Sure enough, my matchmaker was right on. Rachel and I hit it off right away. We stayed in the park drinking our cocoa until sunset and we didn't want to leave each other.

I walked her back to her house as it was farther than mine and we walked by my house on the way so she knows where I live. She invited me in and we had some wine and stayed up maybe 4 or 5 hours talking about how much we have in common. I walked home that night a totally new person. The next morning she called me and asked me if I wanted to go jogging with her, we have been together almost every day ever since. Rachel and I are so happy and so grateful to Lifemates. It was absolutely worth it to pay the service fees. I would pay double if I was asked to by Lifemates, because they really do find your life mate.

I called my matchmaker to tell her that we got engaged and she was so happy for us. I invited her to the wedding and she said he will absolutely come to the wedding. This is how great the service is, it is personal and interactive, not like a mechanical search engine on the internet that matches you up, you really get to speak with people and work with them, building a relationship with your matchmaker.

Rachel and I are planning to give a toast to Catherine at the wedding and we are both encouraging all of our single friends to join the service. Lifemates is a very humanistic dating service, and like I said before, very personal. I am so grateful for Lifemates and I strongly encourage others to join and find their Life mate on Lifemates.

Complaint about LifeMates - Without Prejudice
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO, ONTARIO, NEW YORK -- Complaint with - Without Prejudice. While people can complain online about almost anything, you be the judge with my story. I am a professionally employed, well established, divorced single mother with children, work and live within the GTA and like most people I heard the challenges with online dating sites. I was new to dating after 11 years with one person who cheated on me and learned of LifeMates through gossip at work.

I gave them $1200+ to assess my values, goals, needs, lifestyle and preferences for a life partner. After 6 introductions - no match... and not that close to be fair. Instead, what I felt was LifeMates have VERY GOOD and TRUSTING salespeople that know the advantage of a lonely heart to bring you in and give you great hope with a fee. I asked around afterwards to find a few people who were still single after using LifeMates. If I had done more research first, I could have saved the $1200+.

Happy Ending - I did hear good things about, so I signed up for the cost of a gym monthly fee. While there are screening practices to learn, I started to see quality, honest, responsive, and available men. Perhaps I am lucky with my gut feeling, but after meeting a few different men, I met a man in October 2012 who is much more than I could have expected and the hope for a future together, with my children, is very promising. He presented himself well on with recent head to toe photos in natural settings (this is key for trust).

Lesson - Don't pay a match making company that knows nothing about you if they do not give a money-back guarantee OR will keep trying for no extra fees until YOU are satisfied. I realize this is a challenge to define by contract, but perhaps a minimum dating time frame should define mutual success (3-6 months). NOTE: My new partner bought a car from the company with this email... for my privacy.

Lifemates Canada Review
By -

VANCOUVER -- I am an attractive and confident professional, who never had much trouble meeting women. I happened to answer a questionnaire when single one summer, the process started, and I got suckered in. Very impressive office and interview process...

LIFEMATES IS A SCAM, FOLKS! No way an agency would charge this kind of money, would make this many false promises, and shrug off complaints, if they were as respectable as they advertise themselves to be... Don't give Lifemates a cent of your hard-earned money. All we do with our matches, is laugh and feel silly about ourselves joining these guys - I guess they provide a match for something. Also beware of raving reviews - I have doubts they originate from clients.

Life Mates Is A Joke!
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Rating: 1/51

MISSISSAUGA/ON -- LM will promise you everything under the sun, and when you give them your hard earned $3000.00 you won't get a call until a month later with a random person who is in your age request group... but don't expect them to be a match. They do not have enough members hence the reason they are spending so much on advertising and if you don't join they will continuously call you and harass you to pay up and join.

I have been there for almost 8 months now and only received four referrals and guess what? They were all bad matches - the referrals I spoke to advised me that they felt the same way I did... robbed and LM is a scam. I haven't even been on one date since being a member. It's already been a month and I haven't received a referral. I am frustrated and requested half my money back as they promised I could get if not satisfied when joining. Well that was a scam as well. You don't get your money back, it was only for the first week of joining. What a joke!

Lifemates in Ottawa
By -

OTTAWA -- Like many singles, I signed up with Lifemates Canada in Ottawa, 11 months ago and I paid $2700 CDN, but I have received no services from them. They just once introduced a "referral" to me, with no other info to contact her, so I could not call her or meet her, and that was it. After that, I tried to explain my situation to Lifemates, but they never called me back. I even sent a long letter by mail to them, but nobody cared to reply. I just need a lawyer to help me get at least a fraction of my money back. I want to cancel my membership with them, but the funny thing is, canceling a membership does not mean anything for Lifemates! They even have no refund policy!!!! Thank you.

Lifemates -- RIPOFF -- Looking for Legal Council - Calgary, AB
By -

CALGARY, ALASKA -- I also have been ripped off from I signed up and was offered 1/2 back if I cancelled, which I took advantage of pretty quickly. I have been owed the money since October 2007 or so, and have a letter dated in November that they actually owe me money. They keep giving me the runaround and I want to pursue legal action now. If you know a lawyer that would do this case for a percentage of the damages, please let me know. I am located in Calgary, AB.

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