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Lifestyle Lift - The Rest Of The Story
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My experience with Lifestyle Lift has been an interesting journey. I first learned about Lifestyle Lift through their TV ads, showing clients with remarkable results of before and after pictures as well as video of them. All looked many years younger, refreshed, having smoother skin and their wrinkles gone. Their jaw lines were well defined after their surgery.

After reviewing the company's pamphlets and video on May 6th, I opted for Lifestyle Lift option C including their platysmaplasty, liposculpting and a full face laser treatment for a total of $8500. The procedure was done on May 13, 2010 by Dr. Eric T Waterman, the same doctor that examined my face for this procedure on May 6th.

In just one week of the surgery, I could see my wrinkles returning to my face as the swelling went down. After one month, I could see NO improvement in my face and I do not look one day younger than before my surgery. I have wrinkles and frown lines around my mouth and the same wrinkles I had around my eyes, as well. I still have brown spots on my face, large pores and wrinkles on my face. My jaw line has not improved.

I followed the Lifestyle Lift instructions to a T. I even slept elevated in a recliner for three weeks, instead of in bed with my husband. I only let my closest co-workers know what I did since I took ten days off of work. The only thing they see are my scars. One co-worker was bold enough to say, "Did you have a witch doctor work on you?" It might as well been.

The entire hospital staff and all of my family have not noticed or said anything about my "years younger and refreshed look", confirming what I already knew, that this surgery did nothing, but leave scars. Instead of wearing my hair behind my ears, as I have for years, I have to cover my ears because of the scars. My ears are still numb and areas around my ears and neck are still hard and knotted.

I had an appointment today, June 11, 2010 with Dr. Waterman. I received my before and after pictures that I will be happy to share with anyone interested in viewing. I told Dr. Waterman that I didn't look a day younger or any more refreshed, and his response was "you can't expect miracles." I said, "excuse me??" I was only expecting what was promised... to look younger and refreshed. When asked if he felt any obligation to do anything further for the $8500 I spent, he said no. I thanked him for his time, then left. At no time did he touch me to examine the knots on my face and neck that I told him about, or check my scars.

My intent is to write as many Internet consumer reviews as I can to caution others that Lifestyle Lift is not all its cracked up to be and to contact the local and national media to do a story on behalf of the many disappointed clients nationwide. I am already in touch with the Oprah Show. I hope this review will encourage others to seek several consultations before buying into the claims that Lifestyle Lift is "the nations face experts".

These People Are Butchers!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My 74 year old mother had the procedure to remove her "waggle" as she called it from under her chin and lasering around her mouth on March 9 2011. I have been taking care of her for the past 3 days and the more I look at her the more I want to bring charges against the piece of crap doctor that did this to her. First off, her appointment was at 1:30 and at 7:00PM. No one had called to tell us she was done so we could pick her up.

When we called we got the answering service and was told they would TRY to find someone to talk to me. Finally a man got on the phone to tell me that she was done and someone would walk her down from the 10th floor to the lobby. I told him I was really getting worried because it took so long and he said "yea, we take our time in these matters." My mom was so out of it she could barely walk and when she was brought down they took her outside in the 28 degree weather...not into the lobby. When we saw her I was horrified. Granted I knew it wasn't going to be pretty but nothing like she was.

She could not speak until the next day and now on day 3 she is just beginning to be able to swallow. Last night we decided to clean her up and unwrapped her, I nearly passed out! WTF, that's ** - saying you can go out for dinner afterwards. Even worse the meds were making her throw up so we called and were told they would call in a new med. It has now been 2 days and still no call to pharm. for new med's. **, they don't care about their patients. I want to post this doctor's name SSSOOO bad but I can't afford to be sued since my mom spent my inheritance on this freaking procedure.

PEOPLE...spend your money on a nice cruise (but not to Mexico right now) and have some fun instead of having your ears cut off and sewed back on and you can't leave the house for a month, not to mention the incredible pain you will suffer, and chances are high the results for your time and money may be absolutely nothing! I pray she will get something from this, other than the HUGE scars, that she deserves for her $7,000.00

Shameful Business Practices
By -

BEVERLY HILLS -- This company pushed a sale on me promising a procedure on May 21st 2010. The price was negotiated and recorded and signed on paper, but when I showed up on the appointed date at the appointed time (recorded and reconfirmed), I paid $5050.00, but then I was told that the cost would be $300 more than agreed upon and that I arrived at the wrong time. The company refused to do the procedure unless I paid the additional $300 even after I promised to bring in the amount the following day at "post-op".

The doctor then refused to do the surgery although I was prepared in all other ways, because he claimed that he had 3 other surgeries, and there was not enough time for me. This cost me the fee for a driver, one day of work, $40 taxi cost, expense of pre-medication, and extreme humiliation, upset, stress and anger! Everyone of the personnel including the doctor, were cold and disinterested and caused me great emotional distress. BEWARE of this "SLICK" operation!!

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