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Shut Your Door When White T-Shirts Knock.
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PROVO, UTAH -- So when two guys from Utah come to your door wearing white T-Shirts tell them NO THANK YOU!!! Their service is a scam. I made the mistake in signing up with them to get VoIP for my phone, internet service and the Dish Network. Well I wasn't told that my internet service would stay with whoever has it now. So when the process begin to convert. Qwest disconnected all my services leaving me no internet service, no landline phone service. I called Linx to find out what was going on and they started the blaming game. "Qwest disconnected your services and didn't give you a stand alone line for internet. You can call and try to get AT&T or Comcast."

"But aren't you providing me with my services?" is the question I asked them. They said, "No we use Qwest for internet." So my question to them was on the paperwork. "Did you specify that I need a stand alone line for internet to Qwest?" I wasn't given an answer. Therefore, Qwest gave my spot to someone else leaving me HIGH AND DRY with no phone or internet!! It took me two days to figure out what both companies were going to do for me.

So in the meantime I was forced to call COMCAST and find out what they could do for me in a short amount of time. In all of this Linx did not accept my words of I'M GOING WITH COMCAST AS I'm canceling my services with you and they charged my cc $100.00 for so call not canceling within 24 hrs. And the reason why they charged me is because if you want their service you have to have auto drafts from the start!! So THEY will get your money no matter what!! DON'T be sold by a Linx rep. They are clueless as to how their company operates. Or how they should handle new customers.

Never Trust a Linx Rep. Selling Phone Internet TV Contract
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Rating: 1/51

PROVO, UTAH -- I and 3 friends each signed a package deal misrepresented by a Linx Salesman. We were told it was a package deal with savings on Internet, phone, and Dish TV over a 2-year contract. TV was installed first, improperly with no wires grounded properly. Dish was improperly placed where service was out of order more than working, holes on the siding.

I was told I just needed to climb a ladder to service the dish when it rained and snowed. We are seniors using walkers! I canceled by the 2nd day after also verifying that the contract was not a package deal for 2 years, it had service support for technical problems within the state of UT. In fact, if we HAD PROBLEMS WE WOULD BE CHARGED every time a tech came out.

We canceled our agreement with LINX, Internet and DISH, the phone had never been ported over thank goodness. They still try to collect but Internet and Dish were decent in cancelling. BUYER BEWARE. LINX is a shady business, willing to lie and schedule inferior installers who WILL damage your home in the process!

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