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By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- In December 2007, a Linksys wireless router and wireless USB card were purchased for me as a Christmas gift. I finally had the opportunity to hook up the products for use in February 2008. From the month of February to December 2008, I have had to make at least one phone call each month because my router arbitrarily boots me off the internet. I have case ID numbers and can pull phone records to prove this.

By the month of May, I realized that my router must be defective, as my father owns a router by Linksys and he had not experienced these same issues. Also, not one representative at Linksys could give me an explanation as to why I was having repeat issues retaining my connection. I was never able to log back on without going through a long list of steps with the help of technical support. The duration of each telephone call was a minimum of 45 minutes. Each time I have requested a defective exchange, since May I was told, "you have to call technical support." Then technical support would refer me back to customer service.

I wrote an email to the escalated issues customer service department (because they provide you no other options for escalated cases) and received no response to this email. A perfect example of this company "passing the buck" occurred this week-which was the final straw, and only a taste of the runaround that I had been given. After another stint of monthly phone calls and no results, I wrote another email in late Nov/early Dec to which I actually received a response - stating to call them! I was provided with the same customer service number that goes to India that I had been calling all along!

I have asked for a local contact or to speak with somebody who is truly in a position of authority several times and to date, not one of my requests have been accommodated. Why is the leadership within this organization hiding from the consumer? I replied and the email was returned stating that I did not reply within the specified lines on the form!!!

In response to the second email to Linksys in late November/early December with regard to the poor service, I finally received a reply back stating to call the customer service number! I replied back and received an auto response stating that they could not process my request for assistance because my response was not written within the specified space (which was inaccurate as I was sure to copy and paste my information in the area specified).

Several weeks later (now December 30th) I received a call from Mark who gave the usual empathy statements and said that he would be glad to help me with my exchange and then said "I see that you are just a little outside your warranty but since you have been calling in, we will assist you with an exchange. It should be no problem." I was excited because I thought that I was finally going to get help! M BADGE# ** gave me yet another case ID number and told me to call customer service (passing the buck once again!!!!!!!) because he was "just tech support" and cannot process any exchanges on his end!

When I arrived home on the evening of December 30th, I realized that I left the number in my office on a notepad. I figured it was no big deal, and planned to call the next day once I had the final case number in my possession. Unfortunately, my computer booted me off again that same night- forcing me to call Linksys once again! After waiting on hold, an excessive amount of time as usual, I was connected with a representative named K, who provided a badge number **.

After I explained my problem to him, he said that since he was just a customer service representative, he could not assist me because I was "outside my warranty" and that a manager would have to assist. I was promised a connection with a supervisor/manager and placed on hold for a period of approximately (perhaps longer) 15 minutes.

The first time, a manager named S--, who provided no badge number, "assisted" me by saying that he can extend my warranty by six months. I told him that this was unacceptable because I have had to call every month since owning the product and the problem only repeats itself. I repeatedly explained to him that I want my product exchanged for one that actually works. Finally, he disconnected the call after a long silence and no warning.

When I called back, I waited on hold again and spoke with a gentleman named R-- BADGE# ** (by the way, it is amazing how quickly these representative speed through their names and badge numbers and are often reluctant to repeat the information- once again why does Linksys hide from the consumer) who claimed that there "was no S-- there" and went as far as to mock me by saying, "We are in India there is no S-- here", and he did not even have a record of the phone call.

The last record that he has was from a call that I received from M, the technical support representative from earlier that evening! R-- promised to connect me to a manager. I waited on hold for 35 minutes! The call was then disconnected. I could tell that the phone was picked up twice and put back on hold because every now and then I would hear people speaking in the background the way you typically do when contacting a call center, then the phone was placed back on hold.

After the phone was disconnected, I called back and after waiting on hold, I was connected to a man named R BADGE #**. He told me that they could not help me (he would not even help me get back online) because I was outside of my warranty (no kidding how many times did I have to repeat my story and whose fault is that, it's not like I just started calling yesterday) - unless I either paid a one time fee of 29.95 or for a 6 month warranty!!!! So how did I go from being promised assistance with my exchange (after almost a year of phone calls) to an offer of a 6-month extended warranty to no help at all unless I paid for the warranty!!!!

After R continued to try to extort money out of me by saying "I will connect you to technical support but only after you pay", I finally got fed up and disconnected the call, as it was now 1:05am EST and I had made no progress. After repeatedly passing the buck and sending me on wild goose chase, I was told that my "warranty is up" and now they cannot help me unless I pay for an extended warranty!!!

I truly believe that LINKSYS/CISCO SYSTEM's practices are dishonest! When you contact the customer service line, they have a recording that states, "If you believe that your product is defective and you need an exchange, you must first speak to technical support..." But even after speaking with technical support, you are told that you must go back to customer service and then customer service passes you back to technical support. Not one representative actually walks you through the exchange process.

The only thing that is ever accomplished in these calls is a representative walks you through the process of getting back online after being booted off! They totally ignored my request for an exchange, purposely brushed me off until the warranty was up just to tell me that they couldn't help me "because the warranty is expired!" I was intentionally brushed off until my warranty expired, just so Linksys could avoid having to exchange my router.

Wireless Router Not So Easy To Install
By -

Due to lightening striking near our home the other day, we lost a number of devices in our home. One device that stopped working was our home network router (Netgear). Found a good deal at Best Buy on a Linksys N-Ultra RangePlus (by Cisco). It was on sale for $79 and we had a $10 coupon, so we got it for $69. Figured Cisco was a top brand name so I went with it. It had the new wireless-N protocol, along with supporting B/G (older wireless protocols). Claimed it had extended range as well. All good things.

Got home and started to set it up. I followed the instructions which wanted me to use the CD first before plugging anything in. Once I got to the steps to plug in the router, the setup program was unable to find the router. My computer (Thinkpad laptop running XP Pro with latest service packs) could not seem to connect to the router. I made sure all my firewall stuff was turned off, etc. It just kept saying it could not find the router and to make sure it was turned on, which it was.

I then tried connecting directly to the router via my browser. This seemed to work as I was granted access to login to the router admin tools. From there I tried to manually set it up, and it seemed to work fine. But I was still unable to connect from my laptop (via wireless). Next I decided to give the CD a try again. This time it worked! It said everything was set up and working perfectly, I was all done... or so I thought. Apparently their idea of "working" does not include the wireless, which again still did not work. It kept telling me I needed some certificate to prove my identity, or something like that.

I took the web and Googled it up. Found tons of pages of folks having the same problems. After trying about 5 different suggestions from folks, I finally found I needed to disable a "IEEE 802.1.x authentication" checkbox in my wireless settings to make it work for XP.

Long story short, considering XP is still one of the top utilized operating systems out there, I was a bit disappointed in the installation process and lack of help on their CD. The trouble-shooting section had only 5 symptoms, all of which involved essentially rebooted various devices. I would like to thank the general internet community for posting a solution... makes you realize just how wonderful the web is! ;-)

What a Scam!
By -

A few days ago I was trying to connect a new device to my wireless network, and having quite a few issues. I called my internet service provider. While I'd been "holding", waiting for tech support, my spouse and I had already decided to call Linksys (who made the router). The contact information sticker had partially worn away, so we just looked online for the customer service number.

The first site link provided by Google was this- "Get Online Support For Linksys Router By Tech Call 1-877-501-3693". Bad grammar? Apparently not. This company isn't Linksys, nor associated with them. They won't however, tell you that when answering their phones, and answered as "Linksys router tech support, how may I help you?" They proceeded to take information for a basically quick fix, 2 sec. problem, then said that they could immediately, and remotely fix the issue for a one time $90.00 charge.

At this point, my spouse became rather hilariously irate, demanded more information, a supervisor, and an explanation of proposed charges. After being asked for a fifth time, the phone representative admitted that they weren't Linksys, but were a "completely approved third party" and that by handing them $90.00, they'd "fix the problem quicker than Linksys could". (Their webpage is currently disabled, which we didn't check before calling.)

We hung up, and gave no credit information. I've since found Linksys's actual number, and reported this issue to them. Anyway, I'm posting this because a great many people find businesses, or their contact info online. Make sure that you are actually dealing with the proper company. Make sure to ask for a full explanation of charges before issuing any payment.

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