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Very Disappointing
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Rating: 2/51

FLORIDA -- I had a surprisingly bad time of it with our stay at the Loews Royal Pacific in Orlando Florida. This is our second time staying at the hotel. After having stayed previously without any incidents, this time around it was as if there was a bulls-eye on my forehead. We paid for 12 nights on the Club Level (an exclusive floor needing a key card to get to it). This was to be an extravagant vacation as we have not taken on four years preparing for this one.

Two weeks before arriving I called TWICE to confirm that we would at least be able to drop off our bags in the room and get changed so we could go over to the parks. Upon arrival we were told "absolutely not" but our room would be ready soon. This was 11:00 am. We waited until 4:30 pm, watching others arrive and wait 15 minutes to get their room.

Finally, I said enough was enough and spoke to Angela at the front counter who should not be working with customers. She informed me that "since my room was so desirable, it takes longer to get ready". I asked her if what she just said made ANY sense at all. Nothing. The gentleman next to her, who mind you was assisting a customer already, told her to call housekeeping. She didn't. He dialled the phone for her and handed the receiver to her. Housekeeping told her it would be ready in 10 minutes. Over right?

We go up to the 7th floor only to find out our room in on the 6th floor. Huh? Anyone can push the button for 6. The view was of a highway. Now, I'm not a rich guy, and this vacation was pulling out a lot of stops to make it happen. I got my travel agent involved and was told that they "changed" their policy to not include the 6th and 7th floor as club level. Pushing further, they said they could have a 7th floor room for us the next day. They would take care of moving everything and have it changed first thing. Once it was changed, they would call us. We went to the park finally and waited for the call. And waited. And waited.

James who is the General Manager here instructed his staff to make it happen and contact us around 8 am. By 6 pm we again had to call to overhear the person on the phone ask someone else who said "Oh, yeah, I guess we forgot to call them". This is when I finally got angry. I'm on vacation and believe me all I wanted to do was relax. So I asked for a manager.

I spoke with Jeff, one of the managers and explained everything which had transpired in his office, because I didn't want to talk in front of his other customers. No reason to air dirty laundry in public. We had a nice long conversation, he was very apologetic and we came to an agreement of a hundred dollar credit to our account and he was going to check with James regarding having our two poolside cabana days complimentary which equates to $100 for each day. So, I'm asking for $300 back on the $9000 I've spend on this trip. A 3% return on my aggravation.

After waiting to hear from anyone for a week, and having paid for the first cabana on July 4th because no one was in to speak with, I finally went to them on July 5th to ask what was happening. I received a phone call to our room later stating that they would not pay for the cabanas. This will be the last money Loews will see from this "You First Rewards Member". Truly embarrassing for this hotel. I have hundreds of other hotels to choose from in Orlando, and it will be one of them. Learn something from Disney. The customer actually is put first, not just some rhetoric from a marketing campaign.

Loews Hotel Royal Pacific Resort Orlando (Chucky Cheese Management)
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I stayed in the Loews Hotel Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando when I booked it on the Universal Orlando website. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and well kept. The hotel room was very well taken care of and the beds seem new and the room itself overall was in excellent condition except for the issue I had with the AC unit which caused me to deal with the management. The problem I had could have been easily fixed but the chucky cheese management didn't want to resolve the issue instead they wanted their guest to suffer and be in a room that was so hot it was like being in an attic.

The room was extremely hot so we waited 1/2 hour to let the room cool down but it didn't get any cooler even with the AC at the coldest level. So we called management around 9:30 P.M. to request a room change. Management didn't want to change rooms and had the engineer call me at midnight to only tell me he would go to our room to work on the AC unit in a 1/2 hour. I told him this was unacceptable that it is now too late and we are tired and just want a room change to get to sleep. Our goal was to go to sleep early so we can spend the day at Universal Studios. I told the technician that we should not suffer as a paying customer if the room is extremely hot and needs repairs.

He said he has 0 authority to change rooms and would talk to his supervisor about this. After 1 hour no one called me so I called back only to get the run around. They told me because I spoke to the Engineer who specializes in the AC unit there is nothing else they can do. I called again and again to get the run around. At 3:00 A.M. about 6 hours later a young man who claimed to be the manager barged in our room he said he would allow to switch rooms only if the room seemed hot to him. However my fiancee was not fully dressed and didn't ask me if I was by myself or with a guest he just allowed himself in and pretended not to see a woman half dressed.

He agreed the room was extremely hot and said "many times our guests are dishonest and just want to get a free upgrade". I said at 3 in the morning? I said at this point what does it matter? He said he wouldn't stay in the room himself, then I asked him to get out of the room because we did not feel comfortable with him coming in the room in the first place. The AC complaint now turned safety violation of invading the customer's rights and privacy. I realized later on that this man was not the manager nor the assistant manager because the hotel indicated that no manager or assistant manager ever went to our room at 3:00 A.M.

If this is the case then this hotel worker impersonated a manager to resolve an issue. We were finally able to switch rooms, our room was on the opposite side of the hotel, we were exhausted so when we finally got to our new room after packing it was then 3:30 we finally got to sleep around 3:50 A.M. and they gave us a free breakfast. But we stayed at this hotel for 1 purpose so we can go to Universal studios and Islands of Adventures and the next morning we were so exhausted that we went on 2 rides then drove back home to south Florida.

I made a complaint to corporate office they took months and months to respond and then finally the hotel made this statement: "It appears you're a free loader. You got an upgrade room and free breakfast, what else do you want?" For the hotel management to make this statement clearly shows they treat their guests beneath the standard of care. They are not classy nor professional what they should have said in certified letter: "We apologize for the problems that you had and we are making efforts so this problem will never occur and we will return your money to you. Once again we are truly sorry for what has happened." The end.

Did they do that? Absolutely not! Instead they have been extremely rude, nasty, and completely unprofessional. To the Hotel what about security, safety, and the management resolving this issue at 9:30 P.M. not 3:00 A.M. what about giving better customer service? The bottom line is they didn't change our room because the manager didn't believe the room was hot. They didn't believe the customer instead they ruined our stay and we basically didn't get sleep until 4 A.M. when we wanted to go to sleep at 10 P.M. we lost 6 hours of sleep because of the horrible management.

The hotel should have switched our rooms then had the engineer work on the AC unit. They wanted to have an Engineer in our room after Midnight! The hotel might be beautiful, well kept, but if the management neglects its guests and violates there privacy and has a protocol to do repairs at an unreasonable times then what good is the hotel? If you have loved ones then ask yourself is this hotel have your wife's and children's best interest. Can you trust this hotel? How dare anyone come into my room after 10:00 P.M. If the hotel had no other rooms available they could have said we will refund your money and you can go to another hotel which Orlando has thousands of hotels available.

They have been extremely nasty about the entire event. Universal Studios runs a excellent theme park and they go above and beyond to make sure there customers are always happy and I informed Universal Studios about this and they are completely disappointed in the way the hotel handed this. Universal has a contract with this hotel and they said as a guest you should have not had to go through this experience at our partner hotel. Universal realizes that People are staying in this hotel so they can spend the day at Universal studios to show evidence of this is when you stay at the hotel you get a free express pass for the parks.

So when a guest is being switched into a room at 3 A.M. when they made the complaint at 9:30 P.M. how does the hotel expect them to have a good time at the park? With 4 hours a sleep? Honestly the hotel really does not care about you as a guest and they don't take complaints seriously. If they did I wouldn't be writing this review. there are thousands of other hotels to choose from in Orlando. Universal studios should drop them as a hotel.

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