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Not as User Friendly as Advertised.
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While I was changing a bulb last night, I remembered a contractor's review on a related forum about this ladder as I was dragging out of the garage. He was not endorsing it and since it's becoming popular and I hadn't written anything here in a while, I figured I'd lend my experience as well if anyone was thinking of purchasing one.

The ladder system is an adjustable A-frame, extension, and scaffold all in one. It's designed and promoted to be the only ladder needed. While advertisements show it adjusting easily to different sizes and configurations, in reality, it is a bulky unit one should realize before buying it.

Pros- Very sturdy, it feels solid and safe. It is an extension and A-frame all in one, so it can multitask. It also can be offset, making it great for application on stairs. Mine's a 26' fully extended yet can fit in the back of a pickup without even lowering the tailgate, so it's very easy to transport.

Cons- They claim it's light. For a Cadillac yes, for a ladder, no. It is bulky and heavy to move around. If you need a small ladder, you still are carrying the weight of a 26 footer. I rarely use it for inside jobs because it's just much easier to get my regular A-frame out. Extension ladders generally have a rope that pulls the extension upwards and locks on a rung where you want it.

This has to be opened like a jack knife. This means you need to have a tremendous amount of space from the wall and have to grab an end, then walk it up to the side. This makes a difficult task if it's windy, a window is close to where it plans to touch the house, or just if you're not a big person.

For the average $450 it runs, you can buy the 3 ladders separately that it claims to replace and still have change. Even after buying it, I still use my other ladders most of the time. I would only recommend this if a its compact profile is a must for transporting. Otherwise, it's just too cumbersome.

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